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Hello Friend reader, today I want to ask you a question. Today’s article refers to how to generate a wealthy web traffic, or put another way, traffic and web optimization. The truth is that it was not easy to find a solution to so many calls from friends asking shouts to be aided by me. But finally I found the right way already had two days working on the solution to important application, most of all by being requested by many people, friends. About 300 people, asked me to help you position your business on internet, which currently have fitness, I mean face-to-face type in place of residence. Over 1600 friends tell me that they are distributors of products and want you to orient them to put your business on the internet and enable it virtually. Many others, who have your business, profession or occupation: carpenters, plumbers, bricklayers, butchers, restaurateurs, owners of salons of party, bars, also doctors, engineers, graduates, teachers, deputies, among many others ask me to say as be visible on the internet professionally first comment them that they can have a page, let’s say that your profile on the internet via social networks, many of them already have their place in the web 2.0 (social networks as they are, FaceBook, MySpace, Youtube among others but classroom, is not only that logically.)

I agree with them, you also? And what happens is very simple they are seeking to generate a large list of prospects or potential customers in that environment and it is that the web 2.0 or social networks are targeted and designed with the purpose of bringing together people in different groups by language, geographical areas, customs, religion, politics, leisure, etc, etc. And this for what purpose? It is a very good question people who have created this strategy commonly known as social networking and Nostradamus by scholars in the field of internet and web 2.0 were focused on creating a system of communication via internet, allowing Internet users to find or meet easily with other people, do make friend and in many cases, couples, marriages and other links or viral chains between small pages calls profile, blog, etc, in a platform dedicated just for this purpose but why and for what? Is that the idea of creating these large communities eye! Here I want to be as consistent as possible my dear friend, we have created stunning social networks and we continue to create them for free without taking into account, that in fact represent millions of dollars lol, millions, excuse me, I’m talking about trillions, b, good, now yes, trillions of dollars that earn the owners of these huge communities. And you know how? They are earning billions of dollars because as we are many, thousands, millions of people who every day we went and we connect, we communicate through these networks, say makes it possible that large companies, industries or business put their eyes on them in order to promote their products or services. Here are the most important part of the popular communities or social networks.

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