Social and Cultural Abyss

To a social and cultural abyss between the women contemporaries, an abyss where of the right side it is the execultivas and the candidates the Presidency of the Republic. Of the left side the funkeiras and other dancers and its dances that insinuate the sex. These of the left side are the imitation of the baseness, libertinism, so natural moral and sexual looseness in the men. These of the right side are the ones that are in the power, Them represent intelligence, intelexto, the conscience social politics and. These of the right side are the ones that we men Envy, times furious, and love with an intellectual and sexual love. I am made a mistake, or you it would vote in a funkeira for President of the Republic. These of the left side are our basenesses, Each time deeper, because these of the left side Proliferate amazingly, and in them they together with sink When she allows in them to be so dirty with them.

It is not truth, but she seems that the women Of the left side and of the right side had combined that: Enquando they of the left in entorpece with its rebolados desconsertantes and its envergonha dirty liguagem that until the men flabbiest in the moral. The women of the right side light wonderfully with its studies, Its research, its dimanismo, with its Intelligence, its intellect They later had divided the power. What it is truth is that the women of the left side sink the men together with. Valley to observe that the men had always been weak ahead of its intintos, However is of course hypocritical and this hypocrisy has in the saved one Of a social catastrophe, or will be that you Would allow a point of travesti and Prostitudas in the door of its candy home Where its children are being educated as men and women who one day Estaram in the power.

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