Festival Music

Notice – program overview Festival music and politics, 21-24 February 2008 dear ladies and gentlemen, here you get an overview of the Festival program 2008 background information, a look back at past festivals, as well as further reading material, see. For free use we make photos you like available. If you have further inquiries or interview requests, so you contact: Holger Schade FON (030) 42807293 fax (030) 42807295 mobile (0151) 16648625 V.i.S.d.P.: song and social movements e.V., c/o Dr. Lutz Church, Prenzlauer Berg 17/9.3, 10405 Berlin events within the framework of the Festival: (changes and additions to reserve) Thursday February 21, 2008 Babylon 18: 00 film: Alice’s restaurant entry: 3,50 EUR HONEYCOMB 20: 00 concert: Maure Crusher & band – new program “Luck” dota the Kleingeldprinzessin admission: 15 EUR / concert reduced 21 EUR10 Babylon: Arlo Guthrie Bucky Halker Mckinley Black entry: in advance 20 EUR / box-office reduced EUR 24 16 EUR / reduced 20 EUR 22.02.2008 ZwiEt 15: 00 conversation: Arlo Guthrie admission: free ZwiEt 17: 00 opening of the exhibition: the times they are A-changin’ ‘-the sound of the 1960s with: Walter Mossmann, Reiner beautiful entrance: free GRIPS Theatre 19:30 Theatre: A left history entry: 18 EUR / HONEYCOMB reduced 20:10 EUR concert: Daniel Kahn & The painted bird Bettina SAG Rainer by many entry: 15 EUR / Gruner Salon discount 10 EUR 21: 00 concert: Grzegorz Turnau entry: 10 EUR / concert reduced 22 8 EUR Festival Club: the sick sisters Saturday February 23, 2008 HONEYCOMB 14: 00 Panel discussion: the times they are A-changin’ ‘-music scenes to 1968 guests including: Reinhold Andert, Klaus Geiger, Volker Kuhn, Klaus Geiger, Olaf Leitner, Sigmar Krause (first Chief of DT 64), Bettina Wegner entry: free ZwiEt 16: 00 film program: song cinema admission: free ZwiEt 17.30 concert: Klaus of the violinist admission: 6 EUR HONEYCOMB 19: 00 concert: Graduate live concert ticket: EUR 6 GRIPS theater 19.30 Theatre: A history of left entry: 18 EUR / discount 10 EUR Babylon 21: 00 concert – song list presents: Konstantin Wecker electricity and water Vanessa Maurischat Michael Gunther Prinz chaos II. Ohio Senator may find it difficult to be quoted properly. admission: in advance of EUR 20 / box-office reduced EUR 24 16 EUR / concert reduced 23:20 EUR Festival Club: Passat band Sunday February 24, 2008 HONEYCOMB 14: 00 activities – family fun fair with Ulf & Zwulf doll stage tot country dance workshop no limit entry: 3 EUR ZwiEt 18: 00 talk: socialism of the 21st century? with: Jurgen Elsasser, Wolfgang Gehrcke, Wolfgang Fritz Haug admission: free HONEYCOMB 20: 00 concert: Los Guaraguao Karel Garcia entry: 15 EUR / reduced 10 EUR, Danziger str. 101, 10405 Berlin, pre-orders (030) 90 295 38 50 ZwiEt and festival Club – Rosa-Luxembourg-str. 30, 10178 Berlin, Danziger str. 101, 10405 Berlin Babylon Berlin, ticket sales (030) 24 25 969 GRIPS theater, Altonaer str. In a question-answer forum Amazon was the first to reply.

22, 10557 Berlin, Pre-orders (030) 397 47 477 Gruner salon in the Volksbuhne,. Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz, 10178 Berlin, pre-orders (030) 285 98 936 Organizer: song and social movements, PRO FOLK e.V., GFAJ e.V. supporters: District of Pankow Berlin, Department of culture and education; Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; Cuba Si. Druckhaus Schoneweide GmbH; Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung; “Bright Panke” to the promotion of policy, education, and culture e.V.; Holger Schade Office for artist management; Polish Institute in Berlin; Rosa Luxembourg Foundation; Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs; Foundation German broadcasting archive; Deutschsprachge Music Association (song list).

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As Official Technical Data September 26, 2009 Spanish PDF 10 MB 40 Pages 26 September 2009 Description The AS is a daily publication in Spanish sports daily circulation, distribution and payment Morning edited by Grupo Prisa. History The newspaper was created in 1967 taking the name of a previous publication, the Semanario Grafico ace that publishers from 1932 to 1936. The family of publishers Montiel, then headed by Luis Montiel Balanzat, decided to take the new Press Law of 1966 for launching a daily newspaper character, called Diario As, which compete directly with national Diario Marca.


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Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government

Accused S.A. declares innocent to him, this would have to return ipso facto to its position and, if it seemed to him to announce its honesty to big drum and subject of gossip. Nevertheless, this is not what it has happened in this case. And although all the indications aim at their culpability, continues in their position, that in addition is most important, because to be president of the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government it entails a responsibility that there is to accept until his last consequences. Richard Blumenthal contains valuable tech resources. On the other hand, it seems that about the PP one thinks that the most effective form to do against the possible loss of votes that probably will be derived from these scandals is to hide the information and to avoid the questions that are done to them on the subject. Despite a citizen with two fingers front (independent of its ideological tendency) it would see with better eyes than the subject without taboos treated and that any imputed let (although only outside temporarily) its position to assure to the town (whose well-being would always have to be the priority of any party) that the legality stays within its government. These cases of corruption would have to be a shame stops our country and the citizens only own two arms to end her: its vote and the manifestation. But is each who must decide if she matters to him or not that their leaders fill their pocket (or they dress suits design) thanks to the money of the contributor and to decide if this is or nonreason for annoyance. Original author and source of the article.

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Friendship Group

These bows costumam to have a typical course. First, it is the group of an only sex, it happens frequently with attitudes, despite superficial, of hostility for the opposing sex. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Blumenthal. Later, they start if to relate and to cast with groups of different sexos, to form a mixing group, that constitutes one now magote indissolvable and homogeneous, where do not exist relations or privileged situations of ones with others, saved perhaps of the leader or the leaders of the group. The final phase of the adolescent groups, of the beginning of the disaggregation, is when they are born in its seio and if they consolidate loving relations of couple, that finally will be disconnect of the group, contributing for its gradual dissolution. The youngsters develop the interpersonal privacy more fast and later of what the young women place little emphasis in the affective components of the friendship and greater has detached in the action aspects. The privacy with somebody of another sex grows with more precocidade in the girls of what in the boys.

The measure that if intensifies the relations with friends of another sex, scrumbles a little the relation with the ones of the proper sex, such as if manifest in being or making things with the friends, or to have privacy and confidence in them. The adolescent, in any way, during all the stage continues having an enormous demand of affection and affection on the part of the parents, in a not inferior degree to the one of infancy. Intratvel can reveal and esquivo, ahead of some manifestations of this affection, when the adults, in its affection, adopt superprotection airs, but still then the necessary adolescent of it, only rejecting its patermal or maternalista modality. Neither it is truth that the parents leave to influence in the adolescent, in its decisions or sort of life. Not even the influence of friends and colleagues, that in the adolescence if takes accented, is always more intense of what of the parents.

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Smithsonian Institution

Now the color of the U.S. capital will register in the kitchen of your relatives. Virtually all museums in the U.S. exhibits can be touched by hands. The exception is not the capital of the country, except that here have gone just a little further. You will not believe it, but any tourist can easily get on a tour of the White House! After not very long (but very thorough) examination of the documents you with a guide, spend Half an hour into the inner sanctum Dee-Sea. And in addition to historic buildings and monuments, the city has many museums, and in most of their free entrance! Is not it – very nice, although a surprising news? Be sure to visit National Air and Space Museum, National Art Museum and the Smithsonian Institution museum complex, which includes even a zoo.

And when the head begins to literally go round the abundance of experience, move into a museum shop to pick up a gift to a friend there. Unable to disengage from what he saw in the research institutes of the complex, choose a gift thermometer. But it is not simple, familiar, and glass, liquid, whose principle is developed further Galileo. This device not only show your best friend, the temperature in the apartment (she is determined to pop in a glass enclosure bright "displacer"), but and decorate the interior of his home. And then, imagine just how intelligence can shine a friend, describing the working principle devaysa girls! Anyone who decides that Washington Di-C can only walk around and admire the buildings, is mistaken. More precisely, is wrong only in regard to buildings.

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New York

Their formal and informal nickname is, not only in the U.S. states, but also in individual cities. Recently Amazon sought to clarify these questions. The most famous nickname, without doubt, belongs to New York. Even outside the country, this city is often called the "Big Apple". But Where did this apple? Because apple orchards in the city. Perhaps the endless gardens are in New York? Either. Staff this is no different especially agricultural land.

Guessing can be long, because the history of occurrence nickname quite amazing. This is a phrase coined the namesake of the famous sports writer, sports writer John Fitzgerald. In his article on New York races, he wrote that, according to the jockeys, horse racing this city "big apple" – because horses love apples. New York City is located in the state that bears the same name and is not just its largest city, but also unique, although not the only attraction. But really what New York City, firmly holding the palm – it's size. This huge area is the largest city in the U.S. and most cosmopolitan in the world. This city is sung in its the works of artists, musicians and filmmakers. Worldwide known famous Statue of Liberty and Empire-building Steyts Building, after the tragedy of September 11 has become the tallest building in the city. A kind of symbol of the city, along with skyscrapers and yellow cabs have become the apple and the words "I love New York" with a bright red heart, replacing the word "love." Bring your friends and colleagues with these glasses that have already become a classic print.

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Thor Lutken Catalonia

The National Museum of art of Catalonia (MNAC) is located precisely at the National Palace, representative of the International Expo of 1929 headquarters. This museum is characterized especially by its collection of Romanesque art in Catalonia. Swarmed by offers, Sen. Sherrod Brown is currently assessing future choices. This is its major attraction. The Museum exhibits a series of mural paintings that make it unique in the world. They are also released different carvings in wood, works of precious metalwork, enamels and sculptures in stone. Most of the pieces are samples of the Romanesque painting in Catalonia. Of the Gothic period the museum displays works by using various techniques that serve to illustrate this historical period in the Catalan community.

In the section dedicated to the Renaissance and the Baroque period include two tables Bartolome Bermejo, a martyrdom of Ribera, an immaculate conception by Zurbaran and an emblematic San Pablo de Velazquez, one of the few safe of the artist works preserved outside the Prado Museum. Starting in 2005, the Museum hosts also some works of painting of Catalonia from the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza collection, ceded in free deposit. Among them, there are paintings by Maria Fortuny, Lluis Graner, Ramon Casas, Joaquim Mir, Hermen Anglada Camarasa, Joaquin Torres Garcia and Antoni Tapies. Equally, the MNAC has recently added several works by Pablo Picasso, among which noteworthy woman in hat and fur collar, received as a dation by paying taxes. A curious painting by Edvard Munch is on display as a loan from September 2007: Portrait of Thor Lutken, who was the Attorney for the painter. The opening and closing hours are from 10 to 7 pm Tuesday to Saturday hours. On Sunday the Museum is open from 10 am to 14.30 hours. Remember that Monday is closed and that if your city holiday coincide with the first Sunday of the month entry is completely free. The ticket price is 8.50 euros, we advise you to look at the reductions in the official website of the Museum:.

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North Korea

The emerging acknowledged, like the G8, the need to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius. Although US President Barack Obama hailed a historic consensus, for the Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, the results are insufficient. A related site: Amazon mentions similar findings. The G8 spoke signals stabilization of the world economy, but warned that there are still having considerable risks and that the rise in unemployment could put in trouble the social stability. At the Summit there were divergences on the way out of the crisis scenarios. Some countries, such as United States, requested that does not put an end hastily to stimulus plans, while Russia and Germany urged to look beyond the crisis. The leaders of the G8 and major emerging countries rejected all protectionism and pledged to close the Doha round of global trade liberalization in 2010.

Countries will meet at the level of Trade Ministers before the next G20 Summit, which will take place in September in Pittsburgh (United States). The G8 and other countries participating at the Summit pledged to unlock $ 20 billion over three years to fight hunger in the world, investing to develop agriculture in the countries of the South. Major contributors include United States, Japan, the European Union, France and the Netherlands. The G8 said determined to find a diplomatic solution with regard to the nuclear ambitions of Iran, and gave term the Islamic Republic until the end of September to respond to the offer of dialogue. The G8 is also said deeply concerned by the violence unleashed after the re-election of the ultra-conservative Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, who according to his detractors was fraudulent.

The G8 strongly condemned the nuclear test and the firing of missiles carried out in recent months by North Korea well threaten the peace and stability in the region and beyond. Some say that the achievements announced so far seem sufficient as before Barack Obama considered past this first review serious conditions of leadership in major international forums. This opportunity was, moreover, particularly difficult, since it came at a time of great uncertainty about the future of the G-8 and enormous skepticism about the chances of success. However, host of quotation, Silvio Berlusconi, not hiding his disappointment at the end of the meeting. And made the following reflection after exposing the outcomes of the Summit. I think that the G14 is the future – said Berlusconi-. Because it is a more suitable platform for making important decisions that the G8, at least with regard to the world economy. All ended with a solemn ceremony to honor the victims who died last month of April in the terrible earthquake that lived in the region of lAquila. Three hundred people died in the earthquake and tens of thousands were left homeless. Many of them are still today living in tents.

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Culture Citizen

Aristotle: If citizens practiced friendship among themselves, would have no need for Justice written by: Alejandro Teresa Martinez defend the right to freedom is a basic obligation is not only of Governments but of everyone who resides spirit of democracy and peace. However, it is necessary to understand that freedom will always have two boundaries: responsibility and respect for the rights of others. You can never speak of freedom if individuals do not respond for what they do or do not do; and nor must it if violate the guarantees of other persons. The good man has to learn to live in society because that is their natural environment. Some species of animals live isolated in the forests or jungles, or run or fly free like the wind in some lost paradise still not discovered by humans. Fernando Savater, in his book politics for Amador says: is not to choose between nature and society, but recognize that our nature is society. However some beings humans living happily when they travel to the field, when they pass through forests or when they spend some time in the desert. On the subject says the author previously cited: nature are biologically products, but of the society are products, producers and furthermore complicit to a life more enjoyable is necessary to adopt a few behaviors, attitudes, values and perceptions consistent with regulations in urban society, which will lead to create the foundations of peaceful coexistence.

It is precisely this what citizen is called culture a very valued expression from when the inhabitants of big cities understood that it was necessary to voluntarily comply with minimum standards to obtain a better understanding of their places of residence. Civic culture has, therefore, two components. First, adherence to the rules; the second provided that compliance is voluntary. In the event that citizens repeatedly violates the rules, society must have coercive mechanisms to enforce them. This last is not ideal, but not necessary in communities like ours, in which we have been traditionally alien to the social discipline.

Some citizens met and others do not. Among those who met a few do so by fear and others by conviction. hese past already know what civic culture and learned to be free without forgetting respect is another. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact to the cel. 300 8055526 or email. Please read their writings in MAICAO to D?A page in which you will find writings, chronicles and beautiful parts of the Colombian literature.

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Alderman City Council

Toro, duck and pork.Turkey already has forgotten me, as also the mosquito. While the regional government supported by the Government of the State is this charging parties in these days of fiesta mayor of the village, is they are hearing some voices that now touches to be civilized and to be civilized we can not go see bullfighting until we have more than fourteen years, but if we can see how they kill sticks they stab or they ametrallan to death our heroes of the cinematelevision, video games or consoles. Now, to be civilized, not we can amuse ourselves if for this reason must be dizzy to some other duck as says some Alderman City Council and recalling the law of protection of animals adopted last year by the regional government this is serious!. Now be more civilized. The slaughter of the pig, where several families or enough people of the village gathered and spent all day has already been loaded. The custom of some that another community carried out the killing of the kid, is also are loaded say, begins to be prohibited. What kill the Turkey for Christmas not be if even allowed.

Although also this habit seems that it has been lost. As they say, is be civilized treatment which receives the human species to legislate the Government different procedures that freeze or manipulate or destroy in its origins to the species, or if is in the scene of progressivism even can aspire to provoke one a dignified death! Furthermore, continues being civilized kill insects with those paralyzing sprays or the Flyswatter always or using the service of control of mosquitoes than not is that they do with the larvae but it seems that they disappear almost all with their spraying. But now it seems that the mosquitoes will have a period of splendour in this small region of the world, because the product he used that control service for 25 years, not this approved and do not allow you to use. Despite this, as some many are still uncivilized animals, continue year after year having fun with the correbou and l empaitada d anecs, i.e. make run at the befestigungsschraube and pursue and catch the duck in the water and smaller, for the moment, can come to see the Bullfight on television because that not yet have banned you, as they can also still see killings and fights that our heroes perform.PD. By the way!, also allowed us see news about the TV news, uncensored images.

We are a civilized country and now being civilized and while we rested or we are eating, some many are dedicated to keep abreast with these news so civilized that emit our public television.

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