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Women are still performing and responsible for the household and family work, so the double presence is most prevalent among women’s collective. Prevention of psychosocial risks is the responsibility of organizations, so it is not the fault of the individual who suffers from it; but there is resistance to assume the problem and cooperate in the undertaking of actions of prevention of stress in companies, which reveals the taboos and prejudices about the phenomenon and who suffers from them. Stress, low productivity, Economic Crisis, unemployment, lack of financial means the pandemic is already here, and we did not win anything pointing to possible culprits, or leaving us idly. The question that should be asking ourselves is: can you do something to improve the health of the worker and of the Steering in the Spanish SME? To who imagine the answer? Yes of course! It is time to act! Leaders and employees we need to confront these difficulties together and leave them. How we can overcome stress in companies? Creating new strategies in order to reduce that stress that prevents them from having a healthy work environment and productive work schedules flexible support programs to achieve a balance between work and personal life formations of leadership in stress of workers programmes online on lifestyles healthy gyms in the workplace programs of physical activity campaigns to create awareness on stress in addition, from Sivana Marketing solutions, we thought a fun proposal, which helps combat stress and eliminate tensions which, us we all face on a daily basis. Surprise your borough and practice STOP to L stress!

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