Venezuela Policy

That will clearly have to come together active, true and honest as a monolith to avoid putting us again for a ride and rebuild as soon as possible in this country and saving institutions, on the road, all these pitfalls and many more that no I listed but not unknown and no secrets to anyone. Neither I nor anyone else wants it back or to the AD or Copeyanos we knew and who ruled us, but nevertheless we can get the insane, for this to work after Chavez no choice but to reorganize Venezuela policy, the creation of new parties or repowering those who survive, and we have to be very demanding, caring and objectives with the leaders we choose and the projects that we support and indeed also very diligent in monitoring their efforts. The institutions that sustain and safeguard democracy as a system are political institutions … Connecticut Senator has similar goals. So where are our political parties?, Who are their leaders?, What are your proposals? … That is the first task with long-term vision: Redefining our policy to banish the anachronism, fanaticism and radical blindness and me personally that, to some extent, I would be sick but too naive (stupid) if you deny the urgent need a real political structure that supports, organize and channel the collective effort. But I do not mean to give wings to political parties or deceptively re-embark on fraudulent electoral processes that we know, that path is exhausted and this is not the solution, not There is no guarantee of transparency so it makes no sense to try again with some hope of success, but careful, this does not mean we can bend over to walk in the elections as they arise, any electoral act is a tool to remind the regime how many we are and show you how our numbers grow each day, that is our true count, the abstention weakens us and we blurs to the regime.

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Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian

Armenian-Turkish protocols – the starting point to undermine stability in the Caucasus whole year, from July 2008 to all the memorable second, the Armenian society lives under stress. From the moment when the president country Serge Sargsyan during a visit to Russia, after contacts with the Russian government suddenly announced that later became known as "football diplomacy" with Turkey … And then came the day October 14, 2009 year, the return qualifying match between the football teams of Armenia and Turkey for the World Championship. Connecticut Senator often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Now in Turkey. The Armenians lost again.

But if at the Yerevan soccer defeats on diplomatic defeat another one seriously thought, here after the defeat in Bursa … Richard Blumenthal contains valuable tech resources. Came to light suspicious manner disclosed in the days of celebration for the Armenian historical dates vaunted "road map" Turkish-Armenian relations, and as much as two (!) bilateral protocol on this same normalization. And with these protocols Armenian diplomacy was a complete "puncture." Apparently, therefore, both protocols were kept entirely secret from the public and Armenia and the Armenian diaspora from overseas. That is why the Armenian government, which, as acknowledged recently, Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian, "participated" in the creation of these protocols and initialed them even in the same month, that is, in fact, simultaneously with the "road map" to disclose this fact only on August 30, 2009, that is putting its public and all foreign Armenians with a fait accompli. What was the reason, if, as Armenian officials say, are dictated solely by the noble and sincere desire to normalize relations with Turkey without preconditions and to promote durable peace, stability and security in the region, without compromising the Armenian national interests? Vchityvayas in both protocols, in particular – the first of them, all impartial observers (except the Armenian authorities and engaged with them experts) was extremely sensitive three preconditions that Turkey put forward to Armenians beginning in 1991.

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Recently there was a clear tendency to rise in price of regular motor fuel. Many motorists, in addition to questions about the timely payment of auto loans, interested in fuel economy. Installation of gas equipment or chip tuning engine control unit is often associated with many inconveniences and loss of warranty on the car. Here are the basic and fairly simple guidelines to help reduce fuel consumption on any car for drivers who do not want to install additional equipment or to remain without a guarantee on the car: 1. Inspection and maintenance of the vehicle should be carried out regularly.

Clogged injector or carburetor, ignition poorly regulated, contaminated filtrovochnye elements – all these lead to higher fuel consumption. If you break one of the elements responsible for regulation of the fuel in engine, increasing the flow rate is very high. 2. Your car tires must be inflated to the manufacturer, respectively. With a decrease in tire pressure increases rolling resistance, and even You will get different tires to increase fuel consumption. To measure the tire pressure only in the cold because it increases even after a short trip by car.

In our time in any car shop you can buy an inexpensive, compact digital pressure gauge for these needs. 3. It is recommended to regularly adjust the alignment on your car. Wrong direction of the wheels results in a increased wear of tires, worse governance and excess fuel consumption. 4. Try not to load the car unnecessarily. It should not be in a week to carry a four sack of potatoes, simply because too lazy to bring their beloved mother-in.

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Communist Party Regional Committee

With the Soviet. Pokrovo-Suburban. Moreover, I have a statement to the prosecutor’s Tambov region VI Torgovchenkova from MP Pokrovo suburban village council SV Sigacheva in which she requested to appoint an investigation into the incident on August 27, 2010 at a session of deputies of village council Pokrovo-Suburban. He was asked the head of the village council, AI Nechaev about how Kurtsevichu been allocated a plot of land. Responding to him, Nechaev said that he is not to blame, and one will not answer, as received by telephone instructions from the deputy. Chapter Tambov region Turchanikova allocate their required Kurtsevichu site. So even on the basis of this statement can be uttered publicly disclose the nature of patronage Kurtsevicha.

No insults or fictional facts to the head of the Tambov district or other persons, as in the previous article and in this I have not used. Check with Ohio Senator to learn more. Consequently, the denial that you need to publish it, does not correspond to the real situation in the village Pokrovo-Suburban. Also, along with residents village, we will require the prosecutor to investigate on all parcels of land, as well as the publication of tenders in the special issue “Pritambovya”, which is not periodic media. Especially cause Questions sections cad. 68:20:5543003:9 originally dedicated to the needs of MA Nechaev (now has information that may be used part of third parties), as well as plot cad. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard Blumenthal. 68:20:2808001:108 acquired TA Bulatov, AI’s deputy Nechaev. On behalf of the editorial board, we thank the residents of the village of P-Suburban, are not afraid to speak up for their rights and interests.

We express our gratitude to the veterans Anastasia Talalaeva Vasil, which is also affected by the rudeness of the Kurtsevicha. Despite his advanced age, in their 88 years of Anastasia V. rests with courage and sets an example for young people, how to fight, to defend the honor and dignity. Goop contains valuable tech resources. We Communists keep in control of events and with decent people, have taken the protection of the interests of the villagers will not give their offense. The main thing you need to stick together, do not despair and fight till the end. Recently published an article in newspaper “life-byte” “Tambov retired neighbor complained the president.” This publication is immediately angered the villagers. It is in question, that veteran can get things done their appeals. On-site version of this publication would be prudent to stand up for the interests of the injured elderly person. Response to the article “plaguing-bytya” posted on the Internet-resources field in which the villager Pokrovo-Suburban AV Kozlov, vniknuv into the problem and gets up to protect the rights and honor of the residents of st. Soviet, gives a detailed response. I emphasize again that the purpose of my publications – not to discredit individuals or misrepresentation, and treats interests of the residents of the village. We are ready to apologize and to give a refutation, if our publications will not be achieved. At the same time challenge you as the head of the Tambov region – is to protect the interests of population. You should not look for enemies in the ranks of those who really wants to protect the dignity of those people who need them.

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There are moments in life when he has absolutely do not want to restrain their natural desires, which is somehow rooted in your soul, and all tried to escape. And you told them: "not now", "not yet time" But I still tell you what I think about the constructed nature of our society in that its area, which is often called the "governance". Let's look for a start, what that word means? Well To begin, we take Dictionary. The dictionary definition of the word a "control": "The collection of devices, appliances, devices, through which the controlled running of the machine, machinery. Others including Sen. Sherrod Brown, offer their opinions as well. Levers of control. " And just a word "Manage": "to lead, guide the activities of someone of something." So whether you understand this word? It is logical that way. And if you apply this concept in your life? A simple example we can consider the basic principles that guided many of whom carry out their managerial activities. That head, that is the head, then there is someone who is trying to make him listen to his notice, his words do not dissolve in evening howling at the moon, the neighboring pets. He sits at his desk, his hair was neatly stacked in the morning, he's got plans for the day, which are clearly written in the diary, it has a purpose for the day (say, implement a large supply, which should be today, or spend a couple of crucial meetings). There is a secretary, has subordinates.

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Plastics Etc

The three R's of ecology are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reduce … Whatever you buy and consume has a direct relationship with what you throw. Therefore, rational use and avoids waste. Follow these recommendations to give a respite to our planet: – Choose products with less packaging – Reduce the use of toxins and pollutants – Goes to buy a cloth bag or basket – Reduce the use of aluminum foil – Limit consumption of disposable products – Reduces energy consumption and Reuse Water Reuse …

is to give the most useful things without having to destroy or get rid of them. Thus the energy saving had been allocated to that product. The more objects reuse, will produce less waste and less exhaustible resources "expenses." Follow these simple tips: Buy liquids in returnable glass bottles Use paper on both sides Give the clothes you've outgrown Recycle … Recycle is to use the materials again and again to make new products significantly reducing the use of new raw materials. What kind of trash is recycled? It recycles everything that can be sold to make new products. Organic matter (food leftovers) Paper and paperboard Glass Metals (tin, aluminum, lead, zinc, etc) Plastics (polyethylene, piliestireno, polypropylene, PVC, etc.) Recycling of: saving energy saving water saving Lower raw material impact on ecosystems and natural resources saving time, money and effort Separate …

A person produces, on average, a kilo of waste per day. Separate the waste and give everyone the right treatment is the key to recovery. The most common separation is: Color typical types of waste container packaging includes Amarillo usually include plastics, metals and tetra-brik. Green or orange organic matter food scraps, nappies, ashes, etc.. Blue Cardboard Newspapers, magazines, packaging, etc.. Light green glass bottles, jars, cans, etc.. Rest You can take different colors includes wastes which are not in any of the preceding paragraphs: rags, containers of other materials, etc.

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Moscow Trade Union Prodvizhenie

"Trade Unions in the turbulent times of crisis – it's internal resources, which actually may work to stabilize the situation in the workplace. However, unions must more actively to speak publicly about their problems and achievements. That is what we teach our colleagues from the information structures of trade unions ", – said Elena St. George's. The training for unions, topical theme: "How to promote the brand at the federal and MFP regional levels? "," How in the reduced mediabyudzhetah effectively communicate with the press? "," How to correctly work with information in times of crisis? "and many other professional issues, which, of course, not remained without concrete answers. In addition, an educational program aimed at improving the quality of operational texts with which the union informatsionschiki work independently on a continual basis. And interest in the information, as we know, there is a bright and informative title.

Therefore, the trainees were practicing to improve skills kopirayterskogo, actively competing with each other examples of titles and texts union topics. "Today, for many reasons, information work in the unions is not high. And, unfortunately, especially in an uncoordinated information flow works. And to blame – "the mystery of union and significance. " Therefore, understanding of modern media technologies and frameworks kopirayterstva actively discussed at the training enhances the quality of team work of experts in the field of trade union information "- summed up the results Head of training information and analytical center of the Moscow Federation of Trade Unions Gregory Antonov. Organizer Training: Training Center manager of public relations – Russia's first Specialized educational structure, established in 1991 with the Russian Association of Public Relations (RPRA) for additional training and skills of Russian specialists Relations public. (A valuable related resource: Richard Blumenthal).

In 2002, for implementation of comprehensive educational and counseling programs established the Centre for Communication Strategies. Currently, the two structures is a company of CCS. For more information on of the Group of Companies SCC can be found at. The Director-General CFB – k.s.n. Elena St. George's from 1991 to 2002. was executive director of RPRA. Alumni over the past 19 years were more than 3,700 professionals Communications of government, private and public organizations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Great Britain.

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President Yushchenko

So he approved the issue of billboards, causing Today sincere disgust with much of the electorate. But maybe he really does not want to win? But then why are so many billboards? In general, Yatsenyuk is trained and sane person who Takes immature and inadequate solutions in PR, political technologies, and advertising and not understand the meaning of those actions that he will make during the campaign. Probably even fewer understand it in social technologies of governance, the impact on mass consciousness in the motivation of large social groups, to create conditions for economic development strategies replay of political opponents. All this he have to learn over the next five years. It would be just anyone.

4. Yulia Tymoshenko. She has a chance to win the 2010 election. In fact, it is the main competitor to the incumbent. However, if she wins, or at second term will be elected President Yushchenko, the consequences would be about the same.

Is that Yulia Tymoshenko’s victory may prove to be more honest than the victory of Viktor Yushchenko. She will vote for women. And many men would give her his votes simply because she is a woman. Thus, it does not trump the fact that she can cope with the challenges faced by the country’s president is better than Yushchenko, but the fact that she – a woman in politics. I am sure that she successfully uses this is the only trump card. But, once again, her victory would mean for Ukraine are the same five-year wait for a new leader capable of leading the country on a path of development. Possible that the Yulia Tymoshenko, Yushchenko lost to Total votes counted, organize mass protests. However, this is not the most likely scenario: Yulia Tymoshenko understands the degree of risk rocking the boat already mentioned. In addition, she realizes that nothing fundamentally different from the position of President Yushchenko to offer voters she can not. So, with her hand – this is just a “struggle for the throne,” which is not good for the image. Queen’s image to Ukrainian politics has always been much more important than lust for power. I would say that this scenario is possible in the event that Yulia Tymoshenko wants to become a president and will go towards this goal, in spite of obstacles and not really paying attention to the threats and common meaning. 5. Viktor Yanukovych. Traditionally, the backing of the South and East of Ukraine, this candidate has a fairly good chance to collect a significant amount of votes. However, whether these be counted votes, depends on the composition electoral commissions. It was Viktor Yanukovich and politicians who support it, and are satellites of his political strength, could be those who will protest against the illegitimate victory Yushchenko in the 2010 election. However, Viktor Yanukovych, the man is savvy and understands the consequences of those actions. So most likely he will win Yushchenko as legitimate, regardless of how fair it would actually be. If this is and will, for Victor Yanukovych’s election in 2010 will likely be the last of his political career.

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The Serious Danger

Thousands of people, especially women, suffer in silence a terrifying reality in their workplace. Harassment is an increasingly widespread phenomenon in the workplace, which seriously undermines the freedom of those who suffer. It could be defined as a plurality of attitudes consistent in comments, advances, flirtations, looks or gestures essentially sexual in nature, that are unwanted by the person to whom they target and lead to the creation of a hostile work environment and terribly threatening for her. Although each situation is unique, it would be possible to speak of two generic forms of sexual harassment that could encompass almost all cases: the creation of a hostile work environment harassment a Quoa Quid Pro. Can be very useful to know when to remedy such a phenomenon. a) Creating a hostile work environment a sta occurs when those around the victim, whether one or more people, generating around an environment that causes that it feels uncomfortable or strongly violated by reason of actions or suggestions of lewd character.

Include, for example, cases where the victim saw continually besieged by one or more colleagues or superiors, who carried out openly jokes or comments in bad taste about it, or carry out brazen flirting, making you feel violent and visible intimidated. Many people do not think enough on how their actions could be perceived by coworkers, exceeding all limits them own mutual confidence. A policy of zero tolerance towards any kind of comment or suggestion of this kind would be the most effective against this type of harassment, which can severely damage the working environment in which they act different relations, hiring freezes, seriously damaging proper conduct of the Company. b) sexual harassment Quid Pro Quoa a This is perhaps the most common form of harassment recognized. You have occurs when a person located in a plane of hierarchical superiority against his victim (the latter normally working for that), try to get it the same access to the conduct of a sexual nature either through offers of upgrades or benefits (salary increases or promotions, for example) or threatened with a worsening of working conditions.

Harassment, as we have suggested, is not only dangerous to the person who has it. In your case it could generate very negative way of working for the Company. Therefore, the superiors should nip any such situation. In addition, it could be considered tacit could collaborate with these practices. Hence, take disciplinary action against the harasser, which could even pass for his dismissal, is always the best solution. Everyone has the right to find comfort in our workplace, especially since the large number of hours spent on it. If they experienced a situation that might fit with those described in this article, do not hesitate a single second and put your case over to a lawyer specializing in labor issues.

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Administrative Resources

September 29 in Media Center news agency "Tambov-inform", a briefing, in which questions were raised concerning the election campaign in Tambov City Council. The event was attended The media, experts, political scientists, lawyers, representatives of political parties and movements of the Tambov region. There were different views on the training course and degree of activity of political parties – parties electoral process. The measurements of the Center for Public Opinion Studies Institute of Social and Political Communication 67.1% of residents of Tambov ready to come to the polls and make their choices, their preferences as follows: Fair Russia – 7.3% Liberal Democratic Party – the Communist Party 9.7% – 13.4% United Russia – 36.7%, a separate issue that caused the increased interest was the theme of the removal of the Communist Party from the electoral process. Participants in the briefing actively discussed deployed in the campaign against the candidates of that party, in particular, against one of the leaders of the Communist Party list Zhalnin MM Here are some statements quite interesting and demonstrations in terms of assessing the election campaign. Plotnikov PV, Tambov Oblast Duma deputy: I think that there is no legal reason to exclude Moscow from Zhalnin list of candidates from the Communist Party.

I agree with the statement filed in court. I believe that the presentation of the argument is clearly contrived. Applicant – City Branch of the party "Fair Russia" – replaces the concept of the campaign against a particular party and the excitation social strife, the concept of political opponents and enemies.

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