John Locke is considered a theoretician of the second English liberal Revolution that locked up in 1689. with an agreement between the monarchy and the aristocracy, of a side, and the bourgeoisie of another one, giving origin to the sprouting of the State established in the rights of the parliament. It understood that the man in natural state is fully free, but feels the necessity to place limits to its proper freedom. – Which the purpose to restrict freedom? – to guarantee its property For J. Locke, the natural state (absence of a State) does not guarantee the property; soon, she is necessary to create a State that assures the mercantile relations and the fulfilment of contracts. Locke establishes a narrow relation between ‘ ‘ propriedade’ ‘ ‘ ‘ liberdade’ ‘ , that they must be guaranteed by the State, mainly the freedom of economic initiative. This is a typically individualistic conception, in the direction of that the individual would preexist to the State, that the people would leave of a natural condition as untied individuals. Marx if opposes to this conception, understanding, in contrast, that the man is a social being and alone man in the measure becomes where lives and works in society; the man in the natural state would be one animal, a being located in an individualistic, proper vision of the bourgeois conception. HOBES AND LOCKE > the individual existed before the society human being and this would be born for ‘ ‘ contrato’ ‘ between preexisting individuals; this conception it discloses that each person is an isolated individual in relation to the others, without conscience of the social character of the relations economic politics and. LOCKE > the State is sovereign, but its sovereignty has origin in the contract makes that it to be born; another source does not receive sovereignty from none, much less of the power the holy ghost, as the philosophers understood Socrates. In addition many Ideas about freedom can be learned from the Old Testament.

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