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According to statistics in period from 01 January to 31 June 2010 in the judicial land plot 102, Moscow received 318 cases filed at Paveletskaya Square in Moscow, moving into the oncoming lane. By virtue of Art. 24.1. Administrative Code of the traffic police authorities, as well as the courts are obliged to identify the causes and conditions conducive to the commission of administrative offenses. So why do so for a long period in the presence of a significant number of car owners committed the offenses on the part of the traffic police and the courts do not taken no action to address the causes and conditions contributing to their commission? Think about it, not all those who have violated the established doubtful signs are worst offenders, or suicide? We surveyed motorists reported that while driving on Paveletskaya square they saw no signs prohibiting the movement right, or right turn.

Their arguments have merit – they are caused by high traffic congestion, traffic of buses "Brick", the installation of traffic signs with violations of GOST. Let us think about what judges breeds our judicial system. Not otherwise state criminals using the high status of a federal judge to cover up the iniquities of traffic police. Do we need the state and society are stepchildren Themis? After all, their actions are nothing more than a direct threat to the strategic security city and country. The cases in this manner otherwise than as the arbitrary will not name.

Enough to carefully read the decision and compare it with the case. The decision itself unconstitutional and directly confirms finding judges and traffic police in the unlawful conspiracy against cars. Collusion traffic police and the judges confirmed the reluctance to allow the latter case in accordance with the law. According to the results of the case honest judge was obliged to make representation to eliminate the causes and circumstances of offenses. Therefore, Fedin beneficial to the area at Paveletskaya excited as much as possible cases "for the oncoming". If not, why he and DSS staff members do not pay attention to that standard violations can result in accidents, and with rather dire consequences? It seems that everything that happens due to the fact that as soon as possible to clear Moscow from the people leaving the city to stay for those who pass the meeting in the courtroom with Fedin AN, and pass under a brick, silently show DPS employees spetstalon or prescription. How, then, Fedin was appointed a judge Zamoskvoretsky District Court? Now this will be parsed qualification board of judges in Moscow and the Office of the President of the Russian personnel. We hope their decision will be fair. PS: thanks to the efforts of human rights defenders and activists, 04 August 2010 deputy chief of traffic police in Moscow Central Administrative District V. Kovalenko was ordered to cease to prosecute violations in parts 3 and 4 of Article 12.15 of the Administrative Code at Paveletskaya area. Yuri Shulipa Moscow branch of the PAR:

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