Increase in Crops

Luciano Alves planted beans, corn and beans on about 7,500 acres (3030 ha) in their area of Brazil last year. This year, planted 8600 acres (3,500 ha). And he attributed to Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the reasons for the increase. "The government is helping us finance the purchase of new machinery. Reduced interest rates we pay and have given us more time to repay loans. It is vital, '"Alves words of the New York Times. There are different reactions and actions in the various countries in response to increases in food prices globally. Are countries like Brazil, they expand their agricultural production and plot to increase exports and end its international dependency of certain crops.

And countries that have implemented closures or restrictions on their exports of food products, such as China, Russia, Ukraine or Argentina, to prevent an overflow of domestic prices. China, for example, "One country, two systems", applies the best of both worlds subsidizes its producers, developing policies to increase agricultural production, but also sets maximum prices for various products prices have increased sharply worldwide in addition to limit its exports. On the other hand, China and Brazil that do not produce enough for the domestic market, are on track to do so. The Chinese government approved in July to ensure the country 95% self-sufficient in grain over the next 12 years, and help the agricultural sector to develop policies to increase their production line. Brazil imports 80% of wheat in markets such as Argentina.

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Hugo Chavez Bolivia

The Venezuelan economy should have been diversified over many years, particularly the oil economy, but what government has done now is much more dependent on oil than before. The outlook for Bolivia and Venezuela for the future is black, to say the least. Both countries will face economic collapse, which nothing and nobody to save them. Therefore, it is trying to remain in power Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales. To keep their people fooled, hiding the economic debacle in which they live their statist economies. So Ecuador is another poorest countries in Latin America and has no natural resources, which enable it to exploit and export, also finished in the time being threatened its existence as a sovereign state.

Both Bolivia, and Ecuador, are countries that their existence as sovereign States here 50 years, may end. Therefore, it is now trying to unite in a single model political, economic system, to see if between them manage to escape. And you have had your eye on India, because it is the heart of Latin America, the country with enormous natural resources, energy and all kinds, which could save them all: Ecuador, Bolivia, Mysians countries and their economies are to fall in crisis, they have no future. What will Venezuela when the United States stop buying their oil? How will you exploit their natural resources apart from the world? Would you borrow from Bolivia, Ecuador? The apparent wealth of Venezuela will soon end, oil is no longer the only source of energy and no longer wants to be very contaminante.La trend is the use of gas, which is cheaper and is not toxic.

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Reciprocal Assistance Chile

Posted in the newspaper La Razon, Lima, Peru, on December 4, 2009 Why is the press in Argentina in 1982 called the neighboring country in the south as the “Cain” America? Ricardo Sanchez-Serra (*) I remember the headline (“Chile, the Cain of America”) of the newspaper Clarin in Buenos Aires, when Chile abstained in the meeting to implement the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR), after recovery -April 2, 1982 – Falkland Islands by Argentina and the war with Britain. And is that Chile, despite having declared itself neutral, openly helped Britain, ie, stabbed in the back of the Argentines. For the first time, I can mention that, working at the Embassy of Argentina in Lima, it was learned that the modern destroyer HMS Exeter (in service since September 1980) passed in mid-April 1982 – the Panama Canal in the direction of the islands South Sandwich and South Georgia by the Argentine recovered on April 3, 1982.

The funny thing is that the then British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, to hide the support of Chile, had lied to the media and international English, saying that the HMS Exeter sailed the Atlantic, with the purpose of taking those islands. The truth is: HMS Exeter, with more than 200 miles off the coast of Peru, the Peruvian government requested permission to fill their tanks with gasoline (as they call it the Argentine gasoline) in the port of Paita-in Peruvian north, being denied permission..

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