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" We want that this also reachs the rest of the European citizens, that knows that this does not finish, that is not diluted until the things not cambien" , it continues. For Gndara the Pact of the Euro is an example more " of the European policies of it cuts neoliberal that the citizens ignore and who attack his bienestar". Madrid moves One of the manifestations keys of the next Sunday will be the one of Madrid. Summoned by the Coordinator of districts and Towns of Madrid (the assemblies of districts that was organized after the Sun encamped one) it will leave from different districts and towns. &#039 will be organized in 6; columnas' that they will start off from different points from Madrid to come together two of them in Cibeles to the 13.30 hours, and the other four to the same hour in Atocha. From both places they will be united to join itself in the place of Neptune to the 14,00 hours with the aim of arriving like a single manifestation at the door of the Congress of the Deputies. From Central Legans, to the 9 hours, it will leave a manifestation head that will move by highway 421 until arriving at the Avenue of Carabanchel.

To the 9,30 hours it will leave another head of manifestation from Hortaleza; to 10 they leave to the one of Getafe (that will move by the Getafe-Villaverde highway) and the one of Place of Castile; to 10,30 the one of Town of 11 Vallecas and to the one of the Temple of Debot. The manifestations of Place of Castile and Hortaleza they will be united on the 12. 30 hours in the Place of Gregorio Maran to continue later by the Stroll of the Castilian until Cibeles and until Neptune. On the other hand, the marches of the Temple of Debot and Legans will come together with those of Vallecas and Getafe on the 12,30 hours in Atocha. Thence, they will continue his course until Neptune. From the Assemblies of Workers of Towns and Districts of Madrid they emphasize that all these marches gather as well people of the near towns. Thus, for example, the one that leaves from Hortaleza it will congregate neighbors of the Runner of the Henares, and the one of Place of Castile, people of Alcobendas and San Sebastin of the Kings. Its call to the participation takes control of the argument of which " the present economic and social situation is sufficiently serious like raising the voice and denouncing the capitalist system that is perverse and that is the one that has brought about this crisis. Other hot spots Besides the manifestation of Madrid, it has summoned concentrations in Barcelona (it summons acampadabcn and it supports Real Democracy Already), to the 17 hours, in the Catalonia Place; in Valencia (the place summons Taking), to the 18,30 hours in the Place of the City council; Bilbao (they summon DRY Bizkaia and Bizkaia Assembly), 18 hours, march that leaves from Sacred Heart until Arriaga and Seville (it summons DRY), to the 19 hours, Place of Spain. Source of the news: Summoned tens of manifestations 19-J by the company/signature of the Pact of the Euro

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