Big Bang

If exists the Planet Land with some districts, states, countries and beautiful metropolises, as will not have other planetary and celestial worlds? Perhaps you know how many countries are part of the ONU? Established in 1945 after World War II, it initiated with 51 countries, today, however, more than 180 countries is part of it, also our Brazil. If it cannot place lesser God of what a Planetary Christ, and this minor of what a governor of a country land. PREDESTINOLD TO the EVIL If the Satan it is a set of intelligent beings in the meat or it are of it, that they use for the evil its potential, you cannot leave to exactly witness in the half land those rowdies who if set until teeth to try to destroy the Land: It has scientists that they only pass days and more days in the laboratoriais subsolos creating chemical weapons. E, after spending the governments billions of dollar in the construction of these warlike artifices, does not go to use them? In the other dimensions the fight is stopped for the defense of its formal plans against a mob that form rebellions wanting to possess itself of what it does not belong to it. Perhaps check out Amazon for more information. IN SIXTH STAMP Vi when the Lamb of God opened the sixth stamp, and that here it is sobreveio great earthquake. The sun if became black as a horsehair bag, the moon all as blood.

Apocalypse of Jesus According to Joo, CAP. 6:12. The ones that is dividing land into parcels the Moon, are not the fazedores of war? Peace is that they do not go to lead for the satellite of the Land. Also it is written in the Apocalypse of Jesus According to Joo, CAP. 8:7 and 8: Then it had fight in the sky. Miguel and its Angels had fought against the dragon.

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