The Ego

Peace is a benchmark that has to walk, and primarily responds to a model of coexistence and sustainable development. Education function is the transformation of the human being. A consequence of this transformation is peace, justice, freedom, democracy, tolerance. We must not forget that at the root of violence are economic inequities and poverty, stagnation of development possibilities, authoritarian governments, discrimination, social injustice, unfairness and that the resolution of these social and economic problems is a priority for building the awaited peace. Spirituality to be a top feature, affects the material and the social giving them proper limits and sense.

The path of spirituality is a path of peace, dialogue, and reconciliation. It allows us to see that everything is connected with everything. It has a deep sense of healing and goes to the root of human suffering to heal the soul and make it healthy. The human being who lives spirituality is responsible, is not violent or vindictive, since nobody WINS in war and violence. It is an immediate and direct experience of the whole, is not reduced to a sensory or mental experience, he is a transpersonal experience.

It is an awakening of that numbness, we go beyond the ego. It is an awareness of unity. It is an experience that transforms attitudes, behaviors, goals, thoughts, relationships, appreciations, motivations, is an awakening to what we really are, Concord, union, brotherhood, agreement and agreement between human beings factor. It is guarantee of patience, respect for diversity and recognition of human freedom, it is a bond of solidarity and friendship that remains integrated to humanity. Spirituality leads us to compassion and this is the solution to most of the problems that the world is facing. The exploitation of nature and pollution that is destroying the Earth, originated by the lack of widespread awareness. From the spiritual intelligence you can then reconstruct the education because it integrates all of the educational field.

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PNR Power

And then society would be major changes with the participation of independent candidates "unregistered" because 99% of cases would be clear whether their interests are collective, honest and viable, although there may be some wolves dressed in sheep would be vulnerable to scrutiny and involvement of citizens, being nominated by parties that are manipulated its shares polarized shielding reality and their corrupt by the system itself. The surfeit of citizens suffering from the ill-fated from the PRI, has been evident for many decades and have come to vote and care boxes, with large majorities voted against him, however, the PRI remains at the forefront with its machinery Fraud well-oiled, with assistance from other state and federal legislatures, SCJN, Trife, IFE, EEC, FEPADE and their subordinates under duress and cohesion, and even deals with crime and delinquency organized as evidenced recently with several policy institutes to which the PRI spread their corruption, not all the millions wasted sums to buy votes by most accounts is that they spend what you get with hefty salaries, and this generates abstention by the mistrust generated by the realization of the joke they do in elections, thus swelling the rate of people who would be willing to explode in an armed revolution against the system of these bad governments. It is time to end the corrupt PRI, with the nefarious system they imposed since its birth in the PNR in 1929 and bloodshed and fraudulent registering seizing power, which to this day, with an apparent alternation in power with PAN, in two administrations, is the same. .

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Basic Styles Analogical

When you are going to buy a security camera, it is important to have a basic understanding of the different styles from cameras, as well as the different ways. At present there are three main styles of body: the bullet, the cupola and the box. Like his tocayo, a bullet camera is elegant and slim, and normally it is placed in the high curves of a room. The camera dome of cleared style is connected directly to the ceiling, to the equal as you see in many stores or supermarkets them. A drawer camera is the style of cameras of more traditional security and is less expensive than the other styles. Any camera of security, independent of the style, belongs to one of two categories: analogical or analogical IP is the traditional way of the security cameras, these types of cameras are connected to a coaxial cable and of audio standard of transmission of video signals. The analogical cameras have limited the quality of the image and are forced to one of both types of marks and resolutions: The PAL or NTSC. A camera of security IP, on the contrary, this connected to a data network and has an associated direction of IP of her. In any place of a data network, this type of security cameras can be implemented. In addition, the cameras of security IP can execute to be able and the information on the same cable, as well as provide a clear image but with the quality in the infinite resolution.

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The Two Beasts of Capitalism and Social Reason

The concentration of capital resulted in the creation of monopolies, which were the success of power. This last rule political systems. That to this day are his servants. The rich stay in a few hands in the hands of the families that always govern the countries. Meanwhile, the monopoly of poverty remained in the hands of millions of millions.

Translating an idea of how to maintain wealth arbitrarily, Append something I wrote on May 13, 2009 to defend human rights. Capitalism ITS TWO BEASTS AND SOCIAL human reason. To understand how capitalism should be summarized in three steps and eventually must end. First to be a capitalist, you should be in capital. Preferably high.

Then you must buy the equipment or the means of production. Example: a building for living or gain from real estate, which is highly lucrative. A factory, raw materials and tools, a school or a mass transit system. To propel the machinery must be purchased labor or so-called labor force. Conclusion: These three steps form of capitalism which was finally established as an economic power, exploding left and right.

Consuming the poor or the workforce. Not long ago, a treasurer, used the following expression “Iron law” will explain my way. If we observe the iron law in this case will be minimum wage workers. As each country has its own currency, the iron law shall be regulated according to the currency. The intention is that workers are never allowed out of their condition. Whatever the country. Now with regard to marginalized professionals, we say that the latter pay them salaries that are a little beyond the minimum wage. But a series of taxes well protected by the laws of any nation, should be responsible to bring those salaries to a condition close to the minimum wage. Therefore the latter does not reach out of their condition, professional workers. Those who succeed do so on random fortune, for a lifetime of denial to any luxury and accumulation of capital. By cunning or effort. But please note that the need and poverty of the inhabitants, often ends with the effort. Of the two beasts say. That no state wants terrestrial sword to kill them, metaphorically speaking. I refer to alcohol, cigarettes, or snuff. Which ultimately end up destroying families and health. This kind of economic system. Pass over any citizen, since it represents a completely infinite value and valuable for industry, trade, economy and the boldest of them all, politics. Above all, get to see on a throne of sand, the god “power.” That everything moves. That all I can. But his coolness has no limit, injustice is the first ally. And many allies that arise from this genre. An entire planet was not enough, natural resources were not sufficient, much less the maximum. And every good rule was scrapped. Greed, corruption and vanity. They go crazy for all men, from the youngest to the oldest. But bring justice to the essence of their time either. Virtue will lower noble sentiments, wisdom on the other hand taught that the greatest grandeur and dignity.

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Dictator Disquised As a Democrat in Venezuela

That does not exist if not only in the mind of a dictator disguised as a Democrat. CHANGE OF RELEASE: A Tail of Cochin All Venezuelan children want to be players, as they say here. Also the president, Hugo Chavez, wanted to be. He played pitcher (pitcher), and had a launch star, its ace in the hole. He called, and still calling, “pig tail”, as the spiral effect recalls the fun line of pigs.

And use it as a metaphor to argue their thoughtful and enlightened explanation of geopolitics, and threatening to “punch” (delete) to the batter pig tail that comes your way. Baseball is a sport of head, never tire of repeating fans. And it must be judged by the number of people present in the fields for hours a Well in my opinion, with another release just as hard and he knowing your opponent difficulty accepting the challenge of wanting. This proposal seeks not only to defeat the opposition, but add them to your unbridled desire for power. Some have speculated that there is a tacit division of the national geography. Agreement would have been handled by former Governor Diosdado Cabello.

It is likely that this move of the President, forcing the opposition to rethink their positions. And soon will be unchecked. Is your heart? Think so. General Baduel. Former Minister of Defense of Hugo Chavez, said that an agreement was complicity between the opposition and Government. The above figure has been proposing the convening of a constituent clarification the desire of the people and give us peace and stability they seek. Is it time to end this horror film, and propose a component with broad powers to stop or will the revolution unleashed by the popular will? opposition must end the inning. a American complicity has grown as I am concerned about war-lordism in America, not only CHAVEZ. We see with Uribe in Colombia. With Frei in Chile. With ORTEGA in NICARAGUA. Alan Garcia in Peru. Kitchener Spouses in ARGENTINA. The Clintons in the United States, among others. Therefore the exit on the plight of the OAS and other international organizations. Democracy is in crisis. CHAVEZ is taking center stage in Latin America riding on a double standard. The other leaders do not dare to attack him because he is a reflection of his interests bajos.a A strong public opinion must force the game the way democratic. Speaker Bar a political community.

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Changing Attitude Changes the World

Just for instance, comes to mind Irene Villa. As many will remember, at age twelve he lost his legs and three fingers in a terrorist attack which he suffered. It would have been entirely understandable if he had become a bitter, resentful and even that had proved to have very negative feelings towards a life that can no longer be regular. However, in his 31 years is a happy person. She is a journalist, gives talks and lectures to motivate people with difficulties, working with handicapped, and it’s ski champion.

His secret, in his own words, is the failure to deliver the power of his life and happiness to the external situation. At some point he realized he had no choice and that choice goes to forgive, and take responsibility for their own happiness regardless of their situation and their difficulties. Where appropriate, Irene could not change the facts, so I decided to change their attitude and be happy. At the end of the day, happiness, as we have said on other occasions, is a choice. And as you start to change when they have spent some time stuck in a situation?. If the circumstance that overwhelms us has a solution, assumes that you have to do something. If you have already tried and does not work, look for a different solution to which you have already tried.

If not, you change your attitude about it. In any case, the most important is that you realize that the responsibility is yours to do something, rather than expecting the others to change, and remember that you’re the one with the power to change your life. There are a victim unless you choose to be. In summary, remember that people and situations in which we are immersed, are mirrors of what is within us, and occasions for learn. Realize what it is in our lives is a way of describing what is inside of us. And if you wear something stuck in time, do not expect anyone to take you up the pieces. Move. It is your responsibility and how to become adults and happy. And mind, you feel wonderfully well when you take control of your life.

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Industrial Revolution

They had been 31 years of conflicts with an interval of 20 years. The World War I (1914-1918) was a war never before seen, where the involved nations had shown the tragic result of the Industrial Revolution. The Second War (1939-1945) was a continuation of the First War, however it was the war more destructive of history. In the six years of conflicts of the Second War it enters the forces of the Axle and the Allies, that is, the fascism of Italy and German nazism, both supported by Japan, against the liberal capitalism of the Frenchmen, English and North Americans, and still against the socialism of the Soviet Union. With a number of died of about 50 million people, innumerable wounded during the combats, without counting on the deaths for epidemics, hunger and exhaustion (in the case of holocausto), innumerable houses, important plants, churches, monuments, public building and indispensable plantations to the human consumption total or had been partially destroyed.

We can visualize the psychological one of the mothers who turn its children and husbands to direct themselves for battle front. With this, families had been insults and cities had been arrasadas with the vast destruction because of the constant bombings. It had, for example, in the Ussr in 1959 seven women for each four men. On the other hand, the war generated job, since one was necessary four days after the explosion of the first nuclear bomb 1865) and Franc (1870 1871), already one used the telegraph without wire and the railroad. In the two great wars, beyond these, they had also been used submarines, airplanes, tanks of war and cars of combat. The machine gun already used before now appears quick and lethal.

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Automatic Incoming Groups

Entry doors and sash sliding doors. Folds is a very important component of the automatic door. To fold, having larger sizes and moving at high speed, there are special requirements for strength, weight, insulation and sealing the passage. Leaf sliding doors are made, usually made of aluminum profiles with the filling of glass 'triplex', or tempered glass and are used with automation companies faac, ditec, came, dorma, gu, kth, nabco, besam. Sash, made entirely of glass, look elegant, but in the Russian context are relevant only within the premises. At the entrance from the street put wings of "warm" aluminum. Profile for manufacture of sliding door wings has a number of features.

The fact that the sliding door, in contrast to the swing can not be absolutely dense adjacent to the doorway. To reduce the area of these cracks in aluminum profiles for entrances must be provided by special grooves for installation of sealing gaskets. Particular attention should be paid to the glass, which filled sash automatic doors. Russia has been issued regulations Acts of moe and the Moscow Government regulating the use of facade glazing. According to these documents, glass, used in exterior structures must be water resistant. – Laminated or covered with special film.

A typical scheme of organization of the entrance with automatic sliding doors in the Russian context – a tambour made, usually made of aluminum walls with translucent structures. Tambour wall – this prefabricated wall, foundation of which is a frame made of aluminum or steel profiles, which are mounted panels made of various materials or glass. Stationary partitions are mounted to the floor and ceiling, and have high strength characteristics and excellent heat and sound insulation. But, unlike conventional walls, these walls have, much more decorative features and seamlessly fit into any interior. Stationary partitions can be opaque (decorated with any material that gives the designer the maximum possible) translucent (glass) and even combined (this is when one part of an opaque partition, and another – a glass). Tambour doors are installed in pairs at a distance of 2 meters or more. This distance is dictated by the fact that if you put them closer, radar sensors are one of the doors will be respond to another door. If, however, reduce the radar detection zone, visitors will have to stop before the door, waiting until it opens.

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