Brazilians Politics

A conjuncture analysis is a dynamic picture of a reality and allows to understand the relations between the parts that they form all, therefore the totality is a set of multiple determination. To follow, ideas on the 0 variable will be presented under the prism of the author that intervene with the current conjuncture of the Country. First, of the point of view politician, some situations throughout the last years had evidenced that the Brazilian scene is marked by great instability and scandals involving parliamentarians of some parties, causing an enormous discredit before the Brazilian society, harming the image of institutions politics of the Country and motivating popular manifestations organized by diverse sectors and social segments. (Similarly see: Amazon). Also it is possible to affirm that the great divergence of ideas (ideologies) and of partisan interests it creates serious delays in the process of voting of some projects of national interest, placing many times in doubt the degree of comprometimento of the classroom politics with the problems and yearnings of the Brazilians in general. Moreover, the unfamiliarity of the origins and the bias politician of the parties on the part of most of the voters and the lack of relative culture to Sciences Politics in Brazil create favorable conditions so that people with little or no professional intellectual qualification/in this area of the Knowledge and without vision of State occupy position of high representation, benefited for such deficiencies and using itself of speeches, projects and promises to take care of and/or to improve the basic necessities of the great mass of the population, which, when carried through, they are considered as measured palliative for such yearnings. Still in this context, she has been raised in some situations where referring subjects to the National Politics are debated by specialists the necessity of the Reformation Politics in the Country, with intention to improve the national electoral system and to provide to better conditions to the classroom politics in to point and to present solutions for the national strategical problems.

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Big Bang

If exists the Planet Land with some districts, states, countries and beautiful metropolises, as will not have other planetary and celestial worlds? Perhaps you know how many countries are part of the ONU? Established in 1945 after World War II, it initiated with 51 countries, today, however, more than 180 countries is part of it, also our Brazil. If it cannot place lesser God of what a Planetary Christ, and this minor of what a governor of a country land. PREDESTINOLD TO the EVIL If the Satan it is a set of intelligent beings in the meat or it are of it, that they use for the evil its potential, you cannot leave to exactly witness in the half land those rowdies who if set until teeth to try to destroy the Land: It has scientists that they only pass days and more days in the laboratoriais subsolos creating chemical weapons. E, after spending the governments billions of dollar in the construction of these warlike artifices, does not go to use them? In the other dimensions the fight is stopped for the defense of its formal plans against a mob that form rebellions wanting to possess itself of what it does not belong to it. Perhaps check out Amazon for more information. IN SIXTH STAMP Vi when the Lamb of God opened the sixth stamp, and that here it is sobreveio great earthquake. The sun if became black as a horsehair bag, the moon all as blood.

Apocalypse of Jesus According to Joo, CAP. 6:12. The ones that is dividing land into parcels the Moon, are not the fazedores of war? Peace is that they do not go to lead for the satellite of the Land. Also it is written in the Apocalypse of Jesus According to Joo, CAP. 8:7 and 8: Then it had fight in the sky. Miguel and its Angels had fought against the dragon.

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Rio De Janeiro

The cumulative effect of these changes arrives the point to make of proper poverty one of the flagelos greaters of the world. The commission concentrated its attention in some areas, elaborating politics lines of direction, that englobavam: population, security, to feed, extinguishing of species, human exhaustion of genetic resources, energy, industry and nestings. These lines of direction contained some recommendations, where all the areas if established connection and they could not be treated separately. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit novelist. Such initiatives had finished generating plus a meeting, Conferencia them United Nations on the Environment and Development, called ECO-92 or River 92, organized for the ONU (Organization them United Nations), and carried through in Rio De Janeiro in the year of 1992. According to Martins (1995, P. 47): During some meeting one argued on the environment and its relations with the development, disclosing itself clearly that poverty and ambient degradation then closely related, and that the standards of production and consumption must mainly be modified, in what it says respect to the industrialized countries. Agenda 21, result of this meeting is considered as a strategical program, of universal reach, and that objective to reach the sustainable development in century XXI.

It reflects a consensus and a commitment world-wide politician, in what environment says respect to the questions involving, economic growth and international cooperation. As much the Declaration of Rio De Janeiro on Environment and Development, as Agenda 21, adopted in elapsing of the accomplishment of the Conference of United Nations on Environment and Desenvolvimento (ECO-92), represents a referencial landmark of the effort expended for countries of everybody, to identify actions that conjugate development with protection and preservation of the environment. The Declaration of Rio De Janeiro on the Environment and Development consecrated the principles of International the Enviromental law, translated in the sovereign right that it withholds States in exploring and using its resources in accord with its proper ambient politics; in the international responsibility for damages that exceed the borders of the countries; in the obligation to develop the international law in the field of the responsibility and to adopt an ambient legislation of application more effective; in the duty to cooperate with the too much States, in the defense of the environment and to solve all pacifically the possible international ambient controversies, that can appear future.

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Emilio Pucci

Of certain form, Italian designer revolutionized the fashion of years 1950 with an unknown concept of the union between the formal suit and the esportivo suit. Its intention was to free the woman of the heavy and bothering clothes, facilitating day-by-day of that they started to enter in the work market. It already if had become, still in the years of 1950, a phenomenon of fashion, as much in the Europe how much of the other side of the ocean. Figura1: Print of Emilio Pucci. Source: . In accordance with LACERDA (2008), in 1951, Pucci came back toward Florena and made its first parade. The scene could not be more perfect: palace of the family, who if also transformed into its ateli and the headquarters in grife.

Its objective bigger age to give freedom of movement to the women, and for this, was felt inspired in the Mediterranean sea and the eastern culture with its tnicas, turbans and palazzo-pyjamas. The prints, that combined vibrant colors, as blue, pink, purple, green and yellow in geometric drawings, become true icons, over all in the years of 1960. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Amazon. It is not to toa that Pucci was known as ' ' Prince of estampas' '. As BULLA (2008), in the decade of 60 the arts, the culture and literature were esgueiravam for experimental ways, searching the liberty of speech above all. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Motown and Andy Warhol had been the pioneers of these changes. These revolutionary airs had also dominated the fashion.

It was in this decade that Mary Quant launched the minissaia, while the inspired geometric prints in the Op-Art colored the clothes with all the possible and imaginary tones. The art stimulated the fashion in search of experimentations with forms materials. This was the time of the psicodelismo and op-art. Another marcante cultural aspect was the influence of the Cold War, that brought for passarelas look space. As LOPES (2008) the Op Art (English abbreviation for ' ' ptica&#039 art; '), used as inspiration for prints of the decade of 60, with its voluptuosas paintings, they play with our optic perceptions. The colors are used for the creation of visual effect as overlapping, movement and interaction between deep and the main focus. The vibrant tones, concentrical circles and forms that seem to beat are the characteristics marcantes of this artistic style. With virtual movements, using plain objects and geometric forms. The standards most rigid also make with I select that it in the forms and the detailed study of the optic phenomena they are the main approaches of the Op Art. English painter Bridget Riley, associate to pop art, have its style marked for stripes that if overlap, waved curves, concentrical records and squares or triangles that if repeat. Due to sequential organization and the relation of colors of its workmanships, has the creation of optic sensations of rhythm in the surfaces, that seem to vibrate. Figura2: Bridget Riley, Descending, 1965. Source: . Use of these forms and others had been sufficient

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Russian Federation

In this situation continues the scientific search for explanations of what is happening at the federal and regional level events. Readings dedicated AS Yashchenko – an attempt of the scientific community of the South of Russia not only pay tribute to the unfairly forgotten in the history of a bright and talented person, but an effort to recognize his scientific legacy, which can be defined the theoretical basis of the pressing issues of Russian statehood. So far, none Russian scientist has not made more than Yashchenko contribution to the theory of federalism. If we assume that one of the founding fathers of the modern Russian state, such as R. Abdulatipov or multiple graduate students still read his fundamental work "The Theory of Federalism," we are dealing with a mildly historical and scientific fraud findings Yashchenko. No ideas, AS Yashchenko and in the anthology "Legal Thought", which appeared in 2003 year. I did not notice the main reasons Yashchenko and graduate of Moscow State University E. Kochetkov, in his article "Federalism in the Russian Empire: The Idea and Practice" in the magazine "Herald of the Russian nation ( 2 in 2009), as did the finding that the vast most of the ideas of Russian thinkers were converted to create a federation of Slavic nations and peoples.

Maybe he did, but these findings have not been editor of one of the founders of the magazine – Academician V. Tishkov, who gave a definition of Russian statehood, "Russia – a nation-state with a multi-ethnic Russian nation, which was based on Russian culture and language, which includes representatives of other Russian nations (peoples). " But this is absurd! There is a culture, a language, but not their support. And when the support of Russian culture and language went into a concrete image of a Russian teacher from the mountainous regions of Dagestan, multilingual, the individual villages suddenly found that in the literal sense of not understanding each other. In spite of the doctrine of Caucasian civilization. I do not want followers Tishkov and notice that the name of the country, "Russian Federation" is translated from English as a "Russian Federation", because the word "Rashn" is translated only as "Russian." Assuming the adrenaline rush of critics of "imperial thinking," I want to draw their attention to the forgotten fact of history. Recently became known text of the speech delivered by AS Yashchenko in 1911 at the World Congress of the races in London. For more specific information, check out Amazon. Honor to represent Russia at the congress, attended by more than three thousand people, Yashchenko shared with Tolstoy.

Here's a quote: "The global revolution in Each year brings more and more people and nations. Miscegenation is inevitable, whether we like it or not, but we must take all measures to this confusion was the most painless … In the great struggle between east and west to the genius Russia, apparently, fell the role of peacemaker, the executor of the higher synthesis … All the pain, the painful disorder, disorganization, and persistent attempts, which is full of life of Russian people, as well as its achievements and approval achieved positions are the results of a middle position of Russia. " Yashchenko not use the term "human rights", but, honestly, in the "humanitarianism" is not inferior to modern human rights defenders. One can agree or not disagree with the conclusions of A. Yashchenko, but conceal, distort or interpret them for the sake of political expediency has no rights. That same law, the existence of which in his philosophical views, AS Yashchenko not thought without morals.

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Tax Code

Discovery of documents not related to the purpose test, it is illegal. Moreover, according to Art. 98 of the Tax Code are not allowed to participate as witnesses, employees of tax authorities (Decision of FAS from 11.04.2002 N A12-13738/2000-S25). Limiting the tax authority in the course of tax audit of its subject matter in order to justify the finding of underreporting VAT payer only by comparing data from registers and accounting information included in this tax return, without studying the relevant primary documents is a violation of Art. 87, 89, 100 of the Tax Code provisions and regulations of the Russian Federation Ministry of Taxation on the procedure making the act of tax inspection (Resolution of the Federal SFR from 02.09.2002 N A13-5933/00-14).

Violation of the tax authority of two months of Art. 89 of the Tax Code does not constitute grounds for the recognition of evidence obtained by the tax authority in terms of a tax audit, obtained outside of the test, provided that disputed documents were entered on the tax audit and the taxpayer has had the opportunity to get acquainted with them and present their objections (Resolution of the Federal SFR from 10.09.2002 N A56-4346/02). Changing the skill of illegal actions of the taxpayer in re-issued on a tax authority decision to prosecute, as compared with the qualifications of the initial decision, whether under the current tax rules legislation, nor the general principles of administrative law (Decree of the Central Organ of the FAS 01.10.

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Middle Ages

There are two main types of sculpture: a round sculpture, which is freely placed in space, and topography, where the image is located on the plane, which forms its backdrop. By the works of the round sculpture normally requiring the circular view, include: a statue (the figure in the growth), group (constituting a single unit, two or more pieces), the statuette (the figure is much smaller than actual size), torso (image of the human torso), bust (bust of a man). Landforms vary depending on its purpose and position in the architectural plane (fascia, front track, canopy, etc.). Height and depth images subdivided into low reliefs – bas-relief, high – high relief, in-depth and kontrrelefy. Content and features a sculpture is divided into monumental-decorative easel and the so-called small-scale sculpture. Although these variety of sculpture developed in close collaboration, each of them has its own peculiarities.

Monumental and decorative sculpture designed for specific architectural and spatial or natural environment. It has a pronounced social character, addressed to the masses of spectators, is housed primarily in public places, streets and city squares, in parks, on the facades and interiors of public buildings. Monumental and decorative sculpture is intended to specify the architectural image, add to the expressiveness of architectural forms with new shades. The ability of monumental and decorative sculptures to solve large ideological and imaginative problem with special fullness revealed in the works, which are called monumental, and are commonly referred city of monuments, memorial buildings. Skulpturs not directly is connected with the architecture, the halls of exhibitions, museums, residential interiors, where it can be viewed up close and in detail, it is a common medium. Thus defines the features of the plastic language of sculpture, its size, favorite genres (portrait, genre, nudes, animal genre). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with novelist.

Skulpturs to a greater extent than the monumental and decorative, are inherent interest in the inner world of man, thin psychology, narrative. Small sculptures include a wide range of products designed primarily for residential interiors, and largely closed with arts and crafts. Go to small sculptures also belong to the coin medals and gems. Purpose and content of works of sculpture determine the nature of its plastic structure, while she, in turn, influences the selection of a sculptural material. Of natural features and processing methods the latter largely depends on technique of sculpture. Soft material (clay, wax, clay, etc.) are used for modeling, with the most commonly used tools are wire rings and stacks. Substances liable to move from liquid to solid (various metals, plaster, concrete, plastic, etc.) are used for casting sculptures with the help of specially prepared forms. To play sculptures in metal, also resorted to electroforming. In the form of unmelted metal for sculptures is processed by forging and stamping. To create a ceramic sculpture used special types of clay, which is usually covered with painted or colored glaze and fired in special kilns. Color in the sculpture found a long time: a well-known painted sculpture of antiquity, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque. Sculptors 19-20 centuries. generally satisfied natural color of the material, resorting to appropriate only to its one-color tint, tone. Schematically, the process of creating sculptural works can be separated into several stages: modeling (plasticine or clay), sketch and sketch from nature, making the frame for the dealer sculpture or a shield for the relief (iron rods, wire, nails, wood), work on a rotating machine or vertically fortified shield over the model in a given size, making a clay model in plaster with the help of 'black' or 'lump' form, casting, metal stamping, followed by; platinirovka or touch-up sculptures.

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