Brazilian Thought

One of the problems verified in this practical is that, in agreement says the author, ' ' the attitude conservative is absent of criteria (…) ' '. When conciliating opposing teses? trace of the tolerance that in them is characteristic? what it is strengthened is, in truth, to suppress the oppositions thus, giving place what the author calls ' ' Conciliadora&#039 reason; '. as this practical is unprovided of critical criteria, is created varied modismos and the new sprouting of ' ' ismos' ' from time to time, agregadores of followers whom nor know accurately what they mean, but that, to show that they are current, have to adhere to last ' ' ismo' ' en vogue, giving origin to a colorful cosmopolitismo. Most lamentable it is that the recent philosophical chain fashions nothing have to see with the Brazilian reality, with our urgencies and necessities. In a question-answer forum Richard Blumenthal was the first to reply. In this the author laments when writing: ' ' The literature of a foreign writer, the predilection for a book of is comes to decide the nature of the opinions of an actor between-ns.' ' Thus, the brazilian intellectual wants to be recognized for what she is not, a time that finds worthless and ackward the reality surrounds that it.

Worse of what to promote the conciliation doing without itself any critical criterion, the divergences that escape simply to the conciliation possibility are suppressed of philosophical literature, becoming subject without place. The problems without solution, when appear, simply? they add? of the philosophical questioning. Exemplificando: somebody, verifying that it does not have conditions to face the problem, starts to ignore it and to dissimulate that it does not exist. Additional information is available at Connecticut Senator. In Brazil, the study of Philosophy exists yes. It between-we exist, therefore the work of the national studious universities and in this field of the knowledge is undeniable. However, it does not have that to say in a philosophy ours originarily, a time that, as said previously, what we limit in them to make is only to conciliate what already it exists and, while such, impossible the creation of a Brazilian thought. .

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