Treated TheologicalPolitician

Espinosa initiates its text of Chapter XX of its Treated one, showing that &#039 is not so easy; ' mandar' ' in the spirits as he is ' ' mandar' ' in the languages. Still in the first paragraph, Espinosa shows, that no matter how hard if wants, nor a man can subject completely to the power of outrem; no matter how hard he is subject to outrem, this will not go to hinder of that ' tal' man does not reason in the way that to want, and on what wanting. E, that no matter how hard some ' ' soberano' ' it obtains to overwhelm its subjects, the point of wanting to make with that the subjects according to admit to want of the sovereign what is correct and what is missed, will not go to freely obtain, to take off the freedom of the subjects to think freely and to give value judgment on what to want and when to want. Espinosa uses as Moiss example, that all opinion of the people conquered, but ' ' not by means of astcias but for divine virtude' ' – also it was surrounded by problems as – ' ' rumors and accidents interpretaes' '. However if Moiss did not obtain to escape of such problems ' ' with the aid of the virtue divina' ' , as other sovereigns could escape? Espinosa shows, that for greater that is the power of that interpreters of &#039 are considered; ' right and of piedade' ' , these cannot take off, and nor to prevent that the men judge the things according to its ' ' way of ser' ' to see the things. For Espinosa, nor a man can renounce its freedom to think on what wanting, therefore this freedom is one ' ' direito' ' nature superior; it does not have as the man to resign to this freedom – freedom is that it makes the man to think and to judge as to want.

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The Patrimony Of Our Politicians

When I see the declaration of goods of many politicians enter desire to give them alms me, of as poor as they pretend to be. And it is that, in accordance with the patrimony declared by the ediles of the Community, some of them would have to be refugees to the charity. Of the few that have given account of their money, according to it reads in the WORLD, only four are millionaire, in strict sense: Carlos Fabra, Vicente Aleixandre and the mayoresses of Curled Carlet, Maria Angels, and of Carcaixent, Maria Dolores Bottle. Of the others, why to count. The ilicitano mayor, Alexander To be accustomed to, say that he must more than he owns. Poor man. Other that so are their colleagues of Fontanars, Caturla Maximum, of Alfafar, Emilio Muoz, and of Alaqus, Elvira Garci’a.

Also they give to pain the one me of Castelln, Alberto Fabra, to that after discounting debts only it has left 20,741 Euros, and Mercedes ediles Horseman, that nothing else have in box 6,914 Euros, and Maria Paschal Jose, who remains in 1.000. Seeing those numbers, there is no fear of which only they end up dedicating to the public life " civil servants and people pobre" , as Durn i Lleida fears, because it is that we have already them installed in her. As one is cured of fright, it is not asked in what our representatives have wasted the money, since he knows that the exhibited numbers respond in their majority to logical countable artifices. She is that in this country the rich being is worse sight than to have seborrea, reason why people apply to her anachronistic goods cadastral valuations, with mortgages of the double and until of the triple of her real estate value. In order to diminish their amount even more, the marital estate, the patrimonial societies and other financial equipment are used soon.

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Geopolitical Context Contemporary

To understand the new Amazonian space he is necessary first understands the process historical, which is dividing in: Territorial formation (1916 -1930); Regional planning (1930-1985); The Incognito of the Heartland (1985). The first phase characterized of the slow and gradual appropriation of the territory, exceeding the limits of the Treated one to Tordesilhas. Being its economic base the exportation of ' ' Drugs of the Serto' '. What we observe is that the Amaznia of today was delimited from 1850 and 1899, on the imperial concern with the internationalization of the navigation of the river is boom of the rubber. The base of the economy was the exportation of products of the forest, that lived of surtos and depreciation. What it contributed for formation region. At as the moment Regional Planning (1930 -1985) it was marked by the presence of the State in the process of occupation of the Amaznia.

With an increasing intervention of the economy for the State. The initial phase of Regional Planning (1930 -1966) the implantation of the New State is on, with Getulio Vargas. This phase was discursiva of what active. With the Creation of the Supervision of Valuation of the Economy of the Amaznia (SPVEA), what it meant only one regional concern without corresponding actions. Only in government J.K based on ' ' Energia and Transportes' ' in ' ' fifty years in cinco' '. Actions effective had affected the region, through the implantation of the Belm highways? Brasilia and Brasilia Acre, two great clamps skirting the Fimbria of the Forest. However it is only between 1966 and 1985 that if it initiates the effective regional planning with the modernization acere lada of the society and the Territory. In this process the Amaznia assumes with priority role for the integration of Brazil. With the Objective to speed up the regional occupation the government created the Zona Franca of Manaus (ZFM), an industrial enclave in way to the next extrativista economy the borders it north and implemented powerful territorial strategy also the Project Gutter North.

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Syria President Decrees General Amnesty

For those criminals who have perpetrated crimes until today. They are including the members of ' Musulmanes&#039 brothers;. It will consist of the pardon of half of the pain, as long as there is not a denunciation interposed by an individual. The Syria president, Bachar to Asad, decreed to east Tuesday a general amnesty, that includes the political prisoners, for those criminals who have perpetrated crimes until today, informed the state television. The chain, that added that I pardon also affects to members of ' Musulmanes&#039 brothers; , it explains that the amnesty consists of the pardon of half of the pain as long as is not a denunciation interposed by an individual.

Ever since the political protests in the middle of past March exploded the regime of Bachar to Asad has tried to appease them without success with the adoption of several measures. The past 11 of May, a committee was created to make a rough draft of a new electoral law for the celebration of general elections. In addition, the past 21 of April, To Asad approved the derogation of the Law of Emergencia, effective from 1963, the elimination of the High Court of the Security of the State and endorsed a new law that guaranteed the right to summon pacific protests. Also, in the middle of April a new government with extitular of Agriculture Adel Safar like new prime minister announced. More than thousand demonstrators they have passed away from the beginning of the protests that have intensified and extended by several cities of the country. Source of the news: The Syria president decrees general amnesty that includes political prisoners

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Business Development

You have to be strictly directed to victory, and the simple desire of ordinary interest here is clearly nedostatochno.4. The fact that from now on you – my own boss, suggests not so much freedom as responsibility. You must be able to require a high-quality and full implementation of the necessary work. No one will require you to account for the fact that you have done and what is not. Ask yourself now to be only you and if you can not cope with it, success can not rasschityvat.Esli you think that can work for themselves in their pleasure, I advise you to once again reflect on the correctness of your choice. For self-employment sometimes requires much more effort and hardship, rather than work for someone else's uncle for a fixed stavku.5. One of the undoubted the benefits of implementing your own home business is to constantly stay at home with his family. But one needs to see a clear measure: nothing should distract you during work – neither spouse nor children, nor parents.

Business before fun – chas.Vam constantly have to deal with distractions, such as housework, walking to the shops, going to the theater, etc. And it is very important to keep priorities: that in some situations it is important not to when you cook food. So you know the measure and feel adekvatnost.Vam need to be prepared to sacrifice many. Especially at the initial stage of development their own business. Get ready to what you have to sacrifice their savings and free time to tear your project from the sinful earth, for which he is, believe me, it will be hard to cling to all of its roots. Prepare to be that, at least in the beginning, you practically no free time and sometimes have to sit out without a penny in karmane.Odno thing – start your own business, and quite another – to make it profitable. Instantly you will accomplish nothing. Sometimes it can require a long time.

Therefore, you must have patience and tune in to the fact that at least the first few months will have to work with negative balansom.I another important nyuans.Esli You started your own business, fired from a noisy and busy work, at first you do not have to leave the sense of isolation and even loneliness. Be mentally prepared for this peremene.Kak see, along with the fact that the occupation own electronic home-based business can bring you a bunch of benefits and advantages, there are several good reasons why you should think about the correctness of his choice. Compare the figures are with their own forces and honestly answer the question: Do you cope? If the honest answer is positive – good luck! You reach the top of success and nothing you do not break. Your own business in this case – is that, as the saying goes, the doctor ordered. But if you see a clear discrepancy given the scale of its own forces – better not mess. Get back to work and eke out a still miserable existence. But since you will be better as long as you did not work out in everything you need.

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Dissimulated Politicians

Currently it is very common to hear declared politicians whom supposedly they aim at to take care of to the necessities of the people in a general way, thus we understand that the lingustica ability is capital symbolic in the field of the politics and a preponderant factor in the maintenance of the power of the professionals of this area. When using the official language the enunciador one searchs the recognition and the valuation of its you speak. The lingustica ability can insert the individual in a field, and can keep it in its legitimate position. However it is important to explicitar that we understand articulation to apartir of Koch (2000, p113) when defines articulation as: ' ' an event only never repeated of statement production. This because the production conditions (time, place, papers represented for the interlocutors, reciprocal images, social, objective relations aimed in the interlocution) are constituent of the direction of enunciado' ' thus being it is not only one instrument of communication.

bakhtiniana vision of that the man is a being partner-description and that if he constitutes in the interaction with the other through the language, specifically through the discursivos sorts makes in them to perceive that to speak is not only to communicate something and yes to produce directions, to produce identities, images, experiences. Soon the speech politician, suffers to internal and external impositions its field. The enunciador has that to take in consideration its competitors and coreligionists politicians, and also to please the people. The official speeches and the informal speeches of a professional politician always demand attention of its enunciador, cares or carelessnesses in relation to any type of speech can decide enter the maintenance of the power and the privation of all the privileges guaranteed for it. Soon we worry in them about the identity that the parliamentary citizen adopts during its life in the scene politician, that is, ' ' position of sujeito' ' (Hall, 2000:17), that is, the recognition, auto-evaluation and the autodecifrao of the citizen.

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Susan Boyle

When President Peron returned from exile to meet a new mandate wisely said he was convinced that his government was not very good, but, like all who followed him had been worse, had managed to put yours in first level. A truth that did not end with his life. All that remained inexorably ruled after bad. And it has not imported at all, they were right, left or center. All that is good policy in Argentina is that when you learn a name and not have to spend more time learning neurons.

The same listen for generations. Its staying power is eternal. Returning to the beginning of this press release, with this change I made in my life I could change one of the errors, the place of his birth. And I'm not implying by this that the politicians of other countries are good. Only the assertion is true with respect to Peron government. They are not, but compared to the ones I met all my life, become the best.

Unfortunately I could not change the time. But upon arriving in Europe with access to personal knowledge of the technologies has allowed me to transform this last stage of my life and made me live in this time as if it were younger than I am, so somehow, and although either in a metaphorical way I could also change. That's why I wanted to re-emphasize that it is never too late to start a new life. Today, I feel like that person who was born in the wrong body and thanks to surgery becomes what it really wants to be. I started a new life although considering my age, not many people had been animated. And of course I'm happy to have achieved. Of course I can not pass as Susan Boyle of being an ugly duckling to a sophisticated lady. My hand does not have that magnitude. But though I feel small achievement. I managed to fulfill my dream. " And thanks to all those people who read my news I feel I have found a new profession, so that somehow I have changed my time on it, so I can confirm that I really have started a new life.

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Political Representatives

The country is threatened of suspension of payments if it does not reach an agreement. The friction between democrats and republicans is in the duration in the agreement. the greater risk for the country is the long term debt " , saegn Standard& Poor' s. The accusations between democrats and republicans broke out again this Wednesday with the closing of rows around their two parallel plans of reduction of deficit in a new chapter of the crisis of the debt of the USA that threatens to the country the suspension of payments. The Office of Budget of the Congress (CBO), organism in charge to analyze the costs of the laws, it issued individual information in which assured that cuts including as much by the republican plan as by the one of the democrats they were smaller of the announced thing publicly. Last night, the CBO located the reduction of cost raised by the plan that drives the republican president of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, in 850.000 million dollars, that is to say, 350,000 million less than the 1.2 trillions originally advanced.

Later, this tomorrow the organism of the Congress reduced also the volume of cut of the plan presented/displayed by the leader of the democratic majority in the Senate, Harry Reid, of 2.7 trillions to 2.2 trillions. However, no of the parts showed signs to yield to six days of which limit of the 2 of August is fulfilled the date, in that the Treasure of the USA has announced that the country would be forced to declare itself in suspension of payments, of not being approved an elevation immediate of the debt ceiling, at the moment located in 1 4.29 trillions of dollars. Boehner accused the democratic plan to contain " tricks ctistas" , whereas Reid said that the plan would arrive dead at the Senate, of democratic majority, since " none senador" of to his it would vote it party.

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Supreme Federal Court

The accusation against governor Teotonio Vilela Son for the practical one of abuse of being able politician and economic Robert Ramalho is lawyer, journalist, public relations and blogueiro of the vestibules and Teotnio Vilela and nine governors can be annulled by abuse of being able economic and politician. Abuse of the Economic Power can be defined when the individual or collective takes off advantage illicit of the money or determined corporeal property in detriment of they outrem that, theoretically, it would also have this right and that duly was not exerted; The abuse of the power politician, Olivar Coneglian (electoral Propaganda: in accordance with the electoral code and with the Law n 9.504/97. 3. ed. Curitiba: Juru, 1998. P. 129-130), occurs in the situations where the detainer of the power, …

valley of its position to act in order to influence the voter, in detriment of the vote freedom. Act of authority is characterized of this form, as exerted in detriment of the vote. We clearly have an example of abuse of to be able politician when, in the eve of the elections, the mayor candidate to the re-election commands that fiscal municipal theatres make sweepings in companies of adversaries politicians and they do not make it in relation the companies of friends and friends of party. Three elect governors in 2006 had been annulled by Electoral Justice. They are: Cssio Wedge Rasp (PSDB), of the Paraba, Jackson Lake (PDT), of the Maranho, already deceased, and Marcelo Miranda (PMDB), of the Tocantins. But decisions of the TSE that had moved away the three from the positions alone had left in 2009, in the penultimate year of mandate. Governor Teotonio Vilela is accused by having done the biggest motorcade of the history of Alagoas, having distributed combustible in great amounts for its voters and sympathetical. Already he is in the hour of this Sir, as well as other governors who are answering to this type of process, to have its mandate annulled for the Judiciary Power.

Thus it would only learn to respect the next one, as well as the public office that is massacreed for this citizen who grants a divided readjustment of 5,91% in two equal parcels, being the first one in May and second in November, while for the Secretaries of State and undersecretaries it gave an increase of 135% and 35% of a time respectively alone. In the same way it acts with the professors when he says that he is paying the floor of the category when he was the Supreme Federal Court who defined as constitutional and obligator. Still well that we live under the optics of the Democratic State of Right that in grants the right to them of if expressing freely, with respect, ethics and hombridade, as assured for the Federal Constitution of the Republic, in the referring chapter the liberty of speech, exempts information and opinion.

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Female Politicians

On the other hand, the men very support badly the women whom they love grant the lesser sample of interest for other men; thus, however … Therefore, we see without effort that if the men and the women assumed the authority jointly politics, the peace if he would resent very at this permanent possibility Of conflicts. (Treated Politician, chapter XI) For Arthur Schopenhauer: ' ' The woman has intellectual myopia, its horizon is very small. The aspect of the woman only discloses that it is not destined to the great intellectual works, nor to the great material works. It has that to obey the man, to be a patient friend tranquilizes who it. What it makes the particularly apt women to take care of of us educating in them in first infancy, that same they continue being infantile, fteis and is limited of intelligence. They remain for all life great children. They do not see beyond what it is ahead of the eyes, they are fixed only in the gift, take the appearances for reality and they prefer the frivolidades the things most important.

What it distinguishes the man from the animal is the reason. Prisoner to the gift, is capable to come back to the past and to dream of the future; from there its prudence, its cares, its frequent apprehensions. A weak reason of the woman does not participate of these advantages nor of these incovenientes. The deep one of its heart, the women believe that the men had come to the world to gain money, and the women to spend it. … the nature did not give to the woman more than the dissimulation to defend themselves and to protect-se.' ' (The love, the women and the death). For Hegel the existing argument between a man and a woman is equal the one that has between an animal and a plant, being that the animal if identifies more with the skill of the man and plant if more molds as the aspect of the woman, therefore its progress is more pacato, leaving itself to take more for the sentimentalismo, will be in the command the State runs danger therefore, according to it, they in accordance with do not act the requirements of the grouping of people who are governing and yes as its state of spirit.

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