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Economics of science management of the economy of the country has degenerated into “the art of>> taking out money from other people’s pockets, that is, hrematistiku. More recently, Mr. Putin, answering questions about why the Russian Federation such a high lending rate, argued that refinancing may not be below the inflation rate. And if so, it must now be at 7.75%, and all 17-20% – slightly higher than those of inflation that were hasty withdrawn by me above. However, we are seeing a different picture, and it thus confirms the assertion that the inflation we do not consider a draw in its sole discretion, guided by well-known only to them motives.

One of the such motives (and most likely – mostly), as we have already observed, is May’s forecast of analysts from Goldman Sachs. Well, not to assess the same Ministry of Economic Development we focus And after the Federal State Statistics Service was transferred into submission Economic Development, the trust now forecasts and statistics of both agencies has become even more complicated. With the same caution should apply to the words of the government. We should not mislead him conservative optimism about growth in gdp, because it is caused by increasing raw material prices of Russian producers, as the prime minister and admitted: “Once again, go up the price of Russia’s main exports. And oil and petroleum products keep well, gas – and the sales volume and price looks good. Metallurgical industry gets on its feet.

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