Creating Images For Mobile Phone Devices

In order to create a picture or an animated picture we need a photo or picture of a small size (image resolution). Picture you can find on the Internet, such as wallpaper on the site or through any Free, good service to search for images on the Internet pridostatochno.Itak, the picture we found, we now need to fit it under a screen resolution of your phone (if you do not know the screen resolution of your phone, read the or find a specification for your model). In order to fit the picture you can use photoshop or any other program to work with grafikoy.U each program has many features and toolsets, but we must able to study them . a program to make pictures, I do not think stoit.Est simple solution called it WallpaperMobile.Programma very simple, anyone can look to Besides, she .Itak, how to use it, upload your pictures into one folder, preferably in it as to create another program papku.Zapuskaem select a source folder (where the pictures), select the receiver (the folder where should save the picture). expose permit or choose a model and a company phone, choose between compression and image quality and and click start.Kogda program finished processing, go to the folder you created and There will be all your images already made by your phone.

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