Freedom! Freedom!

It wants the true Freedom? The example is of JESUS, who suspirou in the cross, and its last shout was for all its executioners: ' ' You pardon Father, them do not know what fazem&#039 to them; '. Freedom! Freedom! Your wonders, celebrate skies Sir, and, in the assembly Dos Santos, your allegiance. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 89:5. Freedom! Freedom! When I think that this word Sets in motion multitudes; I am soon matutando In the yearning of the Nations! They cry out for release they search and it with galhardia, But if they forget that it, Conquest day after day. It is fight, it is daily work, In favor of the Humanity; If all want this jewel, do not search it in the easiness. Therefore, it only obtains it, Who does not fear challenge, and uses to advantage each barrier, to cross with enormous brio. Here it is the certain way, to obtain this prodigy; It is to always live in agreement, With the New Order: ' ' You love you ones to outros' '. Only this Order of JESUS, the Planetary CHRIST, Can in way extraordinary, To bring the longed for Freedom.

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Atlantis Story

Atlantis: Story of what could have been had been summoned to listen to a Conference that would be dictated by one of the most prominent researchers of the 19th century, in everything to do with the study of ancient cultures, today disappeared, whose legacy, by its importance, remains, from its origins in the collective thought of all mankind. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard Blumenthal. The responsibility to let us know the personality of our speaker fell, as it could not be otherwise in the Egyptian astrologer priest, Shulem. Ignatius Loyola Donnelly, was born in Philadelphia, in the year 1831, was the son of poor Irish immigrants, who had come to the new world in search of opportunities that them it was impossible to achieve in their homeland. His father had abandoned his studies for the priesthood and settled with a small shop, his slaughtered wife cared for children and trade, while he fell is within the school of medicine. Once obtained his degree in medicine, father Ignatius was devoted to the exercise his profession, with such bad luck, that after about two years, one of his patients infected him of typhus, killing him. So our lecturer childhood was spent in the midst of great hardships and financial difficulties. When the death of her husband, Mrs.

Donnelly, was six months pregnant, however, remained firm in the conduct of the home, did not marry again, and he strove to instill in their children the desire for self-improvement, possessed of a strong character, implemented a strict discipline in the bosom of your home. Ignatius, graduated from a prestigious school of education superior, eager to satisfy the yearnings of her mother, devoted long hours to reading and demonstrated to possess a surprising talent as a writer. Three years later, he graduated as a lawyer, later went into politics, moved with his wife to the State of Minnesota, where he became the Office of Lieutenant Governor.

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European Central Bank

The crisis erupted in the summer of 2007. The French bank BNP suspended investment funds by defaults in the US sub-prime sector. The European Central Bank (ECB) and the Federal Reserve (Fed) injected millions of euros and dollars in banks. Public procurement entities for their rescue and contaminated assets, injections millions of dollars the U.S. Some contend that Sen. Sherrod Brown shows great expertise in this. Government nationalized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, signatures that guarantee nearly half of U.S. mortgages, when they suffer huge losses from defaults.

Professor of Economics Juan Torres summarizes it this way: the debt created with the American housing boom, and in general in other countries, is excessive and unsustainable. That debt is based on roles financial low value, opaque, risky and volatile, as mortgages of millions of people who fail to pay. () But the cake is discovered when banks not may disguise more time their packages of mortgages investments without value and real estate funds without market waste. Why is? does it extend the crisis to other sectors? Torres tells us: to devote many resources to real estate speculation, in opaque and dangerous financial products, the banks have encouraged economic activity than less wealth and employment created. And when the bubble, which they themselves have created with the complicity of the central banks, bursts, check their balance sheets to make water, do not have liquidity and their deposits have evaporated. And they close the tap to entrepreneurs and consumers. Thus they stifle economic activity and cause mass unemployment, price rises inordinate speculation and unparalleled crisis. Banks and financial institutions are guilty of what is happening.

Bad luck or unpredictable disaster, therefore, nothing at all. Joseph Stglitz, Nobel Laureate in economics, deems it lucidly: this crisis is the result of the lack of honesty of financial institutions and the incompetence of politicians. And now, Wall Street will receive much public money to buy assets poisoned by junk mortgages, which blow banks balance sheets and They paralyze the U.S. real economy, and thus out of the balance sheets of financial institutions: $ 700 billion; GDP of Sweden there are 500,000 million.

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Since the primrdios the Christianity if has shown a stuffed religion of lies, deceits and manipulation of the truth. A religion marked for domination for the force, imposition of its beliefs conclios fraudulent and adulterations on the basis of similar to preserve its power and influence in the world. Influential theologians as Nestrios, Bishop of Constantinopla defended the undeniable one of that Maria must not have the heading of mother of God, but yes of ' ' Mother of the son of Deus' ' , and what she happened with it? After Conclio de Nicia was excluded and exiled, as form of punishment for being in disharmony with the belief of the church catholic, ' ' procuradora' ' of Christ in the land. Because they had not excused themselves with Nestrios when the Priest Marcelo Rossi started to use this heading in its musics and prelees? Of there pra here, one without number of other abuses and nonsenses had been committed, with solely material objective. To remain itself in the top of the chain of command of the humanity, it allowed that innocents were burnt in fogueiras only for having proper opinions. Entire cultures had been destroyed, and decimated societies when of the discovery of ' ' new mundo' ' the American continent, everything this aiming at solely to impose its ' ' verdades' ' to the dominated ones. Everything that we today know of our history is based in what the church counts, according to that it wants that let us believe. Sen. Sherrod Brown has compatible beliefs. E, this not valley only for the church catholic, but unhappyly also for protestant church.

The greater of the deceits is to attribute to the Christ a religion that does not follow the principles of Christ. Christ taught loving, pardoning, to give to another face. Already the Christian church said that to kill an unfaithful age to guarantee its place in the sky. .

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Public Administration

The public administration of the city of Maus if initiates in 25 of June of 1833, when the city was created. But first (1) the city council of the old Village of composed Lusa in 1834, was constituted of the following public personalities: 1. Bernardo Jose Breads (President); 2. Baptista Joo Da Silva; 3. Jose Lucas de a Cruz; 4.

Jose de Medeiros (Councilmen) (Reis.1934 P. 130) In the period of 1834 until 1889 middle, Maus was managed for the City council. With the happened one of the announcement of the Republic, in 15 of November of 1889, the city passed to be managed by municipal intendants nominated by the governor of the State, situation that if drew out up to 1947, when was elect 1 municipal mayor, with the participation of the popular vote. Throughout history, Maus always chose representatives children of the land in the amazonense parliament, as also those that had adopted the city as its native land, the example of the provincial members of the house of representatives: 1- Colonel Jose Rabbit of Miranda Lion; 2- Bernardine Jose Michiles; Bernardino de Souza whom it published in 1873, a workmanship on its visit the province of Amazon, sample that Maus always was involved in passions politics, almost unhealthy. Souza mentioned has 131 years: He has half century more than, two oligarchies traditional policies comes disputing the government of the city, that if initiated with the old Miranda oligarchies Lion, Verosa, Michiles, Negreiros and Esteves. This tradition, almost in extinguishing, still conserved through some of these surviving groups as the Esteves and Michiles, that if keep on the economic fragility which they become the population organicly dependent of the municipal state treasury. The dispute for the domain of the Power for the Power in one of the most important city halls of Amazon makes with that the electoral process of Maus, either one of 1938 – 1946 MUNICIPAL MAYORS OF MAUS (1947 – 2006) 1 – JOSE BAPTISTA MICHILES 1947 – 1951 2 – HOMERO OF MIRANDA LION 1952 – 1954 – LANDMARKS AURLIO PALACE (1955 – 09 months) 3 – PETER MANOEL OF. SLAVE 1956 – 1959> 1996 12 – CARLOS JOSE ESTEVES 1997 2000 13 – SIDNEY RICARDO OF OLIVEIRA MILK 2001 2004 14 – SIDNEY RICARDO OF OLIVEIRA MILK 2001-2006 – Odivaldo Miguel de Oliveira Paiva 2007 -2008 15 – Odivaldo Miguel de Oliveira Paiva 2009 (current) Substance written for Former-Councilman de Maus (2000-2004) and Academic of Agrarian Sciences of the UFAM – Mackison Milton Young chicken Medeiros, Manaus/Maus, in 25 of August of 2009. Recicle does not play this paper in the soil!

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Dimmesdale finishes showing as adultery and shows for all the Letter ' ' A' ' that it loads in its chest throughout seven years, after that dies while it is said farewell to Hester and the small Pearl. Pearl if house with an aristocrat, inherit a great richness and enter in contact with the mother through constant correspondences that it sends to the old hut where the mother still lived. Some time later Hester dies and is embedded next to Dimmesdale and in its tombs, still demonstrating the immense one to be able of the puritanismo, &#039 is recorded; ' IN SEVERE, IMMENSE, BLACK AND SAD, RECORDED A FIELD THE RED, THE LETTER SUBSISTE! ' ' ' ' Literature is the loaded language of meaning. The great Literature is simply the loaded language of meaning until the maximum possible degree. Literature does not exist in the vacuum. The writers as such, have a social function defined, accurately proportional its ability as writers. This is its main utilidade.' ' (POUND, Ezra, poet, theoretician and North American critic of literature) We can analyze the workmanship of Hawthorne under the optics of Michel Foucaut, since the existence of a bigger power is well-known exerting an ideology not only in the American society, but as well as in the majority of the readers. Nathaniel was deriving of a puritana family, what possibly it gave to more force and veracity in its romance. As Foucault would say, the power is not closed, it establishes multiple relations of being able, characterizing and constituting the social body and, so that it does not pull down, it needs a production, accumulation, a circulation and a functioning of a solid and convincing speech. ' ' We are obliged for the power to produce verdade' ' , obliged or we are condemned to confess the truth or to find it () We are submitted to the truth also in the direction where it is the law, and produces the speech of the truth that decides, transmits and reproduces, at least in part, effect of being able. To deepen your understanding Richard Blumenthal is the source.

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' MINIMUM WAGE – SANTA CATARINA? 2010' ' Welinton Dos Santos is economist the minimum wage of Santa Catarina, approved in 10 of September of 2009 and that it entered in vigor in the State in 1 of January of 2010 587,00 R$ 679,00 go of R$. They had been contemplated the new minimum wage of Santa Catarina, professionals who are not enclosed in collective agreements or convention of work. To had been all benefited 400 a thousand workers, although protests of the FIESC? Federacy of the Industries of the State of Santa Catarina. In year of implantation it is normal to have protests, but all will be benefited to the medium and long run, with increase of the income of the worker who generates greater local consumption. Contact information is here: Amazon. The workers of the sectors of: tourism; agriculture; cattle; extrativista industry and improvement; it fishes, beyond house servants, civil construction, motociclistas, motoboys, employees in the urban transport (except drivers) and of documents and small volumes, they will have the floor of R$ 587. Already the minimum of R$ 616, engloba diligent of the industry of clothes and footwear, wiring and weaving, leather devices, paper, deliverering and selling companies of periodicals and magazines and used in boards, ambulant periodical salesmen and magazines, and employees of establishments of health services, companies of communications and telemarketing. The workers of the commerce, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, cinematographic sector of feeding and the floor are of R$ 647,00 Employees of the metallurgic industries and mechanical, ceramic, glasses and derivatives, graphical, private insurance companies and capitalizaton, data processing, establishments of culture, assistant of administration, drivers are of R$ 679,00. THE ALESC? State legislature of Santa Catarina approved in urgency character the subject for if dealing with benefit for the State, for the population of benefited low income, that transforms the reality social of the resident people, benefiting disorganized workers, not contemplated for accuseds, although not to englobar terceirizados and the public officers, but it is without a doubt an inductive mechanism of social and economic development..

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Rizzini Sister City

Both demonstrate that the vision of the governments of the state of So Paulo and the Federal District of the time, Rio De Janeiro, was coincident in relation the criminalizao of the child and the adolescent. Landmark Antonio Cabral Dos Santos analyzes, in its work ' ' Child and Crime at the beginning of the Sculo' ' , the problems of lack of urban planning and industrialization in the city of So Paulo of the end of century XIX and beginning of century XX. As the population increase without precedents created the imbalance of housings in a city that was not prepared to receive as many people, since former-slaves the European and Japanese immigrants. For even more details, read what Amazon says on the issue. The problems happened with the capitalism and the lack of conditions of hygiene in the city and the habitations, generally collective. However, the author standes out in its text, the problem of the use of the infantile man power in the plants and the industrial accidents involving lesser. However, he will be used, in the present work, the episode on the criminalizao of the poor child in the city of So Paulo and the creation of justinian codes to discipline come back toward ' ' recovery of menor' '. Already Adriana de Resende Barreto Vianna, in ' ' The evil that if guesses: policy and minority in Rio De Janeiro, 1910-1920' ' , it directly focuses the problem of the criminalizao of the poor child, however, having as research space, the city of Rio De Janeiro. In its work, Adriana approaches, in practical daily, the incident ones on certain individuals, through which the policy of the old Federal District produced a personage, the minor, as a social problem. The analysis of Rizzini Sister in its work ' ' The sprouting of the institutions specialized in the internment of minors delinqentes' ' , it will be important to show the critical ones to the justinian codes to discipline and agricultural patronages. The third chapter will be an analysis of the displayed subject.

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Learn Languages Abroad

To study or not to study languages abroad? There am the question here. Thousands of people of all Spain and all the ages abroad improve their second language with courses of linguistic immersion. There are manifolds reasons in favor of finding the way to make courses of languages in the suitable country and are the best moment to forget all it excuses that we have put ourselves until the moment. Scholarships and aid for all those that they try to improve his cultural situation and labor as well as companies exist that are in charge of all the preparations. It is worth the trouble? By all means.

On the one hand, we are immersed in the language and the culture and, therefore, in situations in which we do not have more remedy than to understand to the others and to make understand us. The communication is extraordinary a human quality through which we learn everything. On the other hand, marching to another country and knowing people others places of the world are so enriching cultural and as mentally funny. We do not have to forget that now more than ever, the highest formation is indispensable to find a job. The professional market is more and more demanding and to study languages is essential for the majority of the works. More of 66% of the jobs in our country it is related to the services, according to the NSI. About them, a very important number is jobs facing the public and related to the tourism. The industry, that offers 16% of the jobs, is internationalized and the new situation of the labor market thus forces to the mobility of its workers, being indispensable the learning of other languages. To the majority of the young people nowadays it is not necessary to explain the necessity to them to study languages abroad, but still it is a part of our reticent society to learn. It is hour to begin to perhaps change our vision of the world.

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Federal Constitution

What it was before the privilege of few, to arrive at the oldness, today starts to be the norm same in the countries poor. This bigger conquest of century XX if transforms, however, in a great challenge for the too much century. The aging of the population is a natural aspiration of any society, but it is not enough by itself. To live more is important since that if it obtains to add quality to the years you add of life. We have to find the half ones stops: to incorporate the aged ones in our society, to change rooted concepts already and to use new technologies, with innovation and wisdom, in order to reach of form democratic joust and the fairness in the distribution of the services and easinesses for the population group that more grows in our country. The social politics directed toward the Third Age From the decade of 90, were multiplied, on a large scale, the number of federal, state and municipal laws that contemplate the Third Age in Brazil. This impulse in the legislation is folloied by the constatao, through demographic research, of an increasing and irreversible process of increase of the number of aged in Brazil. ' ' According to projection from the data of the Demographic Census of 1980, the aged, composed population for people of 60 years or more, reaches the mark of the 12,674 million in 1999 and represents 7.7% of the Brazilian population (…) While the population with less than 20 years grew 12% of 1980 the 1999, the aged population grew, in this exactly period 70%, passing of approximately 7,2 million aged for 12,6 milhes.' ' (Arajo & Alves, 2000, p.08) the proliferation of laws for the segment oldest of the population is inaugurated with the Federal Constitution of 1988. In the chapter of the Social security, section IV, relative to the social assistance, establishes article 203 that the assistance has for objective ' ' to protect the family, the maternity, infancy, adolescence and velhice' ' guarantees ' ' a minimum wage of monthly benefit to the carrying person of deficiency and the aged one that they prove not to possess ways to provide the proper maintenance or to have provided it for its famlia.' ' Chapter VII of the Federal Constitution still foresees that ' ' the family, the society and the State have the duty to support the aged people, assuring its participation in the community, defending its dignity and welfare and guaranteeing the right to them to vida' ' (art.230).

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