Dictator Disquised As a Democrat in Venezuela

That does not exist if not only in the mind of a dictator disguised as a Democrat. CHANGE OF RELEASE: A Tail of Cochin All Venezuelan children want to be players, as they say here. Also the president, Hugo Chavez, wanted to be. He played pitcher (pitcher), and had a launch star, its ace in the hole. He called, and still calling, “pig tail”, as the spiral effect recalls the fun line of pigs.

And use it as a metaphor to argue their thoughtful and enlightened explanation of geopolitics, and threatening to “punch” (delete) to the batter pig tail that comes your way. Baseball is a sport of head, never tire of repeating fans. And it must be judged by the number of people present in the fields for hours a Well in my opinion, with another release just as hard and he knowing your opponent difficulty accepting the challenge of wanting. This proposal seeks not only to defeat the opposition, but add them to your unbridled desire for power. Some have speculated that there is a tacit division of the national geography. Agreement would have been handled by former Governor Diosdado Cabello.

It is likely that this move of the President, forcing the opposition to rethink their positions. And soon will be unchecked. Is your heart? Think so. General Baduel. Former Minister of Defense of Hugo Chavez, said that an agreement was complicity between the opposition and Government. The above figure has been proposing the convening of a constituent clarification the desire of the people and give us peace and stability they seek. Is it time to end this horror film, and propose a component with broad powers to stop or will the revolution unleashed by the popular will? opposition must end the inning. a American complicity has grown as I am concerned about war-lordism in America, not only CHAVEZ. We see with Uribe in Colombia. With Frei in Chile. With ORTEGA in NICARAGUA. Alan Garcia in Peru. Kitchener Spouses in ARGENTINA. The Clintons in the United States, among others. Therefore the exit on the plight of the OAS and other international organizations. Democracy is in crisis. CHAVEZ is taking center stage in Latin America riding on a double standard. The other leaders do not dare to attack him because he is a reflection of his interests bajos.a A strong public opinion must force the game the way democratic. Speaker Bar a political community.

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