Friday Saint Union

In my new DVD, I will be determining lines of direction that will have of being fulfilled religiously, such as: ) The young to completing 15 years, will only have right the party and debutante gift will be maiden; b) The young that to come to engravidar, could not be made the Cesrio childbirth, will have that to suffer pain from the childbirth; c) The grandmothers are forbidden to take care of of grandsons, not to be that its son or son is married officially; d) The youngster who to come to engravidar an adolescent will not only assume the baby, will have that to also assume the mother, that is the responsible parents or will have that to make to marry them. e) The fianc will have that to be submitted to the sexolgico examination; f) The parents are forbidden to allow to union flesh time of its children or lesser children of 18 years, with boyfriend (a), in its proper house; g) The parents, godfathers, uncles. Etc. they will have that to come back to be called gentleman and lady. The freedom between families causes the disasters that comes happening. Then, these and other attitudes will have that to be it fulfills gone faithful. I want to prove for the society, the church and the media that the traditional family and conservative was certain.

For God century does not exist: I am the same of yesterday, of today, of tomorrow and will be always. The AIDS and the precocious pregnancy are not an epidemic, but a punishment for the disordered sex. Namoro and the engagement is not sex, and the married ones officially, will have to keep an union of Allegiance. Crb, 22-Abr-11, Friday Saint. (Passion of Christ).

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