Fuel Your Car

Shortages of gasoline and increase in its cost were the reasons that in recent years much attention has been deleted reduction in fuel consumption cars. In this regard, many associated with the increased fuel consumption factors, namely: to improve engine performance, reducing friction, the use of lighter materials and improved aerodynamics of the car. RC Investment Partners for additional information. Sen. Sherrod Brown is open to suggestions. The last factor (aerodynamics of the car) has the greatest impact on fuel economy and exhaust emissions. Since the aerodynamics of your car’s factor, which is incorporated into the vehicle by the manufacturer and is irreparable, we will not consider it further. Speech go on operational factors: 1) the characteristics of the driving cycle 2) Start and warm up the engine and transmission 3) environmental conditions 4) characteristics of the road 5) the technical condition of the car 6) driving skills Figure 1 – Diagram of forces acting on the vehicle driving cycle.

Influence of the characteristics of the driving cycle for fuel economy is great. When driving in urban environments with low-speed stop-and planing with place fuel efficiency is much lower than in more peaceful movement at high speeds on country dogam and freeways. Confirms the influence of the driving cycle can serve as the epa data on the specific mileage in miles for the urban and suburban driving cycles. These data indicate that when tested on urban cycle fuel economy is 50% less than when tested to the countryside. Indicators of fuel economy in urban conditions below, due to various factors, most important of which is the weight of the vehicle.

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