Gypsy Tarot

Tarot of Marseille and Gypsy Tarot: a love story during the hectic 15th century emerged in Europe the tarot of Marseilles deck. Despite that, curiously, not precisely in Marseille. A city which, however, deserves thanks for having saved the tarot of oblivion and decadence that fell in Europe mentioned century, after its rapid emergence in Italy. Years later, the Gypsy tarot feel yours that vital and colorful medieval prints harness, and become his inseparable companion. The rest is history.

Tarot begins to spread in Europe from the North of Italy, in the mid-15th century. In 1499, the French invasion of Milan took tarot to the South of France. The ambiguity regarding its marseillais origin comes from the 30 years of the 20th century, when the French historian Paul Marteau assigned that origin whereas, since 1466, Marseilles decks of all Europa.Durante the 16th century manufacturing centre, tarot enters decadence in Italy, and already almost nobody cares about him. Not been for teachers postmen of Toulouse, I would have perhaps lost forever. Later, when interest in tarot returned to be reborn in her original wedge, Italy, harnesses were longer, forever, Marseilles, with their typical and immediately recognizable illustrations inspired by the stained glass windows of Gothic religious art. Roma then simple and wandering, unaware of luxuries.

And the tarot, until the invention of the printing press, it was: the plates were painted by hand and only the rich could access them. With the advent of the printing press, decks began to occur in series and to spread much more massively. Thus came the tarot of Marseilles to the Roma people. And thus was born a love forever. The story may not be especially romantic, but the truth is that, with its simplicity and clarity, and his cheerful colors marseillais harness was designed especially for getting along with the Roma people. Perhaps that is why until today, new technologies are within reach of the clairvoyants a infinite variety of mallets, the Gypsy tarot remains loyal to the French letters, in a relationship of mutual understanding, respect and affection. And it is not every day a friend able to stay faithful for more than 5 centuries. Source: Press release sent by juancarlosmontillo.

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Family Code

In Ukraine, the conclusion of the marriage contract is not very popular. Primarily because they do not correspond to moral principles of the majority. After all, the family – an alliance built on trust and love, it would seem, some here may be contract. But the statistics consistently shows that in many cases, a divorce the spouses is difficult to reach consensus, often one of them left with nothing on the street. Yes, and in everyday family life, sometimes at times there are cases when one spouse materially prejudice the other. Richard Blumenthal has firm opinions on the matter. That in order to avoid similar incidents and there is a prenuptial agreement. According to the Family Code of Ukraine marriage contract may be individuals who have filed application for marriage registration, as well as spouses.

Treaty regulates property relations between spouses, as well as on the content of children. Contract must be made in written form and be certified notarized. In the marriage contract can be defined property which the wife, the husband passes for use on general family needs, as well as the legal regime of property donated by the spouses in relation to the registration of marriage. If housing, in which the family resides belongs to one of the spouses, the contract can specify rules for using this housing. For text of the treaty, of course, better to see a specialist who listened to your requests, among other things, tells how to better regulate property relations in each particular case. Importantly, remember that the marriage contract – a mutual agreement, and you with your other half at any moment can to change its terms and conditions or terminate it altogether. Modify the contract at the initiative of one spouse can only be in court and in the case of his interests or the interests of children. Do not you want to somehow to secure its future and their children? Think about it. The marriage contract does not imply a divorce, but only simplifies things a bit relations between spouses. It can not provide personal relations, this sphere remains at your full disposal. And only you personally depends on how strong and harmonious would your family.

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Opportunities To Have Our Own Website

Today, having your own web site reaches a huge range of possibilities, but they must all be developed by a programming code called HTML. Over time certain programs were created where they can order the measures to prepare the content and design, carry out their own translation work specific code. A couple of examples of these programs are Dreamweaver and FrontPage, but these programs take some time to learn to use, and if you do not have much concept of information delays until we can bring some control to achieve according to our requirements in the design of our sitio.Luego came the blogs, which although they are also web sites, make a difference to what we call web sites. We could say that blogs were the opening of the web presence of those people who would like to have, without further dificulatad of which involves creating an email account. Depending after ourselves and development aspect of it, because in the platforms where I am going to obtaining the blog, I get all the editing tools as easy as you indicate to me where I have to run for the application you want, either write, insert pictures, links, e-commerce etc.Puedes making web pages like blogs, or both without affecting their differences than doing any of the modes will be more productive, everything depends on our content and administration.

The specific differences for another article we will leave no escape for the bush for the endless but fascinating information and communication revolution this dynamic and interco, we are fortunate to live, but you have another idea that you can imagine information from a website is like a book, but static and specific, and a blog as a journal, more dynamic, renewable and reader participation. Sen. Sherrod Brown usually is spot on. And in the design, otherwise, that tends to be more dynamic pages and blogs more static to the drafting and aplicaciones.Si insert does not have a website and I invite you over 5 minutes to see the following video tutorial to build your blog but do not even know the topic to be addressed. In the same continue to elaborate on the ideas relating to this article.

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The Business Strategies of Fernando Canales

The financial problems of Monterrey Industry Group has been the currency of the nineties and the eight years of this decade. What surprised was the sale of IMSA had already overtones to sell it a few years ago got rid of the once iconic royal LTH. Fernando Canales left his company in 1985 to fight for democracy. In 22 years he ambitious goals. It is now out of politics and virtually from the business with hundreds of millions of dollars in his pocket. What are your plans? Fortunately the prestige of Monterrey there are other captains of industry who have taken advantage of the global situation and others who bet on the domestic market and Alberto Santos de Hoyos who is strong shareholder and President of Business Axtel Santos.

THE SALE OF IMSA The so-called Group, Group of the 9 most important and influential businessmen in Monterrey and the country came to an end yesterday with the announcement of the sale of Grupo IMSA powerful a foreign company. The Lordship of the Monterrey entrepreneurs has diminished in some areas but in other impressive moves. And beyond the explanation he gave Fernando Canales Press of birth and death in IMSA, business is business and a maximum of these is a vende when you comprena . Thus, for 3000 $ 200 million in business that is worth no nostalgia. And for that amount Canales family sells her IMSA and an era that began when Santiago Antonio Clariond Desdier came from France more than 70 years and founded the empire disjointed today.

The young man continued courtship with Mary Santiago Garza Gonzalez, whom he married after 11 years of relationship. From that marriage came Clariond Eugenio Garza. Consuelo’s younger sister, never knew his father who died young victim of high pressure. But it was Don James who along with his brothers founded flagship companies such as Clover Shirts The Cars dealership, SA, where the young Eugenio Garza Clariond debut as manager under the supervision of his mother. Years later he bought the first machine galvanizing sheet which gave rise to its industrial vocation. She later married Don Eugenio Clariond Reyes Retana with Ninfa and from that union were born Eugenio, Benjamin, Joseph and James, of men who worked hard at IMSA. Dona Consuelo married Jose Canales, born Agualeguas and then Fernando and Marcelo Canales, of men in this race that just worked from youngsters in the company for sale today. In October last year Clariond sold their shares to the IMSA Channels and split in a split into two holdings in late 2005: Verzatec and IMSA. Last IMSA served 71 years in February. The industrial group has had two Governors Monterrey Nuevo Leon: Benjamin Clariond Reyes Retana was interim and transitional substitute for the PRI and Fernando Canales who won election in 1997 the now constitutional Governor Jose Natividad Gonzalez Paras, but did not finish period. With the sale of IMSA foreign investors are only icons like Cemex and Gruma, quasi cement and corn, while the rest of the once great industry Monterrey is in the hands of foreigners, in the fascinating metamorphosis of business.

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