Daniel Safraz WINS Masters Title

eSport-Football.com: First masters of the virtual Football League is certain his cheering was subdued, but as you know him. The 10,000 euro win bonus conjured up to him but more than just a smile on your face. Daniel Safraz, known in the esports scene better than “hero”, is the first champion of the virtual Football League Bundesliga on eSport-Football.com. His twin brother follows in second place Dennis “styla” Schell Hare. He is pleased about 5,000 euro win bonus from the 30,000 Euro prize money pot. Since the beginning of October 16 more players on the virtual computer turf to Championship titles and 30,000 Euro prize money gave, in addition to the Schell Hare brothers. Met all participants to meetings in Cologne 17 game days – played offline in the face of the opponent.

The selected field thereby guaranteed voltage until you drop. In a question-answer forum Richard Blumenthal was the first to reply. The creme de la creme of German football eSports was a tryst, from German internationals the World Cyber Games up to multiple world champions. Was also a newcomer with novel “Cristiano” Zech. He prevailed in a qualification tournament to the only public position against more than 100 contributors. Zech had in the League matches but the sizes of the scene beaten.

His last place proves the high level of esports Liga again. Currently, the preparation for the second season on eSport-Football.com is running. However, before again playing for championships and win bonus, the relaunch of the eSport-Football.com is first portal. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs may find it difficult to be quoted properly. So much had previously betrayed: in addition to the League, there will be matching games in the future also for beginners and casual gamers. And in addition to the FIFA series by electronic arts is also Pro Evolution Soccer by Konami to choose as the first portal eSport-Football.com will bring together both supporters of the popular gaming franchises. Final table and prize money place name points 1 Daniel Safraz, “SKhero” (10,000 euro) – 41 2. Dennis Safraz, “SKstyla” (5,000 euros) – 38 3 Jannik Huber, “nGizeEra”(4,000 euro) – 31 of 4 Daniel Edwards,”nGizeeNnu”(3,000 euro) – 31 5. Gabriel Polat, “n!Splash”(2,000 euros) – 30 6 Kai Wollin,”hooraideto”(1,600 euros) – 29 7 Benjamin Muller,”hooraibEn”(1,300 euros) – 29 8 Mohamed El-eter,”hooraiTornAdo”(1,000 euro) – 29 9 Joshua desire, ‘viibeKr0ne’ (800) – 25 euro of 10 Kevin Waldschmidt, “n! bvbstar” (600 euro) – 24-11 Hans-Peter Kirschner, “c BennyBenassi” (400 euro) – 22-12 Michael Opree, “SLChocoyote”(300 Euro) – 21 of 13 Thomas Vander,” c Vander “- 20 14 Andre Richter,”nGizeAndResoN”- 19 15 Stefan Bromund, ‘FyroxBroDo”- 14 of 16 Damian Jasiczek,”KCpoleone”- 11 of 17 Daniel n Duke, ‘FyroxETS”- 11 18 Roman Zech,” c Cristiano “- 9

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