Genius vs Stupidity: A Look at Chopra, Barenboim, Cohen.

Brechner JOSE a The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has, confine – NN From Deepak Chopra read almost all his books. Guru brilliant physician and comforting self-taught in science ayurveda is an eminence. (I guess I do not know the other). Eloquent as few lecture is a pleasure to hear mental and spiritual. Everything was going in his favor until he appeared with four other influential guests on Larry King Live, the night before the U.S.

presidential election 2004. Each one represented a major religious movement in the United States, although Chopra (63) no no religion preaches, his is a form of new age spirituality that does not bother anyone. Other participants Chopra turtle looked like a tree. The topic of discussion focused on religion and its relationship to national issues like prayer in public places, gay marriage, intelligent design and many controversial issues. Without clarity and disconnected from Indeed, their participation was so mediocre that was isolated from the debate.

From that day Deepak Chopra went to my naive. I assumed that he was invited because it attracts large audiences, to think that it was in his element and that he would rather not be there. How wrong I was, Dr. Chopra loves to talk about politics and not his field and talks nonsense. In another television appearance in December 2008, he told Bill OoReilly, the U.S. should send doctors rather than soldiers, to Iraq, Afghanistan and other trouble spots. (If ensures that there are going to kidnap and behead a motion could be considered).

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