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You have to be strictly directed to victory, and the simple desire of ordinary interest here is clearly nedostatochno.4. The fact that from now on you – my own boss, suggests not so much freedom as responsibility. You must be able to require a high-quality and full implementation of the necessary work. No one will require you to account for the fact that you have done and what is not. Ask yourself now to be only you and if you can not cope with it, success can not rasschityvat.Esli you think that can work for themselves in their pleasure, I advise you to once again reflect on the correctness of your choice. For self-employment sometimes requires much more effort and hardship, rather than work for someone else's uncle for a fixed stavku.5. One of the undoubted the benefits of implementing your own home business is to constantly stay at home with his family. But one needs to see a clear measure: nothing should distract you during work – neither spouse nor children, nor parents.

Business before fun – chas.Vam constantly have to deal with distractions, such as housework, walking to the shops, going to the theater, etc. And it is very important to keep priorities: that in some situations it is important not to when you cook food. So you know the measure and feel adekvatnost.Vam need to be prepared to sacrifice many. Especially at the initial stage of development their own business. Get ready to what you have to sacrifice their savings and free time to tear your project from the sinful earth, for which he is, believe me, it will be hard to cling to all of its roots. Prepare to be that, at least in the beginning, you practically no free time and sometimes have to sit out without a penny in karmane.Odno thing – start your own business, and quite another – to make it profitable. Instantly you will accomplish nothing. Sometimes it can require a long time.

Therefore, you must have patience and tune in to the fact that at least the first few months will have to work with negative balansom.I another important nyuans.Esli You started your own business, fired from a noisy and busy work, at first you do not have to leave the sense of isolation and even loneliness. Be mentally prepared for this peremene.Kak see, along with the fact that the occupation own electronic home-based business can bring you a bunch of benefits and advantages, there are several good reasons why you should think about the correctness of his choice. Compare the figures are with their own forces and honestly answer the question: Do you cope? If the honest answer is positive – good luck! You reach the top of success and nothing you do not break. Your own business in this case – is that, as the saying goes, the doctor ordered. But if you see a clear discrepancy given the scale of its own forces – better not mess. Get back to work and eke out a still miserable existence. But since you will be better as long as you did not work out in everything you need.

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