Atlantic Treaty Organization

After the end of World War II as they were the major capitalist powers of Europe, which have sought to contain Soviet expansion and founded in April 1949 for Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) along with the U.S., Canada and other eight countries Western Europe. Although both Germany and defeated his troops settled in the western occupation of the defeated nation, its military victory came at the expense of losing its former space on the world stage and having to dispose of their units after having been the largest empires Grocery remaining. They coordinated in various processes and prompted Israel to invade Egypt in 1956 when President Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal. Despite these similarities the a Entente Cordiale had strong contradictions. In 1966 Charles de Gaulle led France to withdraw from NATO's integrated command to have its own military structure and, although the republic has been bringing back to certain structures of this, there are still tensions. France has wanted to be part of the Atlantic Alliance while maintaining their independence and clashes with U.S., something that sets him apart from the total subordination that other countries have had in Washington. While Britain has sought to maintain a strategic alliance with the U.S., be a pillar of NATO and recently has been the main ally Washington to attack Afghanistan and Iraq, France is in NATO but in a limited way, has had strong friction with the U.S. and has spent his strategy for making Europe a more equip itself with its own constitution, currency and military. The very socio-economic structure of both powers is different.

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