Rio Gallegos

More likely to find someone who has read this book anywhere less in Rio Gallegos. It is if there are people that are dedicated to the genre of science fiction in the city, and if it weren’t do not know. Very few are likely which can make a crossing of Heliconia-summer impressions with others. This feeling of being in the wrong way happens to me always. It is used of something do reviews of book that nobody reads? Someone reads these lines? I re-established that only a person could tell me or write me telling me: I wanted to read the book by the criticism of the magazine. Never happened.

Beyond citizen apathy and lack of interest, which wanes every day about literary matters, this present the short circulation of 40 copies that allows a sample shared by friends, many of whom bought the magazine for affection and are another thing that is not literature. Equals: grateful for the support. Anyway use this space to make a kind of count and prints of the books that I am reading, why not I get hairs if interests anyone, am like donkey milling wheat in the Ferris wheel while everyone else make yours. Up to here the two volumes have a coherence that can be achieved only by Aldiss. Clarifies which is the situation of the inhabitants of the Avernus prisoners in his observer ship due to virus heliconiano that kills the earthlings a few days of breathing the air of the planet. However a lottery allows that an individual can lose every so to die in Heliconia, nobody refuses because death in liberty is better than live centuries in a tin can floating in space.

The story revolves around one of the winners of the lottery that gets involved in the intrigues and wars of domain. What changed is that we are on a planet where nature is strange and addictive. The fact of reading the second volume of this trilogy immediately after the first, is due to the ability of the writer to catch your reader. Merit is greater when it steals time to other things to do. Recommended as the first. Finally I would like to say the souls outlandish to read these lines that I have bought and enjoyed some books by their criticisms or recommendations. Why still milling wheat, once someone will make bread with the product of my effort, I see them on the next turn of the wheel. Axxon 188 magazine August 11, 2008 – Blog of Sci.

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The Argentine Congress

But no approval by the Argentine Congress of mobile retentions has generated a turning point in the Argentine government to decide what path to follow. There is a need to generate change and seriously address the problems facing the economy Argentina a According to describe the Argentine site a Total News, after the anger that provoked the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s rejection in mobile retentions Congress, Lula called for support and provide your prescription anti-crisis (however, story was later denied). Copy to Brazil was so from here we had proposed to the president in one of our articles. And what about Brazil? The very good performance of the Brazilian economy in recent years has surprised more than one.

Brazil has a leading role, both regionally and globally, as anyone had imagined until just a few years ago. While acknowledging the high (and difficult to tolerate), level of poverty and inequality that still characterizes the Brazilian economy (which, like Peru, require greater social development policy), sound economic policies are of great value to underpin the development and long-term growth of the country. This has been awarded the much coveted investment grade rating given by Standard and Poor. But despite the soundness of their economic policies, inflation seems not to yield. It is as if every time you apply a dose of a medicament against inflation (through higher interest rates, fiscal adjustment or policies to increase food supply), the inflation monster is growing even more (Warning! Brazil is the only country suffering from this.) Brazil is one of the countries that most efforts are being made to control inflation through sound measures, and this is no doubt.

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Maduerira History

For: Larcio Becker, of Curitiba-PR Loureno Madureira, farmer and ox-driver of century XIX, son of Antonio Madureira, of Campo Grande, leased lands of Captain Incio of Canto, proprietor of the Farm of the Cantinho. In them, it made one roa of cassava and maize, beyond ample improvements. It gave great development to the region, for what it conquered the respect and the admiration of the local population. When Captain Incio died, the widower denounced Loureno Madureira to the Juiz De Fora, to banish it from the farm. Therefore, she was the protagonist of the first action at law for land ownership in Rio De Janeiro, what he gave popular affection still more to it. So great popularity, either for the prosperity that provided, either for the process the one that answered, finished conferring its name to the quarter. That, in turn, Madureira AC baptized and, later Madureira EC.

The history of the Madureira starts in 16.02.1933, when the fusing of Noble FC occurs, established in 08.08.1914 (considered officially as it dates of foundation of Madureira EC, for to have been the Noble the main trunk of the fusing), with the Great FC, established in 15.08.1912. The fruit of the fusing gained the name of Madureira AC, in the colors purple (of the Noble), blue (of the Great one) and white (of both). Its first president was Francisco Fernandes Dantas. The first departure of Madureira AC was in 02.04.1933, a game with the Device of Inside AC, in the field of the Street Goiaz (of the Modest one), to placar final 1×1 first goal: It generates. The first official departure was in 16.07.1933, for the championship of the Carioca sub-heddle, in the field of the Street Lopes Sundays (of the Noble), 1×1 with Carioca FC. In 12.10.1971, Madureira EC appears, in the colors blue, red and yellow, fruit of the fusing of Madureira AC with the Madureira Tennis Club, established in 01.02.1944 (that it was in the Street Edgard Romero, neighbor to a police station), and the Imperial Basquete Club, established in 23.08.1935 (that it was in the Road of the Portela and if dedicated to basquete and the soccer of hall).

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Constituent Congress

Proponents of the law on consultation then lack legitimacy and also we say of some representatives of AIDESEP, newly arrived from exile, by the unclear conditions of their arrival, in the legal aspect that is they have unfolded, not making clear their participation, it would be be more diaphanous than others to take the BBS and legitimize this process of Amazonian Andean peoples against the Creole State. Because in a negotiation is going with good intentions and without no ACE up the sleeve, it is not so in this moment, we say, because you are at risk our survival of our Nations and the future of our children and their children for generations that will also come. And that the brothers arrived from exile not can legitimize in its representation, by the same first conditions that were placed by the legal system of the State and that they have changed in this time, and just in the circumstances given the illegal proposal of inquiry law originating in and Amazonian peoples. Acumen and mistrust taught him us the Creoles that they have always sown in our Nations and peoples. Or is it not true that this budding his famous law of displacements, which graded the offal peoples for the interests of transnational corporations, but in no way of our peoples. But there is something more that it undermines the Peruvian legal system, to propose a law on consultation and this part of the legitimacy of the political Constitution of 1993, which stems from an autogolpe of State and that it intended to give air of legitimacy with a Constituent Congress, despite being oleado and sacrament by the international community its origin is spurious and therefore its legal consequences become in illegitimate. And even more they are more aggravated in the uncertainty of nationality, which today has not been clarified by all tests that corroborate the true identity of the Magistracy of the Creole nation who my have been miraculously disappeared. Why his signature was removed in the Government of Mr Alejandro Toledo, as an affront to ethics and the same decency to those who live in this territory.

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Venezuelan Constitution

That possibility of material and spiritual well-being also was present in the Venezuelan Constitution of 1961. &quot did not make lack; otra" Constitution; to only adapt, " aggiornar" the existing one, and that was the objective that considered from the National Commission for the Reformation of the State, but everything indicates that their recommendations were not accepted (much less executed) because they were not contemplated in " project-of-pas" of those then. Point N 2: " To ask for a project of country is negative. It is to communicate that something makes lack, that our leaders forget something and that they are not sufficiently competent. It is to put to think to us about what is what makes lacking, to confuse to us. It is to distrust of the leaders who fight by the democracy and that has done it bien." Commentaries to the N2 Point: False. " project-of-pas" IT IS NOT a negative element, nor it must Rep contradict the fundamental principles of the Magna Carta.

He is the Government (but the State) who must assume the initiative of an open call and comprehensive of all the sectors not to debate a project of country that benefits to all through a sustained growth and an equitable distribution of the wealth, to watch in long term positive and, and to secure a viable growth in the time, which has like reference " memory histrica" of the country. The memory of a country is understood like the elaboration that a group or the whole society does of its past around the tradition, historical memory, and its original landmarks, that go united to the national project. A country is the way to face and to project its past. To put it another way, it is around how we solve the problems of the past that are going to define our future like moral historical community.

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Press Politics

When one studies the questions of sort in a period guided for the conception politics is necessary to have in mind that the presidential elections in Brazil during the Old Republic were only ritual that they consecrated the previous names chosen by the dominant oligarchies. ‘ ‘ The presidential campaigns of 1909 and 1919 had been special for the presence of Rui Barbosa that nailed reforms to moralizar the elections and federalismo’ ‘ (YOUNG CHICKEN, 2003, p.17). For in such a way it are of the world of the oligarchies, Brazil, was marked by some transformations important that they point the sprouting of an urban culture. It is distinguished for the movement of women, that of an important point was organized for the electoral questions.

It has a great importance of the participation of the women in the space politician, therefore it disarticulates the argument, that politics is only for the men. However as politics it is subject for debate in the society, the woman must know the subject and the vocabulary politician, appears at this moment Berta elect Lutz in 1934. The feminine argument is defined as space of fight and work. Face to the subject Work, we will present some characteristics of the woman in the Old Republic, concerning its development in the sphere of the work, for this, it is placed inside woman of the social relations. For Isabel Billion: It is important to point out, in this direction, that the women had started to enter in the world of the work at the moment where the workshops were giving place to the plants and them they had started to work in an environment where the impersonal relations and the increase of in the distance enter the owners of the companies and the employees make possible the development of practical that they still allowed a bigger exploration of the work.

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