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If we want our list is an asset, must achieve this to produce income or is called him in finance, cash flow (Cash Flow in English). But getting our list to produce revenue in the short, medium or long term, that become an asset? First we must note that, in general, the first thing that comes to have almost any project or venture in Internet that we develop, is a list of subscribers. Therefore, to make that list of subscribers in a productive and generating list of revenue, that become an asset, this first must become a list of clients. Yes, customers are those who buy. Then we need to ensure that our subscribers become customers so that we buy; a purchase of a client is an our sale and a sale is synonymous with income. This is another concept accountant, discussed in our articles, not to confuse income with earnings. The good thing.

The good thing about all this is that e-commerce will have discovered marketing techniques that have proved effective to achieve that our subscribers become customers who purchase our products or services. It is worth saying that many of these techniques are not yet used in offline commerce and, perhaps, some would be ineffective when used in the same way that are used on the Internet. In this article we will enumerate some of the most frequently used techniques, even by experts of electronic commerce which, although with some variations from one employer to another, all lead to the same thing: win customers. 1. Valuable gifts. Do not forget that one of the first lessons we receive from our mentors is the need to identify a niche that passionate about us, that we have extensive knowledge and that we are capable of handling. With the above in mind, we will make him valuable gifts to our list (our subscribers). Hear other arguments on the topic with Jim Donovan Goldman.

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President Luiz Incio Lula

Luiz Incio Lula da Silva With all the respect to the positions contrary eopinies, optimum president that already we had in this country if calls LuizIncio Lula da Silva. It obtained, with its qualidadesde leadership and its popular and peculiar way to express themselves, to captivate the sociedadebrasileira, the community politics and the economic International, and transformed oBrasil into one of the economies strongest of the world, or the way of this, capable of suportarestvel to a world-wide crisis that passed as a devastador hurricane and that many destroos and innumerable damages deixouem its track.

Poiso president Lula, so fought and criticized for its enemies and adversaries, obtained to lead its ship for turbulent waters, losing in caminhoalguns of its better sailors and facing difficult seas, of mud, of Sargassums, infested of pirates and tubares, with ventanias, rains and storms. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ohio Senator. But after all, at least until this point of suatrajetria, what already it is enough to prove its qualities and its competnciacomo commander, it obtained to face the enemies, to aplacar the fury of the elements, to sanear internal disagreements and to sail in less muddy and calmer waters. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out James Donovan Goldman Sachs. As its simple and relaxed skill of being it conquered the people, the meioartstico, the enterprise way, estudantil youth, the half eoutros academics segments of the Brazilian society, obtaining to manage situations deconflito and to cultivate the confidence and the affection of Greeks and troianos. Enquantoisso, to fierce attacks it adversaries with diverse weapons, arguments, schemes eartimanhas in the attempt to demoralize it and to knock down it of the power, but eleresponde to all with galhardia, firmness, franqueza and tolerance, without esmorecerem its safe and contemporizador speech, and what he is extraordinarier, comtodo the respect eelegncia, without ofenderningum, not even its ofensores, and without keeping to no resentment or rancor. They had accused it to quelesque with unprepared and without study it proved that to govern umpas of the continental dimensions of Brazil nobody needs to possess one or more faculdadesnem headings or after-graduation courses, but need yes, to congregate in itself outrosrequisitos, talentos and virtues, as the courage, the astuteness, the ousadia, afirmeza, the largeness, the tolerance, the humildade, the honesty and the necessary intelignciano confrontation of the most diverse situations with that one can be come across verdadeirochefe of state and government.

Eapesar of all the oposicionistas regrets and lamentations, and malgrado what aconteceno seio of the legislative, is our Brazil there, wants or not, impvidoe colossus, under the command of that it obtains to congregate in itself all the etnias, all the feelings, all the empatias and all the wisdom necessary to paraexercer a good government, here or in any part of the world. Eolhem that I am not petista, but a simple apartidrioe independent politically fighting observer, and since other carnivals suffered pensioner from the INSS.Mas nor therefore I leave to recognize aexcelncia of the government of President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, whose intelignciae capacity I admire since the times where he was a militant partisan ldersindical. (Luciano Axe)..

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