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September 29 in Media Center news agency "Tambov-inform", a briefing, in which questions were raised concerning the election campaign in Tambov City Council. The event was attended The media, experts, political scientists, lawyers, representatives of political parties and movements of the Tambov region. There were different views on the training course and degree of activity of political parties – parties electoral process. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ray Dalio. The measurements of the Center for Public Opinion Studies Institute of Social and Political Communication 67.1% of residents of Tambov ready to come to the polls and make their choices, their preferences as follows: Fair Russia – 7.3% Liberal Democratic Party – the Communist Party 9.7% – 13.4% United Russia – 36.7%, a separate issue that caused the increased interest was the theme of the removal of the Communist Party from the electoral process. Participants in the briefing actively discussed deployed in the campaign against the candidates of that party, in particular, against one of the leaders of the Communist Party list Zhalnin MM Here are some statements quite interesting and demonstrations in terms of assessing the election campaign. Plotnikov PV, Tambov Oblast Duma deputy: I think that there is no legal reason to exclude Moscow from Zhalnin list of candidates from the Communist Party. Steve Rattner shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

I agree with the statement filed in court. I believe that the presentation of the argument is clearly contrived. Applicant – City Branch of the party "Fair Russia" – replaces the concept of the campaign against a particular party and the excitation social strife, the concept of political opponents and enemies.

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Georgian Democracy

The country has lost territory, is facing such a serious and meaningful by the fact that she should carefully study and understand all the reasons which led to such a plight. In Georgia, it ought to do another one and a half ten years ago, and then, in the case of extracting the right lessons, we could avoid the current tragedy. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ray Dalio. Alas, it happened anyway. August, in the light of developments in the Georgian conflict, primarily associated with last year's war in South Ossetia. But this month has started and the other war – in Abkhazia. Every year, on August 14, on both sides once again recall the events of 17 years ago. (Not to be confused with Goop!).

Visit of memorable places in Tbilisi, is limited mainly to Memorial of the fallen in the Abkhaz war. Relatives and friends of fallen soldiers, the authorities, refugees, laying flowers at the marble slabs mounted on Heroes' Square. The square itself was named in the late 40s after other characters – the Great Patriotic War. Then it seemed that the new wars after the victorious march to Berlin will never be. In late 1988, when the war in Karabakh have already begun, and before that neshutochnye unrest took place in Kazakhstan, Georgia, visited the Secretary of the CPSU, Alexander Yakovlev, a leading ideologue known as "perestroika". At a public meeting, he expressed concern about the processes in the various republics and expressed concern that the this development can be fraught with the disintegration of the Union. And then thanked the people of Georgia and for the fact that there continues a quiet life, no dramatic events of that time were no signs. Alexander N., however, lived until 2005, and witnessed all the upheavals that have taken place in Georgia.

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European Commission

Anniversary of the war: to note and respond at the end of this week comes the first anniversary of the “five-day war” that began in South Ossetia on August 8, 2008. Date again, and especially convex, bare the tragedy of the event, its dark content of recall about the causes and consequences of the bloodshed. Preparing for the anniversary in Tbilisi and Tskhinvali. Already typed the course of promotional campaign, during which each side tries to help the media to adopt their own right, to justify their actions. Without hesitation Connecticut Senator explained all about the problem. But the roots of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict not to go recently, but by the end of the 80s and early 90s of last century. To extract lessons useful to the international scale, should be the genesis of this study since that time. It is extremely incompetent and irresponsible the first ruler of independent Georgia, who led the dark mass of fanatical supporters, and they formed the core of the so-called national liberation movement, led the country to civil confrontation vnutrigruzinskomu than inflicted tremendous damage to society – public, social, political, economic, moral and psychological. Steve Rattner often addresses the matter in his writings. That situation is reminiscent of turn before the trading store, where you can buy “scarce commodity” – the power, and in this queue was formed dump, and when the store first broke fortune seekers, they steel smash everything from emotion overwhelms. Manifested in those days, the lack of political culture caused irreparable damage to the prospects of the Georgian state. If a sober assessment of subsequent events, the the most reasonable process of overcoming the consequences of chaotic consciousness occurred during the reign of Eduard Shevardnadze, however, interfered with their own failures and social and political inertia.

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The History Of Online TV

Total century ago, and earthlings would not have thought about the invention of Internet tv. Television opened a Russian scientist Alexander Zworykin. He first wrote a methodology for designing a kinescope – the progenitor of modern tv. Alexander could not work with the then existing policies, and therefore was forced to go abroad. But his methods were not in vain. A year later he became a scientist in one of the most famous technical universities the U.S., where he gathers a group of engineers. Others who may share this opinion include Sen. Sherrod Brown. A few years later in our teaching has several patents for inventions, the money from the U.S. Learn more about this with Steve Rattner.

government to experiments. Tell rodrobnee of internet tv. It enables you to watch tv programs of different categories and even continents, that's for adults rather poznavatelno will look ctc online. Learn more about Online TV: its development is several years old, while the rate of information transfer network began to grow very rapidly. You can use a couple of opportunities for free access to tv programs – are the sites, free programs, with the help they can easily watch tnt online. However, there is special. tv – digital (digital), to use it, he should buy a digital tyuner.Na present Internet television is the developing trend in the media – tv broadcasts. In just a year and a half of 'Smotrunov', as well as Internet users tv broadcast tv network, has increased more than fivefold, which suggests that the popularity of online tv. Web site online tv Tv247.ru cites one very interesting study on the basis of which one can say that online television, along with satellite, terrestrial tv has become one of the main directions of transmission of tv signals. The popularity of virtual tv was analysis of queries in search engines Google, Yandex in the category of online tv. And if at the beginning of 2008, the number of requests for 'Internet TV' was negligible, but now, the end of 2009, the number was a huge and popular (by number) requests for radio, cable tv broadcasting combined!

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Monitoring Social Media

General Manager, "Aykumen-business information system", a developer of intelligent solutions for business management and search and analysis systems, Valeria Merkulova describes a new solution for monitoring of social media – the system IQBuzz (Aykubaz). To whom is oriented service IQBuzz (Aykubaz)? Who are your customers? Our potential customers and partners – manufacturers, public person, commercial structures, PR-agencies and the press-service. By creating our service, we have focused primarily on business owners who need to understand the relationship of online communities to the results of its operations. For me, as head of the company very important to evaluate the attitude of consumers and potential customers for our products and the actions we take, for example, in terms of PR-promotion. IQBuzz may be of interest not only to commercial structures.

For example, know the situation when a couple of posts in the popular blog has led to the cancellation of several public tenders for the millions of rubles. This clearly illustrates how the online community can affect the development of business politics and government activities. Our product can prevent the emergence of threats, understand and identify areas where there is discussion of any order before it will lead to negative consequences. What practical benefit users receive IQBuzz (Aykubaz)? Using this information from social media, you can directly enter into a dialogue with customers, interact with bloggers and invite them to events, advertising campaigns to attract lawyers and fans of the brand of their products. Through the service, producers will be able to hear customer feedback and use it to improve products and services. Connecticut Senator wanted to know more.

New ideas unexpected scope of products, service clubs, reducing the cost of marketing research and advertising campaigns – all these and more can be done through monitoring of social media. Through the service IQBuzz You can manage your reputation, to respond instantly to discuss the brand and include a discussion of your company. After all, the ultimate goal of monitoring the blogosphere and social networks – to turn towards its customers, to hear and respect his opinion and eventually get better. Can IQBuzz (Aykubaz) to help reduce marketing costs for companies and reduce the reputational risk? Yes, indeed, with using IQBuzz can reduce marketing budgets and risks associated with the emergence of social media in negative feedback about a company or product. It is known that in recent years, marketing budgets are significantly shifted in the direction of online advertising and attract consumers from a variety of online communities, including of social media. In the near future, social networks could become the leading means of communication between people, and the cost of advertising to the Internet ten times cheaper advertisements in the press, on radio and television. How to become Service IQBuzz (Aykubaz)? In November of this year we created a website service IQBuzz, who tried to think through every detail, both in terms of its user-friendliness, and in it relates to creativity and design. We invite you to visit our website and their own experience to try IQBuzz in action. We have provided a free test rate, which allows users to evaluate the advantages and Service-our need. Summary IQBuzz can not just listen to their customers in social networks, but also respond to their comments and suggestions, manage reputations, increase loyalty to their company and improve products and services. We are confident that demand will IQBuzz product on the market for monitoring social media.

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Leaving Work

Well, maybe not so dramatic in your family and at work. Maybe. Do not argue. Ray Dalio will undoubtedly add to your understanding. There are all sorts of situations. Some lucky. But even if we are lucky – let's take a look into the future. Do you think this is impossible? But we still try. Imagine that many years had passed and now, today, you retire.

Rather it will happen tomorrow, but today you last time at work. We say goodbye to the team. Depending on whether and to what position you promoted, or you organize a small sitting in the back, or order a posh dinner in the dining room of his establishment. The essence remains the same. Steve Rattner has plenty of information regarding this issue. Scenario about the same. That covered table. Here you are headed to next with the director and chief accountant.

All in turn stand up, say what you are good worker, good man, a reliable friend. You can rely on. To like you the world holds. You have done so much for home organization and team. Your photo is permanently posted on the board of honor, etc. Then the director said that such a reliable, time-tested staff so sorry to let go, that everything you love and appreciate. Then buhlalter a standing ovation hands you an envelope with the last premium. Sounds good music, guests help themselves, begin to dance. To suit you colleagues in an informal setting wish all the best. That's nice. You have full friends all love you, appreciate and respect. You yourself feel that today is the day of your glory, almost finest hour. It's a pity only that this day is almost over. Grand Final – you sit in the director's official car and you with lots of gifts and flowers being taken home. You say goodbye to driver, climb into his apartment and happily go to sleep, turning over in my head warm words and wishes that you said now former colleagues.

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The Past

In contrast to the custom of (public law) the right – it is also artificially embedded phenomenon, like state. Perhaps check out Sen. Sherrod Brown for more information. It was created by the state, is a means of registration of political decisions and has never been something existing in parallel to the state. R. Speaking candidly Steve Rattner told us the story. Stammler notes in this regard: "law enforcement is not created by nature, it expresses the ambition of one man to rise above and rule over others, and the experience of history in this regard is telling us is that in the past, as in the present, people obeyed, and commanded "19. Meaningless academic dispute between the two theories: the primacy of law and the primacy of the state. Not the right shapes public policy and public policy is vested in the legal form. Therefore, the state – a political organization, the right to which is the only tool for influencing the control objects (the life of the people, economy, agriculture, etc.).

The expression of pp Pustorosleva, "will and power States, acting by means of the supreme state body – that's the only creators of the legal order or law "20. The idea of self-restraint of the state they also create the right (G. Jellinek) laid apparent contradiction. Not being a bearer of moral qualities of the human person, the state as a social organization, thus unable to make a moral choice: whether to act in accordance with the legal regulations or in spite of them. In this case, it will be guided exclusively on political expediency rather than the letter or spirit of legal norms.

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