A young bird had passed all its life in a bird cage, this also was the sina of its parents and its grandmothers, the poor one only knew the life that its bird cage encircled. The young bird was happy, everything that it needed found there, water, food, the life was good, but something would happen, and went to transform its life. Certain day the bird received a visit unexpected, was a butterfly, it already had seen other creatures as that one, but none if had approached in such a way, if it felt fascinated by that creature completely who as well as it also flied, was as if it was in settles, the creature was of a odd beauty, it flied, and it did not have river steamer, of where it came? It asked itself, its curiosity was as much that soon the butterfly perceived, and then it was come close, the bird soon asked: Of where you come? The butterfly then counted things to it on an immense world beautiful e, said on freedom and other things, but the young bird did not know the word freedom, that difficult word to explain! Hours had been talking, in the end of the colloquy freedom not a word was more alone, but an obsession, in the following day the magnificent creature visits who it did not come back, and all that colloquy seemed to have been only one dream. Certain day, the door of the bird cage was opened, must have forgotten thus, the bird did not think two times, was to know to such of the freedom. To such freedom she was fascinating, but also frightful, and exactly astonished with the beauties of the world that existed of the side of is of the bird cage, the bird came back. if it did not feel prepared for so great transformation, free being is to be responsible for its existence, tormented it to this, therefore its bird cage was the poor bird there in return, but never more a bird cage, not after would be alone to know the freedom, now had another connotation, the poor person made the terrible discovery of that an arrest is only recognized, when already was of it, therefore never more it would be felt in house. Many springs if had passed, the bird already were not younger, if had become a creature tormented for its choices, the dream of being tormented it exempts it in such way, that already more it did not sing, everything that wanted was to be able to come back behind, if this chance was granted to it, perhaps never it had returned its bird cage, or perhaps never it had left.

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