Debtors Property

I.e. first who stays the property must arrange a mortgage that only leave it in holder (with other relatives or third-party guarantors or holders, if your bank requires it); the day of signing the first notarized signature writing of extinction of condominium for then sign a deed of mortgage loan. If the Attorney for the other party sign an agreement in which suggests you gives housing to change that the ex to pay the mortgage, smile and say that not. It is offering a poisoned Apple: you lease the property but will remain indebted to the Bank (say what you say the separation agreement). Guarantors of by means the most typical problem is when parents have endorsed the mortgage of the children to buy the House and there is a separation. Personally I always recommend that if behind one’s parents, also those of the other party do. the basic reason is that if then separated the children, financial problems are both couples, and all in a solution are involved.

If the mortgage is not paid properly, the Bank can try to collect from the guarantors directly, since they respond exactly equal to the holders of the mortgage, with all its present and future assets. Therefore, the problem is familiar if there are guarantees in the Middle, and family it should fix the issue. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Blumenthal. Nothing is further from reality thinking that being guarantor first Iran against the House of sons. It is possible to give housing to the? Bank and stay without debt? Recurring question that has a clear answer: is not possible unless the Bank accepts it. And the Bank will only accept a payment in kind if you think that you will leave you cheaper auction good or go against the guarantors; that only happens if the debtors are immigrants without family or property in Spain that will return to their country of origin of all forms or totally insolvent owners mortgages and without chance of ceasing to be so in the future..

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