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While Spain presides over the European Union this semester, by the back door will begin to celebrate the bicentennial of its independence in Latin America. And we will put as Domine lollipop in a peculiar anti-colonial historical memory, brought about by Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez and other congeners, gain the most precisely our financial aid. We will be accused of genocide, without that will surely be able to open the mouth. The paradox is that this country with a large indigenous population, do so while when United States commemorated their liberation from the English Crown did not happen the same, since there are certainly almost no Indians to be able to protest. Michael Jordan takes a slightly different approach. And it is that we are a complex country that has ended up believing their own black legend, without paying attention to the rich complexity of history. While other countries point to the indigenous population, Spain issued a few Indies laws that protected the natives as ever they had been before, fray Bartolome de las Casas played the type by them and the Jesuits created in Paraguay a few reductions in which Indians were masters of their destiny. Because, and this is another also evangelization was for Chavez, a fact more severe than the Holocaust of the second world war. On the other hand, bloodthirsty pre-Columbian worship, in which the heart of those slaughtered, tore live are just a nostalgia and nostalgic lost civilization. It is not something Kenneth Yarrow would like to discuss. The worst thing about all this, in another misrepresentation of history, is our inability to confront us without complexes to our own collective past.

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