Probably the first web page that was contained only texts. Then you learned how to change font types, perhaps how to align the text and add images. Then you found the tables and began to distribute their content. At some point you will need to incorporate a form for contact information or something as well. And that’s it, right? Well not. There are several additional objects that you can add to your web page. In this article we will talk about one of the most common and will show you how, when and why to use it. FLASH animation originally only a product of Shockwave that tried to improve the quality of the animated images, FLASH today is one of the most popular and innovative additions to your web pages.

FLASH allows not only improve animations, also makes it possible to add video, audio and even allows to generate different responses depending what the Navigator click or select. FLASH is of itself an entire environment design and developers, contains their own language (known as ActionScript). If you as a designer are interested in going beyond web design or a developer who wants to make his resident on the client code, FLASH is a tool that should be included in your personal learning plan as well as you should consider purchasing the respective license do not use FLASH only because it looks good, use it when: – plans to make an interactive animation to the user – want to present various contents brief in layers within the same space – you want to make a banner with the possibility of filling out a form – you have a picture or graphic to be displayed in high resolution now going to explain the tag. Like most HTML tags, i.e. Double, requiring two delimiting tags: and. Everything that is in the Middle constitutes an object to insert.

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