Belarus One

At least, so say other observers. The whole point is that these small countries, the languages are not absolutely dominant, therefore, with regret waiting for their appearance in one list with Belarus. As well to save a dying language? Still, during the period of rapid globalization, the national color (and the language, of course, refers to it) should be kept carefully. It is not far off a situation where half the world will be loudly and leaping to speak Chinese, and the rest to answer them in English and in Russian (yes, I forgot about the guys from Iceland: they too will participate in this celebration of life). Here, Of course, you can cast iron argument: we are with you in this marvelous season, probably will not live.

But to think so – it is, simply, as an army without soldiers, I mean anarchy and chaos in its purest form. So, progressive thinking part inhabitants of our planet, and the specific teachings of one of American universities have developed (and not only developed, but also money from the government drove) a project to preserve dying languages. To do so would be through the establishment of Electronic translators, who will still be surviving speakers of these languages with the support of linguists and programmers. The special value of this project is that the result is not an ordinary dictionary (which translates individual words), and the electronic mechanism for constructing phrases and sentences (not to be confused with publicly available on-line-translators whose value is to put it mildly, exaggerated), that is precisely the main problem for survival of small languages. By the way, this project was started in 2002-2003, so in the near future we can expect concrete results. And what, actually, it was all? Just information for consideration. Yes, one more thing. Before explore the rare language, consider this: not whether you'll be in ten years, one of five hundred of his proudest carriers.

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