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Despite the abundance of various ideas in various fields of human activity, the marketplace of ideas has not been established. But there are many signs pointing to its relevance. This is a known classification inventions Altshuller's TRIZ registration discoveries and theories pursued in the Academy of Natural Sciences, and numerous sites of business ideas, forums, fantasy. Thus, the factors of the problem are: – inadequate legal protection Intellectual property – limiting the scope of intellectual property protection – reducing the rate of market development – failure to factor public opinion and the moral law. All these factors suggests the feasibility of forming the market of ideas. Under the ideas we here understand the various objects of human creativity, concepts, theories, methods, algorithms, ideas artistic works, etc.

Since the extent of the market is very high, then its formation should occur with elements of self-organization. One solution to this problem was to develop a system registration of a public priority of ideas. Join the public's priority is achieved publication ideas of the author on a dedicated, public website with the assignment number and date of registration. The publication is based on specific rules. The idea is formulated in the form of a formula similar to the claims with the release of the distinctive parts – the novelty. Before publishing the idea passes the preliminary examination on accuracy of processing evidence. After the publication of every interested visitor can criticize and oppose the idea of her famous.

Thus, there is a public examination. In the absence of criticism after a certain time, the idea is a priority. In cases of dispute the conclusion of priority gives the administration site, social experts, experts involved, the Public Council arbitration. Pending a decision of a dispute, have criticized the idea of conditional priority. Formation and development of ideas contribute to other sections of the site and forum. In the "Park of ideas can be published various unfinished, problematic original ideas and imagination that sets the stage for the creation and development of new ideas. In the "Aphorisms" published new author aphorisms, sayings, definitions. In section creative laboratory contains articles, suggestions and problem materials. For publishing know-how, business proposals, suggestions, inventions and business ideas, there is a store of intellectual property. Proposal organization registration system of public priority of ideas formulated as follows and is listed on the site. Public priority of authorship on the idea, theory, hypothesis, concept, method development and other intellectual property, which consists in a public publication, characterized in that, in order to establish the priority of the author, the publication carried out in a formalized by characteristic features as a special public website by assigning an ordinal number, priority date and conducting public examination.

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Comparative Law Education

In comparative law should take into account the languages which provide us with different evidence, therefore, we must study, so that we can better understand comparative law. Languages vary in the world, including South American cousin the Castilian, and also s Brazil, in this sense is spoken first in Peru, however, this does not happen in all countries, which motivates our research. Therefore, the comparatists should consider this issue to take into account the effect of it, which has not been worked out by the writers. In this regard we must study the languages, in order to be able to understand the importance in comparative law, which is studied in this seat. The languages are very important in comparative law, for example if we compare the German and French doctrine, or case law and enforceable Holland American, or German specific principles of each branch of law with custom Italian, that is, all must master comparative the languages for which thus can understand the right all countries.

If a comparative knows no language is clear that will be very complex to understand the right of individual countries. In the Peruvian law it seems to be very demanding, however, in Europe this is normal, because the Europeans speaks several languages, without need to study comparative law, ie without being comparative or comparative educationist. If one knows only the Castilian comparative only be studying the law of the Castilian-speaking countries, but not from other countries which speak other languages, such as Germany, France, Italy, Scotland, Holland, among others.

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