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Tiles of fireclay. From time immemorial man has learned to handle the clay, using it to facades of dwellings, ceramic manufacturing, and even creating works of art. In Ancient Egypt masters created items such as sculpture, fireclay tiles, which have remained intact or natural disasters, nor time. Ceramics, which were made from these products, which have reached our times, are the monuments of ancient architecture and architecture. Mankind is constantly searching for more durable ceramic compositions. In the middle of the XIX century in the architectural world, the term appears fireclay tiles. C the mid XX century tiles is actively used in the design of exteriors, garden sculpture and finish the facade.

In many European countries chamotte is used as cladding for building facades, and for cladding fireplaces, arches and other interior items. Sample of fireclay tiles is the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. In Russia, the apogee of the use of fire clay tile was in the mid-50's and was embodied in such famous buildings, such as hotel Ukraine, Central Grocery, the building of the Foreign Ministry. Prospect Mira, Kutuzov Avenue, Arc de Triomphe. Standing for more than half a century, fireclay tiles, has not lost its appeal and greatness. Neither rain, nor frost did not affect the facades of these houses, what is the best sign of quality fireclay in the Russian climate. Products made of gypsum plaster moldings.

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