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Appear in the order A, B, C but if C is the most popular advertisement, but valued for the range, there will be a balance between money and utility allowing advertisers to compete among themselves. Selection criteria for resources: All pages are supported by Google tends to penalize although with a low PageRank, or even to non-indexation to pages that contain plenty of links (known as Farmlinks). Google currently is considering criminalizing the exchange of links between weblogs to stop advertising junk. Due to the democratic system of the browser, the remaining resources are accepted because Google does not judge what information is useful for the consumer, it is the user who decides clicking on the responses. In China, access to websites opposing the communist regime is censored so as Voanews sites are inaccessible to the Chinese Internet.

The sites censored by the Chinese government does not appear in Google News for Internet users in that country. Advantages: From the moment we do the question until we received the expected response time is about 0.5 seconds, this is because it does not use a good server but a whole network of interconnected low-end PCs. Arriving has saved considerable time waiting for the user. Disadvantages: The results are sorted by date of appearance or quality of information, but because of their popularity. This makes the quantity of data quality is acceptable but not often. Nor can sort the results, or download or send them via e-mail.

Google’s spiders can not read flash, so the information is stored and not overlooked. Despite being the best search engine does not always return the correct answer, the Boolean operators often fail, can not concatenate operators. It also emphasizes the lack of truncated and reaching autostemming return unwanted results. You can distort the PageRank of backlinks increasing n. Google can not cover all the pages, there are some that are invisible to the (pages not linked, protected, information databases, which themselves do not let webmasters indexing robots to not follow through) Just save 100kb of each leaving site retrieve terms that are in another position. Google search is limited to 10 words. Bibliography: GARAIA URRUELA, T. Google ideas factory, 2006. Online Consultation: 04/02/2007 The 10 largest databases in the world. 20 minutes, 2007. Online Consultation: 02/04/2007 Google. Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia, 2007. Accessed: 02/04/2007 Markarian, R., Muller, N. How to order the google search results.

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