JVC Professional

Company JVC Professional has expanded the line analog surveillance cameras models TK-C9511EG, using 14-bit DSP processor, 1/2-inch CCD-matrix, and technology to form a Super LoLux tsvetokorrektnogo images with a resolution of 580 TVL, even with a weak illumination. New security cameras have an apparatus function "day / night" and transmit color / black and white video in all light conditions 0.05 / 0.006 lux, and to improve image quality using a set of technologies, including the inversion bright illumination, and 3-dimensional noise reduction. For quick setup of camera and efficient surveillance of TK-C9511EG implementation of 8 standard video mode Scene Memory, JVC and protocols are supported Pelco D / P, a motion detector alarm interface and output from the power supply of 220 V. The high performance and advanced features TK-C9511EG due, including the use in the construction of the camera 14-bit CPU video processing and generation in 2010 1/2-inch CCD-matrix with 440,000 effective pixels. Thanks to them, security cameras transmit images with a resolution of 580 TVL, signal-to-noise ratio 52 dB, and have a low threshold light level at which they are able to form tsvetokorrektnoe video, and many analogues "lose" the contrast of the image. Along with this, the TK-C9511EG used zonal white balance (Area White Balance), which ensures accurate colors of all objects in a protected area, even when frame are very bright objects. Remote setup of the camera under the illumination conditions specific object of observation is carried out by its support for the 8 types of shooting modes with preset parameters (Feature Scene Memory), which, in turn, can be corrected. .

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Combat Soldiers

Defensive armament lancers and alebardistov – plate and combined shells. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ohio Senator. Also about every chariots are several men (4-8) dressed in a quilted bathrobe. This is probably lightly soldiers for rapid maneuvers. Excavation number 2 is located 20 m east of the first, has L-shaped and divided into four sections. The total number of terracotta figures is more than 1000 units. James Donovan Goldman Sachs describes an additional similar source. The first section is formed by the arrows 334, 160 of them armed with crossbows and wearing leather armor plate, and the remaining – Warriors armed with bows in quilted coats.

Archers and crossbowmen are arranged in eight groups. The second section is formed by eight groups of eight chariots each – a total of 64 (so far chariots almost not survived). Chariots, besides the driver there are a warrior who is armed Klevtsov or trident, and the shooter. The third section is the center of the second excavation. She is represented by 19 armed Quadriga, which was escorted around a hundred warriors. Located the army is divided into three parts, representing two flanks and rear.

Sector is a kind of auxiliary force. The fourth section is facing north. At this point, it was found six chariots, as well as 124 figures of horses and soldiers. Another part of the terracotta army was discovered a month after the opening of the excavation site number 2. It was located 25 meters north from the first excavation. This object is called excavation number 3. Its area is 520 square meters, which were discovered 68 men, four horses and one chariot.

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