CPC System

The time of the human beings was in exaggeration with the time of the nature. Detected this, the deliberation was in the direction to create and to develop mechanisms to foment the production. Schools directed toward the development of the plantation techniques and reforestation appear, in this way. In the principle the schools take care of well what it is wanted, but immediately afterwards are saturated. It has been broken, then, for something more elaborated.

Facultieses, after-graduations, mestrados and doutorados appear. All the system if return for one only question: the necessity of if taking care of inside to the consumption of the lived deeply model: the burning of the forest if to have baked animals In a beautiful day it arrives somebody of another society and it suggests: why not to mount a churrasqueira? All this system that vocs had developed brings in itself a fallibity that it is nsita. With the churrasqueira, on the other hand, the burning of trees will be given only in the necessary amount for the consumption of the meat. All had been estarrecidos with the obviedade of what the foreigner says, but, thus, they had still been remained reticent, because they inturam that all the system would come below with the practical rank in of the idea coming of is! ' ' Ahead of this small fbula I place myself to think concerning the function of the Judiciary Power. Each time more I convince of that &#039 is a mechanism; ' without utilidade' ' , but that it is presented as one badly necessary one. One becomes necessary because it lacks respect. Then one third, other people’s one to the problems, is called to compose the question. if not only waits of these the third resolution of the problems inside of the limits of the right.

In some cases, as in the Family law, one wants exactly that magistrate is a psychologist and makes therapy the spurt. The order deduced in judgment was formatted to take care of to the preceituado one in articles 282 and 294 of the CPC, but, in the practical one do not pass of ' ' justicializao of afeto' '. Ahead of what it was displayed it remains to say that if each one to look for to walk inside of what it is stipulated to call ' ' ethos universal' ' the importance of the Judiciary Power will be minorada. This would be excellent. In the day where each one to give account of that he is author of proper history delegations to avessas had left to exist. Definitively we need to learn with the foreigner. We must use ' ' churrasqueira' ' before let us burn in them in a giant system that has spent much time alone to watch itself, from there the Corregedorias of Justice, the Advice of the Magistracy and now the National Advice of Justice. This agigantamento of the Judiciary Power has a price and is high. To each time that we delegate it prerogative to decide our questions to it, forgetting rules as common-sense and respect, we feed a great one been. It will be really necessary one ' ' super-leviat' '? It is the reflection

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