Communism Democracy

Communism looks for which all have the same things because he believed that all are equal, but makes us look so vulnerable then looking homogenize everything so that no one becomes damage and it used paternalism which then becomes able to o stepfather obtaining his whims and that others should be thankful for their protection in consequence of centralized power exercise by the monarchies and that as a resultfreedom of citizenship was raped up to become slaves, this has resulted in the emergence of democracy where the vos of the people should be heard to meet their demands through a representation that discussed the Affairs of the people in the plaza of the helenios. In America Latin influence of equality that makes independent men and who have pleased to satisfy his own will that motivated the refusal of the authorities and an assessment of political freedom. The American has a great love for its independence, but this passion can bring you some negative aspects, if deemed as individualism this can cause you record problems in the order of the social body, thus causing anarchy or servitude, trend in which men are left drag without realizing account. The man the more independent is, more weak is made, behold, the sense of belonging that invades for wanting to be part of a society where the first rule of that agreement is mutual respect. Based on the premise that men are equal, someone feel an obligation to help another? Or expect something from someone? Independence becomes a double-edged weapon, on the one hand his pride of being independent and on the other hand the anguish for not having the support of anyone because now there is no superior or inferior to that in economics would say that advantage or competitive disadvantage or much less opportunity cost there is no all are equal.

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