Bacabal Coffee

I left house in day 03/11/1969 ace 14 hours on of a loaded truck of coconut babau, route the city of Bacabal in search of my dream. Arriving there I arranged a dribble job in the house of an entrepreneur of the branch of coffee milling (Bacabal Coffee) placed me to he himself in the course of Maduresa Ginasial that concluded successfully. However he did not correspond to its yearnings, and entretinha in reading of old periodicals, magazines and for times even in soap propaganda in dust, way to use, etc. In the house had a stuffed bookshelf, however I only read the back of a book for the envidraadas doors, and the times, when they opened them was pra that cleaned I them, to never read them. I imagine that it is an obsession for readings, therefore as it did not have access to books, read until papal brief of remedies.

Thus for innumerable times it arrived of the work in the hour of the lunch and the services were for the half and, propped up I in the wall, to the side of the broom, the bucket with cloth and of I twirl it, absorbed, reading the yellow pages of Veja. I was excused, ordered even so of the job, but it found that the master was incompreensivo. Again the dream was postponed. III? MEETING AND SHORTCUTS IN COURSE GINASIAL As it had returned to my city, continued without expectation, work and study. An interior battle if stopped? as to be a teacher! Then in that beginning of year 1970 some arrangements politicians, conchavos and other things, had established a school of Ginasial course, only one group would be formed and was made an election for formation of this group. The majority of the adolescent young/had regularly attended a course the elementary school and course of Admission, in this in case that I only age that many credits not to put in the act of the registration for the election it needed a responsible one to sign the fiche who? My father, deceased Mine, mother, illiterate.

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