Elections: A Party Of The Democracy

To speak of elections, first it is necessary to know what it is Democracy. Democracy is a government form in which the power emanates of the people and on behalf of this it is constituted; popular sovereignty; equality. You may wish to learn more. If so, Amazon is the place to go. I love the definition ‘ ‘ the power that emanates of the people and is constituted on behalf of povo’ ‘. This takes in them to reflect on the important paper that we voters have: to choose optimum representative to govern our state and nation. A difficult paper and that in them it demands analytical perception and responsibility in the hour to vote. This analytical perception that I mention myself here means to be intent the proposals that are offered by the candidates the presidency, the government of the state, the representatives, state and the senators. We need to know which the situation that if finds the nation at the moment and in accordance with the proposals that are placed by the candidates we need to see which of them in 4 years has conditions to be ece of fishes in practises, which will bring benefits for the population and the progress of the nation. Made this comment to the behavior of the candidates and its proposals we leave for the responsibility that is competed in them: the vote.

It is of extreme importance that the Brazilian citizen fulfills with its duty and right. It is through the vote that we can construct a better nation, through ours ‘ ‘ boas’ ‘ choices, choosing the candidate who is more apt to exert such function, not forgetting that beyond apt it needs to have an integral character, irreproachable to assume the rank of state head. We must be intent and to search information regarding the behavior of each candidate, we need to know if it already exerted some function before politics, and if he exerted, as it was its government, if had or corruption and if it was not involved, if he had great taxes unemployment, problems related to the health system, the education among others aspects.

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