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The virus of swine flu (A/H1N1, so named by who), has generated a chaos in our country and an international fear of this new virus, for which there is no vaccine.Swine flu is a respiratory disease that mutated influenza avian; This mutation took by surprise to the Government since it began to give cases in several States of the Republicamexicana. To start to register cases of infection by this virus, took the decision to make campaigns to vaccinate against influenza and the population went to prevent, but after performing several studies to the virus has been detected that it is better to not get vaccinated because this causes that the individual be more susceptible and can spread more quickly; This makes us see that the Government did not know against that was facing. There were assumptions that the virus came from Asia or United States, if you couldn’t infect you eat pork or meat to live with these animals; everyone wondered how there was born this virus, as it had come, as you contagiabas you, if had cure or not, as from one day to another troubled city was calm, in panic buying and to the by more mask, to the degree that they are scarce in the Republic as a whole. The measures that have been taken to prevent the spread of this virus will continue expanding are necessary but they have simultaneously affected many sectors, the suspension of classes at the national level, lockout, not being able to attend crowded places, wearing masks, as well as other measures have provoked panic in the population increase, since had many years that the Government did not take measures of this kind. There are also people who think that this is an invention created by the Government to hide something political, others believe that it is the end of the world or that we are near him, but everybody is talking about the flu. .

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