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In other words, adhesion contract is the opposite of on the same level contract, that is, that one that has its written clauses argued for both the contractual parts. One notices here, that for being written by only one of the parts, the adhesion contract already is born unbalancing contractual the legal relationship, since that one that creates the contract makes, it, in rule, in order to reach only its yearnings. In this direction, when we take for object contracts of location of property carried through between real estate citizen and, attempting against to the fact many people interested in the location and few administrators of property to exist, can conclude that these represent an adhesion contract species. Destarte, can be said that to contracts of location of property the legal devices to adhesion contracts are applied pertinent, between them art. 424 of the Civil Code, that prays the following one: ' ' in adhesion contracts, the clauses are null that stipulate the anticipated resignation of the adherent resultant right a of the nature of negcio' '. It is understood for ' ' resultant right of the nature of negcio' ' , those rights that compose contract independently of the will of the parts. In ours to feel, the right to the indemnity for the improvements introduced for the renter, as well as the lien, is natural elements of the contract of location of property. 2.

A Legal relationship of Consumption. The consumption relation is not defined in law, becoming necessary to bring of the Right of the Consumer the concepts of ' ' consumidor' ' ' ' fornecedor' ' , so that if it characterizes a consumeirista relation. In this way, from the analysis of the perspectives of the contractual parts, only it is that if it can say to be this a consumption relation or not.

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