Brazilian Democratic Movement

These actions start if to materialize due to the support of the leaderships politics of the society, notadamente of the ones of opposition, that blunted in the scene national politician: Parcels of the leaderships politics of the Brazilian Democratic Movement – MDB, party of opposition to the military dictatorship, associations of civil society e, over all the affection of considerable part of the population evidenced that the growth of the movement for the democracy would not be restricted to the protest for the vote, in the 1974 elections (the MDB was successful in 15 of the 21 Brazilian states to the elections of senators and members of the house of representatives; for first time, since last presidential election, of 1955-60, the population 5 was located national) and in 1976, in the municipal lawsuit, when also the MDB chose thousand of mayors and councilmen (BOITO Jr, 1991, p.104). The politician-electoral victory of the MDB, in the elections of 1974 and 1976, and the governmental initiative known as ' ' distenso' ' 6 later ' ' Poltica&#039 opening; ' – they had initiated a new cycle in the syndical relations. This process evidenced the recognition for the authorities of that, despite and because of the initiatives of control of this authoritarian state, the society resisted and created difficulties so that the mechanisms most arbitrary were constantly used, compelling the government to adapt itself, to the new reality. The result of the elections of 1974 and 1976 demonstrates this resistance. 1 the crisis of the State if defines of the point of the conception of State of Gramsci, for the disruption of the joint of the set of fractions of the ruling class in the historical block. 2 ' ' This nickname must it all the severity and the obstacles in it prescribed for the accomplishment of strikes, since inserted in a context, a gear against the organization, the mobilization, the strike.

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