CPC System

The time of the human beings was in exaggeration with the time of the nature. Detected this, the deliberation was in the direction to create and to develop mechanisms to foment the production. Schools directed toward the development of the plantation techniques and reforestation appear, in this way. In the principle the schools take care of well what it is wanted, but immediately afterwards are saturated. It has been broken, then, for something more elaborated.

Facultieses, after-graduations, mestrados and doutorados appear. All the system if return for one only question: the necessity of if taking care of inside to the consumption of the lived deeply model: the burning of the forest if to have baked animals In a beautiful day it arrives somebody of another society and it suggests: why not to mount a churrasqueira? All this system that vocs had developed brings in itself a fallibity that it is nsita. With the churrasqueira, on the other hand, the burning of trees will be given only in the necessary amount for the consumption of the meat. All had been estarrecidos with the obviedade of what the foreigner says, but, thus, they had still been remained reticent, because they inturam that all the system would come below with the practical rank in of the idea coming of is! ' ' Ahead of this small fbula I place myself to think concerning the function of the Judiciary Power. Each time more I convince of that &#039 is a mechanism; ' without utilidade' ' , but that it is presented as one badly necessary one. One becomes necessary because it lacks respect. Then one third, other people’s one to the problems, is called to compose the question. if not only waits of these the third resolution of the problems inside of the limits of the right.

In some cases, as in the Family law, one wants exactly that magistrate is a psychologist and makes therapy the spurt. The order deduced in judgment was formatted to take care of to the preceituado one in articles 282 and 294 of the CPC, but, in the practical one do not pass of ' ' justicializao of afeto' '. Ahead of what it was displayed it remains to say that if each one to look for to walk inside of what it is stipulated to call ' ' ethos universal' ' the importance of the Judiciary Power will be minorada. This would be excellent. In the day where each one to give account of that he is author of proper history delegations to avessas had left to exist. Definitively we need to learn with the foreigner. We must use ' ' churrasqueira' ' before let us burn in them in a giant system that has spent much time alone to watch itself, from there the Corregedorias of Justice, the Advice of the Magistracy and now the National Advice of Justice. This agigantamento of the Judiciary Power has a price and is high. To each time that we delegate it prerogative to decide our questions to it, forgetting rules as common-sense and respect, we feed a great one been. It will be really necessary one ' ' super-leviat' '? It is the reflection

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World Day Of Water On March 22

The world is a rose, smell it and pass it to your friend. Proverb Kurds the element water is vital for those who live on this planet Earth and for the same planet, your care is an obligation in which we are all committed, and where Governments should be cautious, be attentive to as handled, the water used in the country under their charge. Water is a right that we correspond, as it is a vital element in our life. Not the slightest doubt as indicated, that the World Water Day provides an exceptional opportunity to draw attention and create a momentum that encourage you to speak to Governments, the international community, civil society and citizens. He is expected that, on that day, your organization is one of the hundreds of institutions that organize events related to water, source of life. He is expected that each country held the world water day in its own way.

Remember that on 22 December 1993 the Assembly of the United Nations adopted resolution A/RES/47/193 by which 22 March of each year was declared world day for water, to be held beginning in 1993, in accordance with the recommendations of the United Nations Conference on environment and development contained in chapter 18 (fresh water resources) of Agenda 21. Then invited States to devote this day, within the framework of the national context, the conclusion of specific activities such as awareness-building public through the production and dissemination of documentaries and the Organization of conferences, round tables, seminars and expositions related to the conservation and development of water resources and with the implementation of the recommendations of Agenda 21. Wikipedia reminds us, that the world water day originated in the United Nations Conference for environment and development in Mar de Plata, Argentina in 1992, after which, the Assembly of the United Nations adopted on 22 February 1993 resolution A/RES/47/193 by which 22 March of each yearIt was declared world day the water.

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The Trend

In mathematics it aspires to optimal consistency, with a subsumptive scheme. Mathematical style of thinking, because of their consistency, enables greatly, controlling the accuracy in the thought process. Mathematical style of thinking is a streamlined way of thinking, and why this kind of thinking education is of extraordinary importance for all spheres of science and daily life. There is no universally accepted definition of what mathematical thinking. According to Schoenfeld. A. H. (1992) the mathematical instruction goals depend on the conceptualization of what one has than it is mathematical.

Such knowledge varies widely; to learn how to think mathematically means development of a mathematical point of view, valuing the process of mathematization and abstraction, with predilection for its implementation and develop the skills for the use of the instruments at the service of the purpose of the duality: structure of understanding and common sense of how to do the math. In our educational experience in training professionals for primary education, we observed in the last decade the trend, even at a global level of the development of the abilities of the different cognitive domains of Mathematics (calculus, magnitudes, geometry, equations, working with variables, etc.) from the resolution of problems in different situations. The analysis of this phenomenon, allows you to declare our position, i.e., it would be perfectly understandable to speak of mathematical thinking in elementary school when the task that occurs at the school requires: calculate safely and quickly with security in Q and N +. Solve problems in mathematics with different amounts of magnitudes. Make use of the language of mathematics in communicative competence of the school environment. Know make use of mathematical knowledge in different situations of everyday life. Moreover, with a greater aspiration level, is should lead students numerous and varied experiences which allow, among other things, formulate hypotheses, test and train empirically argument about the validity of the hypothesis, without this being interpreted as a simplification of the intention of the authors conceptualize the term mathematical thinking, analysis and reflections based on that in practice the teacher makes in math classesWhen naturally works by the formation of a logical thinking in primary school children.

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The Process

And so dictates what the national tenor, in article 93 of the C.P.C, that letter reads as follows: when the decision revert to affect process in a uniform manner to all summons, shall be only validly issued all appear or are located, as it is active or passive, joinder respectively, unless legal otherwise is an exceptional procedure figure, due mainly to the burden on the conformation of the procedural relationship, especially in the passive area.Indeed, due to him, the actor can not choose who litigate, but that if it decides that there is process must necessarily prosecute all who can to all those who may be affected by the thing judged the same 33 in the necessary joinder, the dependency is total since we have the case of a causal legitimationcomplex or common under which the reference deduction claim substantial legal relationship.34The special or qualified joinder produces wider effects. This joinder occurs when there is need of a uniform resolution to all summons; or when the demand has to be presented by several or against several. 35 Is characteristic of the necessary joinder, the situation of procedural solidarity between the summons.36 The terms, if any of the summons meets a procedural document or take advantage of it, is considered such a situation for the benefit of others. The deadline for appeal of the ruling is individual. Resources favour, however to all summons, with the following caveat: those who have lodged are not part but you to participate before the superior court. The ruling puts an end to the process, benefits or harms to all summons and that is spoiled, only when you can make use of resource impugnatorios against it. The procedural momentum corresponds, however each of the litigants separately, so that if alone can put in place the process, with the single obligation to notify others. Notifications are also individual for the summons.

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