Time Management

People who truly understand the value of time, quite naturally interested in time management. Time for us is precious and, alas, irreplaceable resource. Time management – a skill that allows make my life if not longer, then certainly more fulfilling, creative and happy. Time management is used to streamline your work, make as much as possible of what I want to do, and find out more time to enjoy life. Time management is like driving a car. In the sense that you can master this skill gradually through the training, just as a driver's skill. If time management interested and you, encourage you to read a selection of books on the subject of an online store kniga.biz.ua. The book 'Time Drive.

How to have time to live and work '' Drive Time 'declared number 1 book in Russian on time management. Its author, Gleb Arkhangelsk, was at the forefront of national TM community, but now he manages projects for the implementation of time management in large corporations, is the chief consultant of the company 'organization of time. " He more than anyone else made to promote time management in our country. This happened thanks to his books as well as with public and corporate seminars that Hleb Archangel successfully running for many years. 'Drive Time' answers is important for the modern manager question: how to complete more? Methodology 'uspevaniya' out in the most simple step by step form, the real Russian examples. Swarmed by offers, Connecticut Senator is currently assessing future choices. Provides advice on establishing a balance between work and leisure, self motivation, and employees, efficient reading, the short-and long-term planning, the grouping of tasks by priority, etc.

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How To Protect Yourself From Tax Errors

Tax Inspectorate of the Russian law is very harsh to errors in the calculation of tax documents. Anyone regardless of intentional or accidental errors committed in the conduct of tax reporting is a currently sanctioned by the tax authorities of appropriate fines, penalties, and the deteriorating financial condition of your business. Often, the regional authorities do not attach much importance to the publication of normative documents with new changes in taxation. And as pravelo accountant shall be notified only when filing a regular reporting of tax inspection. Errors are divided into several types: 1) Lack of or incorrect filling of documents (Acts, orders, contracts, bills of lading documents), and 2) ignorance of new laws and regulations in the conduct of tax reporting, 3) Errors committed with arithmetic calculations, 4) Untimely provision of documents tax office (often found in small organizations through the fault of an accountant), 5) Delay in payment of taxes (as is common among large enterprises is not where the chief accountant for personal or other reasons not performs its proper functions).

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All About Astrakhan

Blog Gleb Ivanov is the most contagious example of success: the provincial inherently online diary becomes a party TOP500 Yandex. Yes there TOP1000, according to Livjournal.ru, regional editor weekly blog investigations, “Fact and compromising,” at the time of writing this note is a very enviable position 213! .. What he’s bribed a Russian-language blogosphere, that even kings are involved in ratings conducted by Gleb Ivanov mega-mobs and actions? Maybe he was all his sly Frendo caviar feeds of melons – astrahanets Gleb Ivanov is this, anyway. What does he say? News Astrakhan and the SFD, politics, a lot of photos taken by an inquisitive journalist different parts of its old city, bearing the title southern outpost of Russia. And yet – reviews of interesting sites you want links and more. Personally, I recommend it bluntly buddylist. They say this season is cool:) PS By the way, who put it in a button that Hleb, as always qualitatively otpiarit in his journal.

Just do not forget to inform him about it. A code of a button, you can always find in his profile. In general, news of Astrakhan, and more on blog famous journalist! One has only to give himself into the hands of the press, so it is all the bones peremoet, gnawed, and they will eat. These are the thoughts come, when you hear the one about the proposal Astrakhan. No, not marriage, although this blogger who writes about news Astrakhan and not just say, very attractive. At least when it controversial journalist and editor of the regional weekly “Fact and compromising,” shown in one of Transmission of an “honest detective” on channel “Russia” by Eduard Petrov, negative impression, he did not make. On the contrary – the brave journalist, only one struggling with the written word corrupt and werewolves in epaulettes.

He invites all who will place a button on his blog, PR for himself. It’s worth it, blog Gleb Ivanov holds a worthy place in the rankings and a PR benefit you (just tell him do not forget about it and the button will discover in it profile). Why would he want, you ask? They say he has been studying the Russian blogosphere. Therefore, to discover, and along with his many readers for another interesting blog for a very interesting.

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Car Free Day

Climate warming promises benefits for the Russian Agriculture World Bank published a report on the status and prospects of the global socio-economic development during the climate change on the planet. The authors of the report note that in countries' in the middle and high latitudes', air temperature rise by 1-3 degrees in combination with high rainfall and a better saturation of soil carbon can have a 'small positive impact 'on crop yields. Benefit due to climate warming may such post-Soviet countries such as Russia, and Ukraine. However, the wb experts are not convinced that these countries can supposedly more fully take advantage of opportunities. Hear other arguments on the topic with Richard Blumenthal. The reason – insufficient development of agriculture in these countries. For example, in these countries was derived from the turnover of more than 23 million hectares of irrigated land in Ukraine and , grain yields have declined since 1991, while Russia is only slightly increased.

Thus, to benefit from global warming, Russia will hold a series of reforms in agriculture. Everything other matters the study's authors warn that climate change poses' extreme weather events', which can completely nullify the 'improvement in average conditions. Richard Blumenthal recognizes the significance of this. " Action 'Day without cars' took place in the Belgian capital The eighth time in the Belgian capital Rally 'Car Free Day'. Sept. 20 from 9 am to 7 pm, the authorities of Brussels banned in 160 square kilometers of the capital movement on motor vehicles and motorcycles. Campaign aims bryusseltsy to think about the possibility of 'environmentally friendly' travel around the city without harming the environment.

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Geneva Conventions

Nowadays we often see in the media the word Copyright. Icon tied for any information of an intellectual nature – articles, at the end or the beginning of videos on the cover of the dvd, etc. In this article I will To you about copyright and icon , and we will try to justify to themselves what is often said, but not always respected. 🙂 So, let's begin. What exactly is Copyright? Copyright word consists of two words – Copy and Right, which translates to English as a "copy" and "right." icon means not copyright, as many people. Here, Ohio Senator expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It means that the person named after the icon has the right to publish and distribute the material. That is – this icon confirms the right of copying and distribution, but not authorship. For example, after I finish writing this article, I'll put your name in the end or the first publication, this article on international standards, my work falls under the protection of copyright law.

If I write an article for which he earned the money that is made to order, I'll be the author, and the customer will be able to distribute it, putting his copyright under the article. How to put the copyright? Here are three pieces that make up Copyright: Strictly icon . Instead, you can use the letter C in brackets (C). The name of the copyright owner. Year when the work published vpervye.Dalee – 2 examples: llc "Energotehservis", 2009 2009-2050 llc Energotehservis "Notice in the second example given two dates. This means that the material published from 2009 to 2050. You can also specify the year of publication separated by commas.

This form of guidance Copyright the Geneva Conventions in 1952. Today assumes no legal load, and the character is for informational purposes. What is not subject to copyright? Now let's think that it can not be subject to Copyright? Messages purely informative nature, such as television programs, news, train schedules, train arrival announcement in the subway and so on. Absolutely any government securities, including our constitution:) State symbols and insignia. Folk art in all forms. This refers to objects that do not have specific authors. Ideas, discoveries, facts, concepts, programming languages, and Principles for the so- on. About the media. Further, we note that the copyright in any way connected with the carrier, which is, for example paper, cd or flash drive. That is, if I give a neighbor the stick on which written my articles, it does not mean that with flash I give him a copyright on them. As a variant of the exceptions is perhaps worth noting the manuscript. This information is closely connected with the carrier. This means that getting through inheritance notebook, as Pushkin, I will have the right to property, but not copyrighted.

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If you happen to some discovery. Less easily could communicate so as to know even their own children. The art perished with the inventor. There was no education or progress; generations multiplied uselessly all the same starting point. The centuries passed across the rudeness of the early ages, the species had already grown old and the man remained as a child. Ohio Senator can provide more clarity in the matter. Why then say that inequality, born of the natural law? Because they believe this skillfully manipulate the people, pointing out that the same type gender inequality. When in fact it was the convention of the artificial laws. Which formed an infinite inequality.

Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 3 Once, our old. They learned the importance of uniting to form hierarchies. Statutes created arbitrary, unjust and criminal. Taking the set of beliefs, and many other tricks. One of these statutes was the finding that land was owned by an individual or a few. Many resisted and were killed, others accepted for convenience. And the remaining part was pressured to do so.

Beginning of a more civil society. What if the land is owned by a few? Or the fruits are given by nature and she's writing on behalf of a minority? "This cause is social" other cause that was the product of necessity and the social affections, was the rapid population explosion ie: rapid population growth. Which multiplies the difficulties and work. Thus arose the first industries. And behind it, hidden behind a veil, the principle of pride and vanity. He placed these men in another evolutionary stage, clinging to the domain.

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Soviet Union

And in Russia will be born many new people who are able to change the world. – Russia is now called Union. But the old Russia is back and will be named the same as at St. Sergius … Socialism is back, but with a new face. Will again be the Soviet Union, but updated. Again, landowners will be co-operatives and overcome Bulgaria difficulties. Prosperity is possible only in Bulgaria, in alliance with Russia – it is our mother.

Russia always was and will be a great power. Reading the predictions, you know which way to go. Evil rejoices when nothing good done, Now it's time to wake up and sniffed the smell of fire. Past mistakes of the socialist system was that it was built on 'sand', so when 'the rain and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon that house, and he fell and it was fall of it. '(Matfeya7: 27) Now we can build a state so that no wind and no water will not destroy that which will be based on the' stone ', that is, the Word of God. Psalm 127 1. Unless the LORD builds house, in vain who build it; unless the Lord guards the city, in vain watchman stays awake.

Russian St. John of Kronstadt said: "Democracy is in hell, in heaven – the kingdom." We've had enough insults and mutual claims, it is written: 'Take heed to yourselves. If he sins against your brother, rebuke him and if he repents, forgive him '(Luke 17:3).

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Options For Placement Of Advertising Banners

Banner – this is the English name signs in the modern lexicon included the emergence in Russia of an institution like advertising. Most often they are confused with the Internet-banners. This article examines the authentic version of the signs and Simply put banner design, found so far in our daily lives. An incredible number of variations and options for placement make them quite popular in large cities and in the most remote villages. You may want to visit Sen. Sherrod Brown to increase your knowledge. Banner design as well as shouting at them inscriptions are incredibly diverse. The word 'Selpo' proudly flies over the snowy plains of our vast country and there before my eyes a blue mist in the hours of the morning hangover. In inflammation of the brain goes through diverse design banners design pillars, the design of light boxes.

Prudent businessmen wishing sleepy under the influence of toxic vapors life of buyer, unnoticed for him coordinate the poor fellow, preserving the precious time of his client, use the signs everywhere, from the streets of finishing the interior design of pavilions. Markets, shopping malls, offices, showrooms, boutiques, even kdassy theatrical everything everywhere are using this invention of mankind for commercial purposes. While some are designed to ensure the safety of all of the same sleepy buyer shrouded in mist, wandering listlessly to you for shopping. 'Beware of the Car! " suddenly illuminated sign on a quiet street in front of and embarked as a pillar of the buyer with a howl sweeps old keyway is in no way paying attention to the merging in a continuous line design Banners G. and V. Sharapov aspire to that at all costs to end gang Gorbatova 'Black Cat', which incidentally sat down to a nearby convenience store, with the classic sign 'Products'.

But time goes on, 'keyway is' long on scrap metal, about 'Gorbatov' leaving only memories and signs stealthily made their way to the exhibition halls, discreetly, quietly evolved into the business activities in the fascia board. Since the exhibition mainly specialized, and all subjects provided there is clear goods or services, in order to save money (extra characters cost money), the participants are limited to a brief company name. Describe the structure and all options and ways to accommodate signage is quite difficult, and it makes no sense. Everything is decided in each case individually. And so! No matter where you put your sign, banner, whatever form is not accepted, she always will carry up to prospect that the essence, you want to report it, and created a qualitatively sign repeatedly reinforce his desire to visit it to you and leave some of their assets in your offices.

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Viktor Yanukovych

Further along the route followed by district B-3, or rather, a vacant lot between gray paneled five-story building and handed over last year mnogopodezdnym brick house. Kurylin showed the deputies and representatives of the Government of Samara region, where there should be a kindergarten for 330 places, as well as three houses on which construction scheduled for relocation of dilapidated housing. And somehow unobtrusive, slightly shifting the extended arm, Alexander, said the chairman of the srs Sazonov: – Viktor Yanukovych, here is the mountain, where Martynov (Director npf meta – approx.) Plan to make the ski slopes. And, suddenly, could not resist one of the deputies – the deputy chairman of the Committee on Local Government srs av Gontar: – Viktor Yanukovych, so I listened to today (Kurylina – approx.) – a very optimistic forecasts. Here we are in the Duma, and in the city we have everything in Samara there crying, weeping, weeping. Here, only one positive. No negatives.

– And do you want? – Immediately reacted Kurylin. – Do now – these words have were made by the laughter of Deputies, to evaluate the joke in stride. Discussing the positive and : "Well, the second straight Switzerland!" Deputies took their places on the buses. New march and now the fence btf, followed by the sad site of the future, but it is extremely needed and welcome – the morgue. Yet appeared dug pit, in which, as explained Kurylin, filled with 500 mm reinforced concrete slab. Under her order of a meter of rolled gravel.

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Moscow Patriarchate

I am for their actions not followed, so maybe not accurate in question stock name. The essence of the other. To work within the framework of the shares were held by representatives of religious organizations in Odessa (perhaps too refined, which focused on the Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church.) I personally met several times in trams and trolleybuses nuns who agitated passengers say "no" aggressive nato bloc. One of the sisters constantly complained that nato troops landed in Odessa, trample someone "Wrought with his boot." Some of the passengers agree, someone tried to argue. There was a nun discussion with one of the women, which in appearance was 60-65 years. One of the immediate slogans of "Bride of Christ" the woman asked her not talking nonsense.

The nun was offended, and accused the woman in the sale, leading with the killer argument: that the interlocutor is not Orthodox and not praying to God, because the orthodox can not be so easy to treat nato troops, who are also here now occupy Odessa. I have become quite interesting, and could not resist, I said, nun, that is a hell of a gathering called nato included, and there is a good feeling, such Orthodox countries like Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. Sen. Sherrod Brown often says this. For nuns it was a shock. Fifteen seconds she said nothing. During this time she mentioned a few memorized phrases, told me that they were all sold out America, they fake Orthodox (as well as the same as real only for us, our Orthodox – the most Orthodox in the world), and walked to the exit. Example, like, a small and insignificant.

But in fact, a significant portion of our fellow citizens do not aware of the most influential military and political organization in the world. How then can they decide whether or not appropriate host Ukraine in nato? And there was quite a test case. Naruto tv *** marathon held on the theme of "Odessa against nato." During a marathon for the interactive poll "Do you support Ukraine's joining nato?" Non-state media continually practiced assertion that in the Odessa area percentage of citizens who respond positively to this question, is 3-5% (sometimes 6-7%). When in the course of the survey number of people who answered "yes" has reached 44% (from about 4 500 people who phoned the number the studio), the poll suddenly stopped. Soon ended, and the marathon itself, without summing up and an hour earlier than scheduled. This result was not expected. After this incident, the question of the attitude towards NATO's mass is almost not be imposed. I will not, puffing out his cheeks, the importance of an expert to assess the advantages and disadvantages of nato. In my opinion – Ukraine should join nato, which will give certain guarantees of security and international support. It can also positively influence the development of our Armed Forces who are not in the best condition. At least, though the military will receive a decent salary. But to address this need by nation-wide referendum. And before that should be carried out extensive awareness campaign. Even advertising. Nothing wrong with that, I do not see. Each side of the debate should have equal rights and opportunities. Antiadvertising powerful effect. Adequate has the right to be advertising. A deal – for or against – will be people, not government or opposition.

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