Membership Obligations

Similarly, the member who fails to fulfill its duties and obligations, it may be applied disciplinary action covered by the statutes and disciplinary rules. CHAPTER IV: Of the principles of the organization ARTICLE 12: The work of the SCMVCD and its subsidiaries are integrated and developed on the basis of socialist democracy and democratic centralism, thus establishing that: 12.1. Members of governing bodies are elected from the base to the higher authorities through free and secret vote. 12.2. The resolutions and decisions of higher bodies are binding on the lower. 12.3. The lower bodies accountable to their superiors and are accountable for their management.

12.4. Those chosen for the management bodies are accountable for their activities on them and to those who elect them. 12.5. The mandate of those elected to governing bodies are revocable by the voters at any time, if you do not comply with or for behavior incompatible with the Statutes, do not justify the trust placed in them, and where that for personal reasons for his release. 12.6.

At all levels governing freedom of expression, discussion and analysis, and the subordination of the minority of most agreements, exercising and self-criticism. 12.7. The agreements and decisions of governing bodies are taken by simple majority. Quorum is integrated in the different activities, with the presence of fifty percent of the members or delegates at least, as appropriate. 12.8. The vacancies on governing bodies by revocation, replacement, death or any other reason, shall be filled by peers in the last vote had the most number of votes, but they were not sufficient to hold the office.

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Semiphotos Nikon

Camera Nikon D90 slr legend of the vendor. This is a very powerful slr with a matrix format dx, the resolution of which is 12.3 megapixels. On board the device has a system of image processing expeed. Although the company already makes cameras based on the expeed processor first version a long time to be relevant and competitive. Sensitivity range extends from 200 iso to 3200 iso. Besides the camera Nikon D90 can record Video and hd format, which is superior to a lot of amateur video.

The camera has a mode LiveView, an extended set of modes to control the photographs and the system recognition of subjects. Camera Nikon D3000 perfectly suitable for novice photographers who are already looking towards the side mirror cameras. The camera has a dx format with a resolution of 2.10 megapixels. Lover it may seem that megapixels are not enough, but it is not so. The camera makes great pictures thanks to the large pixel size (in compact cameras, it is much less). The camera Nikon D3000, as befits an slr, fast autofocus system. It focuses on 11 points. Display in the camera 3-inch. Help in the camera so well thought out that even the inexperienced user to quickly orient and will soon begin to make good pictures.

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Latin America

Do you have trouble understanding of mathematics? Even if you study, are the results bad? Tranquilizate. It may not be your fault. Because you say this? If your look at our traditional education model matematicapodras you realize that operates in this manner: 1) the teacher arrives. It explains the class. students little or nadaparticipan in the development of the subject. (2) The teacher arrives. Applies a test. He is not verified if all students have come to understand him fully.

Result: a total massacre. (50 Students only 5 approved). Sen. Sherrod Brown understands that this is vital information. (At the end the motto becomes: 1) you learned. learned. 2) Which reprobo. reprobo. (for bad). This happens much especially in the early years of universidaden those professions such as engineering and related.

Now I wonder do you think that this is teaching? I don’t think so. So how our education should aim? There is a better option: 1) the teacher arrives. explains the class and at the same time you daparticipacion to the student, but not to humiliate but to that aprendade actively.(gives participation in the) Board). Read additional details here: James Donovan Goldman Sachs. (2) The master llega.verifica that alsoperformed all have understood and applied the test. At the end: all learning for life. This is possible? Of course Yes. In Japan it are doing long overdue results conexcelentes.(the Japanese students are mejoresy not only in mathematics but in many areas more). Be implemented this model in any country in Latin America? If. Now what they are doing in chile through an enconvenio with the Japan program, with excellent results in children deprimaria.(congratulations to the Chilean country, is on track). I hope in the near future this model is this implemented in more countries, obviously adapted to the reality of each one.

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Called To The Unit

Called the Teodulo Lopez Melendez unit the unit is absolutely necessary. The unit is an imperative that can not flee. The country is claiming the unit. It is necessary to unite the workers of Guiana with the thousands who roam asking properties overlooking the official bodies. The unit is a requirement of the times.

The unit in a request for the story. We must unite to the denominations without light with workers mocked on the East coast of Lake Maracaibo. We must unite all the housewives who have seen damaging your appliances with the workers of the UCV to those who ridicule is their labour rights. Not wanting to drive is an unpardonable political offence. The unit touches desperately to our doors claiming welcome. It is necessary to join the thousands of retailers on the brink of bankruptcy with the inhabitants of this vast area between Caracas and the central coast. It is essential to unite farmers expropriated with the people of Barinas who stunned attends local misrule.

The unit is imperative, the unit can not continue waiting for We, the unit is beginning to despair at the lack of unity. We must unite to Merida black women with trade unionists who come as the Government thwarts the collective engagement. It is necessary to unite the caraquenas neighborhoods that do not have water with honest entrepreneurs who have been undone their companies. We must unite. The unit is the claim, requirement, the need, the urgent. We must unite the thousands of homeless people who sleep in the gardens of the subway, the squares and parks with a possibility of hope given by intellectuals who want to drive. We must unite the people who can not eat three times a day with the lawyers who denounced the constant destruction of all traces of the rule of law. We must unite to defenders of human rights with those who are in critical poverty.

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Debtors Property

I.e. first who stays the property must arrange a mortgage that only leave it in holder (with other relatives or third-party guarantors or holders, if your bank requires it); the day of signing the first notarized signature writing of extinction of condominium for then sign a deed of mortgage loan. If the Attorney for the other party sign an agreement in which suggests you gives housing to change that the ex to pay the mortgage, smile and say that not. It is offering a poisoned Apple: you lease the property but will remain indebted to the Bank (say what you say the separation agreement). Guarantors of by means the most typical problem is when parents have endorsed the mortgage of the children to buy the House and there is a separation. Personally I always recommend that if behind one’s parents, also those of the other party do. the basic reason is that if then separated the children, financial problems are both couples, and all in a solution are involved.

If the mortgage is not paid properly, the Bank can try to collect from the guarantors directly, since they respond exactly equal to the holders of the mortgage, with all its present and future assets. Therefore, the problem is familiar if there are guarantees in the Middle, and family it should fix the issue. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Blumenthal. Nothing is further from reality thinking that being guarantor first Iran against the House of sons. It is possible to give housing to the? Bank and stay without debt? Recurring question that has a clear answer: is not possible unless the Bank accepts it. And the Bank will only accept a payment in kind if you think that you will leave you cheaper auction good or go against the guarantors; that only happens if the debtors are immigrants without family or property in Spain that will return to their country of origin of all forms or totally insolvent owners mortgages and without chance of ceasing to be so in the future..

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London Film Festival

If you want to make tourism in London and some of its places of interest, it is the Chelsea cinema, could well plan your visit to make the most of the next film festival. It is the best way to enjoy the tourist attractions and monuments in London. The 2010 London Film Festival offers visitors a variety of movies for all tastes. Cinema enthusiasts will have the opportunity to see a selection of new British films, such as Mandelson: The Real PM?, about the politician of the Labor Party Peter Mandelson; Patagonia, from director Marc Evans; Edge, for those who like the drama; The Arbor, for fans of documentary type films; and Fire in Babylo, for lovers of history in films, among others. In terms of international tenders, moviegoers have much to choose from. The films shown include I Wish I Knew of Jia Zhangke and Caroline Kamya Imani, as well as a captivating account of the impact of social media on Catfish.

While in the capital, be sure not to miss the sights most famous as the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London with its famous Crown jewels, dungeons, and where it is said that sometimes seen walking to the Queen Ana Bolena, beheaded in 1536 by order of King Enrique VIII. Nor leave to visit the flea market of Candem Town, where you can enjoy a nice afternoon doing shopping and enjoy the rare and diverse store that offers this renowned place in London. Babylo Noodle Highchair Kiddicare Folding Chairs Blog Marc Evans You can’t Hide From Yourself t Summer Fondue Ecommerce And The VB.

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