Crimean Viticulture

History of the Crimean viticulture and winemaking starts from the time of reunification of Crimea from the Russian state in 1783, almost anywhere in the Crimea there are special wines that are unique to this place! If you relax in the eastern part of the Southern coast, choose Koktebel. By the way, now produce good brandy of the same name. Moving on to the center – the New World – homeland of the Crimean champagne. Do not hesitate to vezite champagne. It will be wonderful of gifts, if you will, "from the ship to the ball." Brut, dry or semi-dry sparkling wine will decorate your table.

Center and western part of South Coast – is certainly "Massandra. Wine every taste and color. From light gold to ruby-black, wine, order-bearers and the new young. It all depends on who you want to please. For a young girl will approach fragrant sweet muscat, for older women "Ladies Cognac" – "Madera".

To meet with a group of friends are ideal port, is in this drink is some romanticism of youth. Yes, and port refers to young wines, period of exposure – just 60 days. There in the Crimea and original dessert vintage wines of the Crimea – wines that can please the true connoisseur of the drink: a sweet and rich Pinot Gris Magarach, a multiple winner of international exhibitions Pinot Gris Ai-Danil Massandra, Tokai South Coast, Magarach number 25, Cahors South Coast, Muscat White red stone, Bastardo. Enumerate the masterpieces of the Crimean winemaking can be to infinity.

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Foreign Ministry

Tiles of fireclay. From time immemorial man has learned to handle the clay, using it to facades of dwellings, ceramic manufacturing, and even creating works of art. In Ancient Egypt masters created items such as sculpture, fireclay tiles, which have remained intact or natural disasters, nor time. Ceramics, which were made from these products, which have reached our times, are the monuments of ancient architecture and architecture. Mankind is constantly searching for more durable ceramic compositions. In the middle of the XIX century in the architectural world, the term appears fireclay tiles. C the mid XX century tiles is actively used in the design of exteriors, garden sculpture and finish the facade.

In many European countries chamotte is used as cladding for building facades, and for cladding fireplaces, arches and other interior items. Sample of fireclay tiles is the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. In Russia, the apogee of the use of fire clay tile was in the mid-50's and was embodied in such famous buildings, such as hotel Ukraine, Central Grocery, the building of the Foreign Ministry. Prospect Mira, Kutuzov Avenue, Arc de Triomphe. Standing for more than half a century, fireclay tiles, has not lost its appeal and greatness. Neither rain, nor frost did not affect the facades of these houses, what is the best sign of quality fireclay in the Russian climate. Products made of gypsum plaster moldings.

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Wedding Toast

If you are invited to the wedding, then you must make sure in advance not only for their appearance and gift for newlyweds, but also about the wedding toast, which pronounce for the wedding table. In compiling wedding toast, be aware that a good wedding toast should be: concise, but not stingy (forget toasts General of the movie 'Features of Russian hunting'!); original but not bizarre; 'politically correct' or tactful (avoid insulting allusions that might offend as newlyweds and their relatives). A good wedding toast can not be: very long, boring, sentimental, congested one-liners. During the wedding toast can recall some amusing stories about the groom or bride is actually a wedding tradition, the tradition of a wedding feast. However, one should bear in mind that in the wedding toast is enough of a severity: do not try to fit in a single wedding toast all come to mind anecdotes.

You should also remember that wedding toasts, of course, decorate the festive meal, but all the other guests waiting will be, finally, a toast! If you are nervous, then just say so: the guests will treat your condition with proper understanding. Most of them also feel uncomfortable, saying the public speech, even very short. It is better to propose a toast at a relatively cool head to avoid the uncontrolled flow of emotions. During the wedding toast, a glass should be kept at around third button man's shirt, that is no higher than shoulder level. Uttering a wedding toast, you need to turn our gaze to the person to whom you are forwarding it.

Sip a drink, to revisit toast. After the wedding toast made to clink glasses. At the same men need to keep their glasses (glasses), just below the glasses ladies. And finally, remember that you can not secretly or openly drinking alcohol before the first toast was pronounced! Happy wedding to you!

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North Panels

Base thickness of insulation applied to the central regions of Russia: – 50-150 mm, Siberia and the North – 150-250 mm. For fixing insulation used special plugs "umbrella" type. 4. Vapor permeable film vapor permeable film does not allow moisture to penetrate to the insulation and at the same time, prevents the evaporation of condensate in the atmosphere. Factory – offers insulating material with a ready lamination – on the surface insulation boards applied vapor permeable material. 5.

Air gap air gap works on the principle chimney – thus not allowing to gather atmospheric and internal moisture on the surface of the wall. Another important function of the air buffer – a reduction of heat loss from buildings. 6. Facing Facing materials in the construction of ventilated facade perform protective and decorative function. They protect the insulation, design and building of the wall from damage and weathering. At the same time, the cladding panels are the outer shell of the building, forming an aesthetic appearance, are his calling card. Currently, there is a wide choice of front panels for cladding buildings. In addition to appearance, they differ in material, size and type of fasteners (visible, invisible).

Materials used for making panels can be very different, and this list is constantly updated: composite panels, aluminum sheets, flat sheet panels, ceramic granite, ceramic tile, stone, etc. You can highlight the main ventilated facades advantages: – the materials used, dimensions. Profile system of ventilated facades can be used for cladding buildings of different materials – protection from precipitation.

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