Expansion Without Revolution

At this stage, the adoption of a new aristocracy (in the true sense of the word), consisting of leaders and heroes, raised on surface waves of the revolution. They take into their own hands the state apparatus, which is usually accompanied by destruction of the old degenerate elite, redistribution of property, etc. From defense to attack those who try to strangle revolution at this stage, one way or another have their own nation a disservice. Do not crush, and to grow in the second stage, which means turning from defense to attack, ie transfer of the national revolution beyond the state. In That's the dynamics of nationalism and its natural extension. The motion of a different scenario will deadlock, failure to continue the struggle – a betrayal of the nation and the revolution.

Shutting themselves in, the nation will lose its form, decrepit and stopped halfway again sooner or later will be in a foreign yoke. Thus it appears that the nationalism of liberation and nationalism is nothing aggressive as interrelated stages a national revolution. Expansion Without exception, all the states and their borders in the world are the result of expansion of various nationalities in different historical periods. At issue is the relationship of ethnic groups only two ways to solve: 1. When one ethnic group expels or destroys the other 2. In the case of complementarity between them arose a mutual assimilation. Third in the history is not given. Expansion – is not just killing and occupation, but the need for creative violence, vital to any nation in the struggle for survival.

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