Bauru Law

The Brazilian Law n 10,216 also conhecidacomo ' ' Law Pablo Delgado' ' as ' ' Law of the Reformation Psiquitrica' ' em06 of April of 2001 was promulgated, but the Movement already existed. ALuta Antimanicomial in Brazil appeared in 18 of May of 1987 in a Congress deTrabalhadores of Mental Health in Bauru-SP, but also already it came being projetadah some time. Antimanicomial fight in Brazil, the World and Belo Horizonte. Soon after Segunda World-wide War, appears in Italy the Movement of the Reformation Psiquitricachamado Democratic Psychiatry, this movement appeared with idiasde Frank Basaglia, a psychiatrist who put in practical a proposal deatendimento in the deGorizia Psychiatric Hospital, that consisted of diminishing the number of internments in the lunatic asylums to efazer the Society to accept the conviviality with the mental sick people. Transferred to paradirigir the Hospital of Triestre, Basaglia repeated experinciade superaodo model to put in a home-manicomial that it had given certain in Goriziae the ideals of the DESOSPITALIZAO MOVEMENT. This logic of treatment virareferncia in Italy, England, States Joined, France and several others pasesdo world as model for the treatment of the insanity. In the ltimosanos of the decade of 1970 in Brazil, during the context of opening of the RegimeMilitar surgemas first manifestations daluta antinamicomial in the health sector, following a trajectory of many social outrosmovimentos doPas.Em 1978 is formed in Brazil, in the state of SoPaulo MOVIMENTO OF the WORKERS IN MENTAL HEALTH (MTSM) that it passes to aprotagonizar the yearnings and the initiatives of the NATIONAL PSYCHIATRIC REFORMATION. OMTSM searched a transformation generic of the psychiatric assistance. Them they dennciasfeitasmostravam the breaking to the human rights of the interned ones, demanded areduo of extreme number of consultations for work turn, made crticasa cronificao of the lunatic asylum and to the use of eletrochoque on the part of the equipemdica, at last, the workers of better mental health demanded condiesde assistance to the dosservios population and ahumanizao.

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