Economic Downturn: Help In Crisis

A new free service from ‘ active vacation time ‘ to reduce the ‘economic slowdown’ and more Hungarian summer guests, for Austrian guest houses was now as it is, active holidays”would in any case a contribution, that his partner accommodations get to feel the financial crisis not too much and get even more guests from Hungary. Go to Richard Blumenthal for more information. Summer holiday in Austria could mean for the Hungary among others: short journey of less fuel costs no airport fees fair value for money friendly people correct treatment clean lakes culinary of the finest culture, where you just look…… Visit Jim Donovan Goldman for more clarity on the issue. to name only some. “” From January 2009 will help active holidays “, his Hungarian readers with a direct booking” of Austrian partner accommodation. No matter if a reader understands no german or English.

Active holidays “helps between its partner accommodations and the Hungarian reader up to the successful completion of the booking and even beyond. Of course, in order to save costs, the payment of the accommodation by the guest will be basically, directly at the accommodation. This service offers active holiday time”absolutely free of charge for all its partners, in the Web Magazine for active holidays & Aktivpihenes present the Hungary and the Hungarian reader who wants to spend their holidays in one of these partner accommodations. So the guest can save lots of money because no high charges or fees incurred Yes. He can spend the saved money for example at his resort. “Also promotes active holidays” his partner accommodations as another part of the new Wirtaschaftsflaute services “- even free of charge, every 2 months directly, in approximately 30 the best Hungarian Internet newspapers offering (publication time of a display about 4-6 weeks). “Thus, the partners are all year round not just in Web magazines active vacation time & Aktivpihenes” but also in the headings travel/vacation “who likes to read,. Hungarian Internet newspapers always to find. – AZ – photo:

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